How Does an Internet Booster Work – Complete Guideline

How does an internet booster work are a great avenue to extend the Wi-Fi network. Learn how a Internet booster works by reading this article.

The internet is described as one of the most revolutionary aspects of the 21st century. Currently, the internet serves several activities, but the biggest part is communication. The Internet offers a faster medium of communication through several platforms that relay information at a fast rate when compared to traditional channels of communication. Over the recent years, we have seen a tremendous improvement in the internet-based services that aid in providing better services to human beings around the globe. The only problem with the internet is that it’s not accessible in all locations, especially in rural or lowland areas. This has incentivized people to study how does an internet booster work.

The internet booster displays some similarities to the cell phone signal booster. However, the only difference comes to specifications since a cell phone signal booster works by boosting cellular signals from a cell phone tower while an internet signal booster works by boosting signals from either a cable, satellite, or fiber optic network. The cost of outsourcing an internet booster is cheaper and has a faster and reliable installation process.

With an internet booster, you are assured of improved internet speeds which in turn leads to faster browsing, streaming, and other perks. Despite some internet boosters been known for causing network interruptions, the boosters mentioned in this article are very effective.

We will touch on how an internet booster works by giving a complete guideline. We will also look at the components of an internet booster. The article will touch on how to choose the right booster. Lastly, we will glimpse some of the best internet boosters you can buy in 2021. Let’s roll!

How does an internet booster work?

how does an internet booster work

An internet booster is a device that works by boosting the WIFI signal in your area. It extends the WIFI signal within the homestead thereby giving the users faster internet speeds.

The internet booster can also increase the intensity of the signal, but it will all depend on factors like the internet sp0eeds you get from your service provider, number of users on the WIFI. The good thing is at the end, internet signal boosters will give a full WIFI bar on your devices.

What are the components of an internet booster?

For you to have an effective internet booster, you will need to have 2 key components:

a) Repeaters

A repeater works by extending the signal from the router. It contains two wireless routers in which one receives signals from the router in your house. It then transfers the signal to the second router which then transmits the boosted signals across your devices.

This repeater will only increase the intensity of the WIFI signal but not the internet speeds. If you wish to increase internet speeds, then it is best to upgrade your internet plan to better megabytes per second.

b) Extenders

Extenders help in amplifying the existing signals of your WIFI networks. It displays similarities to the repeaters however for extenders, it does not have 2 wireless routers inbuilt in it. The extender works by receiving your existing WIFI signals and amplifies them to become a boosted signal which is then receipted to your internet-based devices. Some extenders include MikroElektronika which is an ESP version and many more.

These are the common components of an internet booster. If you are boosting internet signals from a cellular tower, then you will need to get a cell phone signal booster which would require an outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, and amplifier which are more costly when compared to getting an internet booster.

How to choose the best internet booster?

Here are several things to consider when getting an internet booster:

i) Coverage

The coverage should be a determining factor when buying an internet booster. You should evaluate the area you intend to cover, in terms of sq. ft and get a booster that can work within that range. Getting a booster with a low coverage will make you get slower coverage within your home.

ii) Network type

The network and router type should also be something to consider. Does your WIFI use satellite, Fiber Optic, or Cable technology. Choose a booster that will be compatible with the network as this will avoid any issues with the network and ensure you get better Cellular coverage within the network. Compatibility is also important to avoid any network interruptions since some boosters are known to cause signal interruptions that would affect a large area.

iii) Signal intensity

If your WIFI covers a short-range, consider a booster that will offer better signal intensity across the home or office. Signal intensity should also be high to ensure internet speeds are fast. This may also be influenced by the internet speed being received by your router from the internet provider.

iv) Internet speed

The internet speed is influenced by the service provider and the plan you are using. If you have an internet plan with only 3 Mbps, then the internet speed will be capped at 3 Mbps. You will only get better coverage within your homestead with the aid of an internet booster, but the internet speeds will be slow. Consider getting a plan with fast internet speeds of maybe up to 1 Gbps and if you use a WIFI booster on this plan, you will get better internet.

v) Location

The location is a determinant of the internet booster to be purchased. If you live in a big home or operate a large office, then it’s considered to get a signal booster that offers a wide range of coverage. Also, if the place has high walls which is a barrier that prevents signal reception, you may need to get an internet booster with extendable network coverage

vi) Configuration

Consider an internet booster that offers a simple configuration process that will not require you to hire technical support. The internet booster should also come with a well-detailed manual to aid in the configuration and installation process.

How to install an internet booster?

Most Internet boosters have different ways of setting them up. However, there is a standard process in which you can use and it involves the following steps:

Step 1: Get your cables ready

Most Internet boosters come with their own cables which are is to connect the booster to the Wi-Fi router. If the booster does not come with a cable, you can visit the manual and see the red cables to use which you may purchase at the nearest technician store.

Step 2: Mount the receiver at a high point in your home

the receiver should be mounted at a high point in your home so that the signal is evenly distributed around the house. ensure that the receiver is not behind a wall or in a position in which signals may not be received or transferred from.

Step 3: Connect the receiver to your router

Once you have mounted the receiver and have your cables in place, link it with the Wi-Fi router. In such situations, an Ethernet cable may be used or in a few cases, where you have an advanced Internet booster it may just use a wireless connection to link it with your home Wi-Fi router. Therefore, you need to check the specs of the Internet booster before buying it.

Step 5: Activates the receiver

Once everything is in place, activate the receiver and connect your device today to Wi-Fi to see if there is good Internet reception. you may also walk around to areas that had Internet issues in the past to see if the problem is fixed. If the Internet problems persist, try moving the receiver to a different place in the house and see if you will get better reception

what are the best five Internet boosters?

Here is a list of some of the five best Internet boosters you can purchase today:

  • BrosTrend WiFi Extender
  • TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender
  • UPPOON WiFi Extender
  • TP-Link AC1200 WiFi extender
  • Cocopa WiFi Extender

These are some of the best internet boosters which you can purchase from your home or consider getting from Amazon which is one of the reliable and trusted online retailers.

Bottom line

An Internet booster is like a cell phone signal booster for rural areas which have the same goals which are to increase signals. The Internet boost on the other hand is considered an effective way to boost the WI-fi network in your house or office.

This article has talked about how an Internet booster works, and the components that Compose the Internet with the full stop we have also discussed some of the five best Internet boosters you may buy depending on Your preferences.

In conclusion, if you have Wi-Fi issues in your home, getting uh Internet booster can be a great way to extend Wi-Fi coverage. However, if you have slow Internet, then it is best to contact your service provider or get a high-tier plan.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton