How to Boost Wifi Signal through Walls- Best ways

Boost wifi signal through walls is achieved by using mesh Wi-Fi, placing the router at a central location, updating the router, adding an extra antenna.

Building materials like bricks and concrete are exquisite for building the walls of our homes. However, these materials are worst in signals transmission as they tend to block their movement. The blocked signals can make through the walls poorly and, most times, are missing. As the occupant of such a house, you may need to know how to boost wifi signal through walls to avoid slow connections.

You should note that other routers manage to pass their signals through thick walls while others totally cannot. This poses a significant challenge of getting a Wi-Fi signal through walls for some routers. The reinforced concrete walls are known to be most significant when it comes to blocking Wi-Fi signals. Evaluating to know the real cause of signal block is a lovely thing that will help you to make up quick decisions that will solve the problem.

There are several materials apart from thick walls that can block Wi-Fi signals in nature. They include metals, wood, ceramic tiles, mirrors, tinted glass, and 2.4GHz frequency electronic devices. The level of a signal passing through the materials varies depending on their characteristics. The electromagnetic properties of concrete walls can be an issue of wire connectivity because it causes signal distortion and fading. The distortion causes high power consumption from Wi-Fi devices like routers and access points.

What causes poor penetration of Wi-Fi signals in the walls?

Note that Wi-Fi signals get projected radially. When it comes to contact with walls, they fail to maintain the circular motion thus become blocked. The movement of the signals will be blocked and obstructed because of the insulation properties of the materials making the wall. If the signals end up penetrating through, it is usually feeble. The projection of the signals is essential. It ensures signals penetrate and arrives at the devices located beyond the walls.

The type of material the signal tends to pass through will determine the poor penetration of the signal. Materials like ceramics, mirrors, and concrete prove very hard to allow signals to pass through them. The materials cause the signals to bounce back, making penetration unreliable. Houses with thick walls will give the occupant a poor signal in most locations in the rooms.

The placement of your router will also determine the penetration of Wi-Fi signals. Routers placed at walls where there is an obstacle next to them will hinder signal transmission. Under this condition, the signals will not travel through the wall next to the router or those far away. Routers locked in cabinets will transmit poor signals no matter the material cabinet’s material.

If your house is made of two walls, the chances of the signal passing through the second wall will be minimal. The first wall significantly lowers the connection making the second wall block it. If there is such a condition in your house, you will notice that some rooms with single walls will have strong signals while double-walled rooms will have no signal.

Another factor determining the penetration of signals through the walls is signal strength. The poor quality signals will entirely not manage to pass through. A router with outdated firmware will produce signals that don’t go through some thin walls. When the range between the router and the wall is extensive, the signal will reach the wall already not superior hence getting obstructed.

How to boost wifi signal through walls?

how to boost wifi signal through walls

No human being loves building with thin walls. All of us love thick walls as they are safer and durable. You should ensure that you get a good signal from your router across the wall. Some of the ways of boosting your signal through the thick walls are discussed below.

1) Use mesh Wi-Fi

The mesh Wi-Fi is a complete solution to boost your Wi-Fi signal through walls. It comes with the primary router other small satellites that boost your connection. The devices have a network between them that ensures all the space has a strong signal. A cloud connection will cover the entire area where the devices are found.

For the mesh Wi-Fi to be best, it should find the quickest route between the router and destination. This will ensure a cloud surrounds your home as long as you have efficiently spaced the devices. The transmission of the signal is such that it goes around the wall instead of through them.

This method is best if you ask yourself how to get better Wi-Fi signals from your neighbor’s house separated from yours with a thick wall. You must get the best mesh system in the market to boost the neighbor’s router signal. The Asus Zen Wi-Fi AX XT8 mesh system has been reviewed to work best in such conditions. They offer superior performance, and their security is robust to protect your home from cyber-attacks.

2) Place the router at the central location

The method works best for those asking themselves how to boost cell signals at home for free. Routers placed next to walls or routers enclosed in other devices tend to transmit weak signals. It is crucial to place your router at a central location to make most of your connection.

This assures you that signals get maintained, and their projection capability is better getting beyond thick walls. The method works better for routers used in large houses with many rooms. The router should always point where the devices are located for assurance that a good signal will get through. The chosen central point should not have any electronic-based obstructions. The replacement works better when using a router for a story house.  

3) Update the router

Routers with outdated firmware tend to transmit signals which cannot penetrate through thick walls. The condition occurs if you have used the router for a long time. It is advisable to update the router’s firmware frequently because its manufacturers improve features from time to time. The router’s functionality depends on its current state; therefore, updating firmware will make the signals powerful to penetrate through the walls.

4) Add an extra external antenna.

Antennas play an important role in extending the range and improving the signal power. Adding an antenna to the router improves the ability to send signals. Routers with built-in internal antenna can be considered and added an external antenna. Signals will be sent in a specific direction as guided by a directional antenna. Would you please use this property by having it face the wall for adequate penetration? A directional antenna can get adjusted its direction to serve a point better.

5) Get a more powerful router

You can get a powerful router that can have a better connection. Nowadays, it is advisable to get a long-range router, especially the Wi-Fi 5 technology one. The routers have good features that work on your connection. You are assured that your router will have beam-forming technology for excellent signal distribution. The best router will ensure a liable connection to all devices despite their location behind the walls.

6) Invest in Wi-Fi boosters

They come as either Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters. How does an internet booster work to ensure connection through the walls? They use cables to prolong the connection and move the Wi-Fi from one room to another through walls by using the cobble.

Some boosters use wireless connections to ensure signals are available in each room; by doing so, they extend the connection range. Xfinity Wi-Fi extender is best for those using Comcast high-speed internet.

For thick walls that cause bouncing of signals or very little to penetrate, it is advisable to use an extender. Porous walls allow signals to make through to the next room; the use of a repeater can be more efficient. It would help place the repeater strategically to enhance signal flow.

What are the best portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking? 

Despite most service providers having nationwide coverage, some locations where connections are pretty poor. These areas tend to be mountains, and providers may find it difficult to install a network booster due to few users.

If you are looking to hike in those places, having a cell phone signal booster can be a good option. Some of the best portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking include;

  • weBoost Drive X RV
  • HiBoost 10K smart link
  • weBoost Drive X
  • Cel-Fi Go X
  • AmazBoost

The cell phone signal boosters work in all hiking places in the country. However, at the peaks of mountains, the signal will be less as your provider will not broadcast signals that broadly. It is advisable to consult with your provider on their network coverage.

What are the best cell phone boosters for rural homes?

Rural areas seem to be peaceful areas to stay. The only downside to these areas is the weak network coverage that might disturb and irritate them. You can get the best cell phone booster for rural areas to have a solution to the poor networks. Some of them include;

  • HiBoost cell phone signal booster
  • A ANNTLENT 5-Band booster repeater
  • Proutone booster
  • weBoost 470144
  • Anycall booster.

Bottom line

Wi-Fi signals penetration through the thick walls get quite challenged as the wall acts as the most significant obstacle. The signals are electromagnetic waves that travel radially. In theory, it is assumed that they should pass through the walls with ease like any other wave. However, the signals are blocked, absorbed, or reflected in reality.

This results in poor connections in some locations in the house. If you live in such a house, you need to look for ways to boost the signals through the walls.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton