How to get Better wifi signal from Neighbor

How to get better wifi signal from neighbor , involves performing several tasks and can go to the extent of switching Internet service providers.

Most of us rely on our neighbors for internet access, and in some situations, the internet may be unstable, which is frustrating. There is nothing much people do in such situations except for anticipating the signal will get better, for which it does not. If you are in such a fix and have talked to your neighbor, and they have no clue what to do, it is best to consider our tips on how to get better wifi signal from neighbor. There are several ways in which some involve expenses while others do not know that you can use to get a better signal from your neighbor.

Signals from WIFI are transmitted to devices with a wireless chipset that can access the signals. In some cases, the chips are strong enough to receive weak signals and maximize them to ensure the device has better internet access. However, these are flagship devices, and they cost a fortune to purchase. If you lack such efficient devices, it is best to consider other ways to learn how internet signal boosters work and leverage them to get better internet access. Internet boosters or repeaters are the best options to get better WIFI signals, and the only trade-off would be the user having some technical skills to set up such devices.

In our article, we offer insights on how to get a better WIFI signal from your neighbor. We will look at some of the causes of poor wifi Signals and how they can be mitigated to ensure you get fast internet with high bandwidth and low latency. Once you learn the best tools or processes to use to get better WIFI signals, you will have an easy time setting up a framework for providing better internet to your home.

What causes poor WIFI signals from neighbors?

There are several reasons in which you may be experiencing poor WIFI signals from your neighbor, and they include the following:

i) Internet speeds

Internet speeds are a significant factor that tends to cause poor WIFI signals from a neighbor. If the neighbor has an internet plan with speeds as slow as 3 Mbps, you will likely experience slow or poor WIFI signals to your home. The internet speeds are not sufficient to be used by people at the neighbor’s home and your residence.

If this is the case, the best option would be to talk to your neighbor about upgrading an internet plan. You may also consider cost-sharing with the neighbor to pay for the upgraded internet plan.

ii) Wall barrier

Walls prevent the transfer of signals from one point to another. This applies to thick walls made of bricks and also if you are in an air-gapped place like a basement where you may not get adequate cell phone signals. In such situations, getting a WIFI repeater will help improve WIFI signals in such zones. You may also request the neighbors to adjust the positioning of the WIFI router to get better cell phone signals.

iii) Type of Router

The type of Router will affect signal reception to your house. If your neighbor uses an old router, you may experience unreliable WIFI signals, considering the Router has some outdated components that make it run slow compared to other modern routers. The Router may also work best for some devices which you may not happen to have. Hence there may be poor signals.

You can contact your neighbor and identify whether the Router being used is compatible with everyone. If not, consider getting a new router that will help get better signals to your home.

iv) Router range

Most routers have a setting in which you can extend the range of the network hence getting better signals to your device. If the range your neighbor has set is too small, you will experience slow WIFI signals to your homestead. You can talk to your neighbor about extending the coverage by some meters, improving the signals.

If the ranger provided by default is the maximum, you can consider buying a repeater which will help boost the signals to your homestead.

v) Number of users

The number of users on the network will significantly affect WIFI signals being sent to your home. If there are many people on your neighbor’s network, you will get poor WIFI, and there are very few ways in which you can extend the coverage. It is best to talk to your neighbor about upgrading the internet plan and getting a more robust and better router in such scenarios. Upgrading the internet package will help get faster internet for everyone.

How to get a better WIFI signal from a neighbor

how to get better wifi signal from neighbor

Here are some tips on how you can get better WIFI from your neighbor:

1) Switch to another ISP

One of the other significant reasons for poor internet is if your neighbor uses an unreliable ISP. You can tell them to get a better internet service provider, which will significantly improve WIFI signals. Here are some of the best options they can switch to:

2) Verizon FIOS

Verizon FIOS is one of the largest Internet service providers, and the company is popularly known for having Fiber optic technology that delivers fast internet speeds. They offer nationwide coverage, and the internet plans are affordable. Internet plan pricing starts at $50/mo, which is inclusive of fees and taxes. You can get up to 1 Gbps per month which is fast enough to browse the internet.

3) Google FI

Google FI is a big market maker in the US, and they are known to offer some fantastic internet speeds. The ISP has been in existence for a while, and they have affordable internet plans on their portfolio. Google FI covers a big chunk of the US states.

To know the exact coverage area, you will need to check their coverage map on their website to learn more. The plans are very affordable, and you can customize the pricing based on what you need from the ISP.

4) Spectrum internet

Spectrum is one of the largest ISPs in the USA, and they are known for using several technologies like satellite and fiber optic to distribute internet services. They have been in existence for a while, and you are assured of a faster and better internet connection. The ISP also comes with some amazing deals on several packages on the internet plan.

These are some of the service providers your neighbor may consider switching to if the current service provider does not offer the best services. Leveraging cell phone signal boosters can also be an ideal option if you are using a cellular service provider on internet services.

5) Get a WIFI repeater

The WIFI repeater works by broadcasting or extending signals from the Router. The WIFI repeaters work as cell phone signal boosters for camping or rural areas, but in this case, they only boost WIFI networks. WIFI signal boosters are an ideal option considering they easily pass barriers like walls to ensure you get better and improved signal coverage.

These WIFI repeaters are much affordable and a more viable option when compared to getting routers. There are several WIFI repeaters which you can buy from manufactures like weBoost or sureCall. Our article on weBoost vs. Surecall also gives more insights that can help you choose the best service provider to opt for.

Before getting the WIFI repeater, ensure to do some extensive research so that the repeater to be purchased will be compatible with the Router you intend to use. Ensure to also purchase the Router from verified sources like Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

6) Shift positioning of the Router

There may be dead spots in your house that do not allow the transfer of WIFI signals. In such situations, you may consider switching the position of the Router such that it is in a more open space where signals can be distributed to the dead spots.

You may also change the layout of your home whereby you can alter the positioning of your furniture in a way that where you sit or work can have easy access to the WIFI. This is a good option if you do not wish to pester your neighbor by making them shift the Router’s position.

Bottom line

These are some of the best solutions that can provide better WIFI signals to your devices if well implemented. Our team has researched the options and will provide a long-term solution to your internet problems. Suppose their neighbor agrees to switch to another service provider.

In that case, you may guide him or her on choosing the right option based on your area of locality, costs, and other dependent variables. The same case applies to the wireless repeater. You can, however, purchase the repeater and place it inside your house rather than the neighbors home.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton