How To Boost Your Internet Signal

The best ways how to boost your internet signal are purchasing an internet booster, avoiding interference, placing your router strategically, getting a powerful antenna, and many others.

Internet access at home or office has become almost as crucial as water and electricity and maybe more than you think. But then again, problems getting internet to every corner of your house are expected. If you have dead spots in your home, don’t worry. Whatever the size and shape of your building, you can take the required steps to remedy the problem. Thankfully, this article will focus on how to boost your internet signal in your space.

You should be able to rely on your internet connection without experiencing sluggishness or hitting dead zones in your home. Suppose your wireless devices are constantly dropping the signal, or you can never look to get ideal performance when connected. In that case, run a speed test to find out your connection’s actual speed. Unsatisfactory results show a problem at one or more points in the network.

If you don’t receive a device to increase internet speeds you pay for, your internet router signal is perhaps the reason. While several factors affect internet speeds, your home internet signal can make or break your home or office internet experience. When a Twitter feed doesn’t load because of slow internet, it may be time to make your internet signal stronger. Use any or all of the tips discussed later in the article to do wifi boosters increase internet speed and internet signal.

Why is your internet signal so bad?

how to boost your internet signal

The internet can be an inconsistent thing. You may be enjoying a robust internet signal, move some few steps in one direction, and fob watch it drop to one bar. The unreliable nature of the internet has everything to do with several factors that affect internet signals. They include;

i) Physical distance

Internet routers don’t have the same transmitting power as network towers. Inexpensive routers may struggle to cover a small space with a strong internet signal. Did you know that same applies to cheaper portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking? You can check the reach of your router using an analyzer app like NetSpot.

ii) Obstructions

Internet signals can be partially or fully absorbed or blocked by obstacles and objects like walls, furniture, and home appliances. These signal blockers have adverse effects on 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. This is because higher and lower frequency signals don’t penetrate solid objects.

iii) Interference

Internet signals occupy the same radio frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum as radios, microwave ovens, and cell phones. The signals from these devices can interfere with internet signals. Similarly, internet signals can interfere with one another. This problem is common in apartment buildings and densely populated areas.

iv) Router capacity

You cannot expect a low-end router to offer reliable wireless access to the internet to a busy office with more than ten employees and several devices.

v) Unused devices are still connected

If you have idle devices connected to your router, they still use your internet signal.

Some factors causing poor internet signals can be responsible for poor cell signals. For instance, the physical distance between your phone and the nearest cell tower in rural areas is large. Weak cell signals will reach your phone, resulting in unsent text messages, dropped calls, and slow data speeds. You can avoid these problems by investing in the best cell phone booster for rural areas.

What are the different types of internet routers?

Before the article discusses how to boost your internet signal, knowing the different types of routers available is crucial. The internet signal you wish to boost originates from a router. There are two types of routers: a Wi-Fi router and a cellular router.

Wi-Fi routers are essential devices in any network. They access the internet through a modem and make a secure local area network for various wired and wireless devices.

Unlike Wi-Fi routers that access the internet via cables, cellular routers offer internet access through the cellular data network. They get cell signals from nearby cell towers and provide a reliable internet for wired and wireless devices. You can employ tips on how to boost cell signals at home for free to improve the internet signals for this router.

How to boost your internet signal – 9 Best ways

1) Relocate your internet router

If your router gets hidden from sight, move it out in the open space. The movement to open space will lessen the number of surfaces through which the internet signal has to travel. Try putting the router up higher, either on a shelf or in a room upstairs. Test the internet connectivity in different rooms to determine if you have eliminated the dead zones whenever you try a new place.

2) Get the up-to-date firmware

Your router runs on software just like a PC or smartphone, and this software needs to be updated regularly. The routers’ manufacturers release firmware updates to improve performance, security, and fix problems. Improved performance implies boosted internet signals.

3) Secure your signal

Ensuring your wireless network is secure protects you from the wicked activity and also ensures that no one is accessing your valuable bandwidth. If neighbors or strangers are using your internet signal, there’s less available for you.

4) Purchase a Wi-Fi extender/ internet booster/ repeater

While various names refer to them, internet boosters, repeaters, and extenders are essentially alike in functioning.

Repeaters are reasonably simple devices that take an existing signal from your router and rebroadcast it as a new network. The new network is an extension of your primary network and all data that go through it and the primary network.

Internet boosters and extenders are very similar in operation. But how does an internet booster work? It also amplifies the existing internet signal before rebroadcasting it to make a second network. Since internet boosters have a more excellent range than repeaters, they are practical situations where the original signal is feeble.

5) Find out if apps are hogging your bandwidth

Different computer and phone applications use different amounts of bandwidth. If you have many apps running that are bandwidth huggers, overall performance will suffer. Most routers come with Quality of Service (QoS) tools that can aid you to limit the bandwidth amount different apps use. You can use this tool to prioritize certain apps over others. That way, you have boosted your signal from the router.

6) Reboot your modem and router

This tip is the simplest way how to boost your internet signal. In a similar way that restarting your phone can clear up concerns with its performance, rebooting your modem and router could be the remedy for a weak internet signal.

7) Ensure You’re on a Clear Channel

If you reside in a densely populated zone, your internet signal could be suffering from congestion. If your neighbors use the same channel as yours, everybody’s router performance can suffer.

Notably, most routers are designed to use the clearest channel available automatically. Check your router’s administration interface to determine if yours is set on “automatic.” If it’s not and that selection is available, select it. If your router doesn’t have that selection, you must change the channel manually.

8) Get a powerful antenna

If moving the router still leaves dead zones in your home, the antenna could be liable. You can point exterior antennas in different directions to try and increase the internet signal. However, models with interior antennas have no ways to specify where the signal is targeted.

You can switch an existing exterior antenna or add one to a router with an internal antenna to offer more control over signal strength and direction. Go for a directional antenna branded “high gain” instead of an omnichannel model.

9) Use the newest Wi-Fi technologies

The latest wireless technology, IEEE 802.11ac, provides higher download and upload speeds and an improved range than older Wi-Fi technologies like IEEE 802.11b, g, and others. To use these latest technologies to boost internet signals, ensure that your router and devices support them.

Can an internet booster increase my internet speeds?

Internet boosters and Extenders will increase your internet speed in many scenarios. The larger the distance between your internet source and wireless device, the slower your device’s connection will seem to be. Boosting that signal will provide devices far away from your router with a good connection and faster internet speeds.

It would be best to look at your specific situation and determine whether will cell signal booster increase internet speed.

Bottom line

Note that your internet router is vital in determining the internet speeds you receive throughout your home and office. Employing any of the above tips can help you boost your home internet signal and enjoy faster internet speeds.

If you still aren’t receiving the speeds you need after trying these ways; it may be time to look for a new internet service provider.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton