Will Cell Signal Booster Increase Internet Speed

The excellent news is that a cell signal booster increase internet speed and can take the same signal you get outdoors, indoors, allowing you to surf at all-out speeds.

Are you exhausted from constantly staring at the annoying loading icon on your internet screen? Are you frustrated your videos and movies hold onto buffering? Are you worried that you’re paying for high-speed 4G and 5G and feeling like your mobile phone is working at 2G or 3G speeds? You have come to the right place. Did you know that a cell signal booster solves these problems you are experiencing? will a cell signal booster increase internet speed on your phone? Keep reading to find out how cell signal boosters can help increase internet speed and eliminate slow 4G data.

Many people opt to use 4G or 5G cellular connectivity as an alternative to cable or fiber broadband. Households choose cellular for several reasons: at times due to the cost of wireless broadband, but cell signal is often the fastest selection available in remote areas. However, 4G LTE and 5G NR have drawbacks as slow 4G LTE and 5G data rates are expected.

The excellent news is that a cell signal booster can take the same signal you get outdoors, indoors, allowing you to surf at all-out speeds. And since these boosters are compatible with all networks and protocols, like LTE, HSPA+, TDMA, GSM, CDMA, EVDO, and UMTS, they are great for no dropped calls and faster internet browsing place there’s an issue.

What causes slow 4G LTE/5G internet speeds?

Several factors affect the 4G LTE/5G internet speeds on your phone. Approximately by order of significance, these are:

i) Poor signal quality (SINR)

Signal quality is measured as SINR in the 4G LTE and 5G networks. Increasing your signal quality can have a vivid impact on your internet speeds. For instance, if you want to improve signal quality in rural areas, the article recommends using an outside directional antenna connected to one of the best cell phone boosters for rural areas or directly to a hotspot. 

ii) Number of Connected Bands

Your mobile phone or 4G LTE hotspot can employ multiple bands to connect simultaneously to the nearest cell tower. This process is called “Carrier Aggregation.” The lesser frequency bands you’re connected on, the slower your internet speeds.

iii) Signal Strength (RSRP)

You may think this is the essential factor, but it isn’t. Signal strength abbreviated as RSRP in 4G LTE and 5G networks sometimes matters. However, it’s always not the most vital factor. If your signal strength is stronger than -100 dBm, a more robust signal will not increase your internet speeds.

iv) Throttling

Suppose you switch to a Mobile Virtual Network Operator like Mint Mobile, Family Mobile, Straight Talk, Tracfone, or others. In that case, you’re treated as a second-class user on the primary provider’s network.

It is worth noting that they can even throttle Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint direct users if they use a lot of data each billing cycle. Throttling is how cellular carriers de-prioritize specific users or even cap their connectivity to a specific speed.

v) Cell tower Congestion

The more phone users on the nearest cell tower, the slower your internet speeds. In practice, tower congestion varies by frequency band. Usually, higher frequencies penetrate your home or office walls less than lower frequencies.

Consequently, higher frequency bands usually are less congested. Using a portable cell phone signal booster for hiking can aid you in accessing the less-congested bands for faster internet speeds while at hiking grounds.

Before the article can expound more on whether a cell signal booster can increase internet speeds, it is vital to understand the working of this device. In addition, it is essential to know what signal strength is and how the booster’s signal strength affects your internet speeds. 

What is signal strength, and how does it affect your internet speeds?

will cell signal booster increase internet speed

Signal strength, in this instance, at your mobile phone, is the amount of signal that your phone “sees” from the nearest cell tower. Also referred to as field strength or received level signal, it is the cell signal that your phone employs to make calls and receive data.

As you use your phone, calls, and data are converted by your device into electric signals, which are then transmitted back to the nearest tower as radio waves. The cell tower then sends this information into the carrier’s network for online transmission or a voice call to another phone or landline.

According to Shannon’s Law by mathematician Claude Shannon, wireless signal strength needs to overcome interference and noise to evade data errors that drag down network speed. Additionally, the Shannon-Hartley theorem states that capacity results from bandwidth, mean signal power, and the amount of noise or interference. 

Applying this law and theorem to today’s wireless technology depicts that you cannot realize peak signal strength unless the signal strength is sufficient to overcome any electromagnetic interference or noise present in the surrounding.

Since interference results in data errors which slow down network speed as data must be retransmitted till it makes its way through, it then follows that a more robust signal will likely lead to faster internet speeds. This fact is true as long as you are not close to your data cap.

It is worth noting that increasing the cell signal won’t lead to any significant gains in transmission speeds for an existing robust signal. However, boosting a signal from being hardly usable will significantly increase your internet speed.

Will cell signal boosters increase internet speed?

Have you ever asked yourself how does an internet booster work to increase your internet speeds? Internet boosters work as an additional layer between the nearest cell tower and your phone. They boost the existing broadcast from the cell tower into your office, home, SUV, hiking ground, or else you require to fix a hit-or-miss data connection.

A signal booster can impact your data speeds and several options to speed your internet connection. Suppose you are downloading a lot of data in a weak cellular signal location.

In that case, a signal booster can considerably speed the data transfer rate by decreasing data packet resends due to your gadget’s better signal strength and output power. When a signal is weak, a more robust signal provided by a signal booster can imply faster data transfers, thus increasing speeds.

Notably, if you already have a robust cellular signal, a signal booster may offer little or no increase in data rate. Slow data rates in places of strong signals naturally indicate a different challenge, and a signal booster isn’t the solution. 

What are other alternatives to increase your internet speeds?

There are various tips and tricks on how to boost cell signals at home for free to boost 4G LTE internet speeds. However, these alternatives are not as effective as a cell signal booster. They include;

i) Restart your phone

This tip is the most straightforward trick in the book. More frequently than not, restarting your phone fixes slow data issues by closing data-intensive programs running in the background that you are not aware of.

ii) Disable data saver or low data mode

This feature decrease data usage to inhibit you from surpassing your cellular service provider’s data cap. Whereas it’s useful for those who don’t have unlimited data plans, it can make browsing the web and downloading apps hard.

iii) Close the apps you are not using.

The same way a PC slows down when you open too many web pages, having numerous background apps running shrinkages bandwidth availability.

iv) Update your phone

The main aim of a software update is to enhance performance. Slow internet could be a result of an out-of-date operating system.

v) Clear Internet Cache

Having cache makes your internet browsing experience more rapid and enjoyable. However, if your phone has a lot of cache data stored, it will start disturbing your internet speed.

vi) Reset your network setting

This tip repeatedly fixes internet issues, but most phone users use it as a last resort since your phone will forget every cellular network, Bluetooth device, and Wi-Fi network previously connected to. Your phone will reconnect to the nearest cell tower, and your internet speeds should improve once the reset is complete. However, if you don’t need your phone to forget every network, try taking out the SIM card for a while or toggle the airplane mode setting.

How will cell signal booster increase internet speed?

A signal booster can increase your internet connection speed by boosting the strength of your existing wireless network. A good signal booster will also improve the quality of your internet connection, making it more stable and reliable. By increasing the speed and quality of your internet connection, a signal booster can help you save money and improve your overall internet experience.

Bottom line

The internet only works as fast as the cell phone receives its signal. Enhance your mobile phone with software updates, decluttering, and battery maintenance to ensure that your phone isn’t slowing down your internet speeds.

Once you’ve exploited the efficiency of your mobile phone or 4G tablet and picked the ISP, the only method that efficiently amplifies cell phone signal in every situation is a cell signal booster.

A signal booster can speed the internet transfer rate by minimizing data packet resends due to the greater signal strength and output power.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton