The 10 Best Xfinity Mobile Signal Booster

The best xfinity mobile signal booster are Comcast Xfinity xFi Pods, HiBoost Signal Booster, SureCall Flare 3.0, Cel-Fi GO X, etc. The boosters will solve your cell signal problems.

Xfinity Mobile is a subsidiary of Comcast Cable Communications, providing wireless, telephone, internet, and cable TV services to several Americans. The virtual operator offers access to the 4G LTE network and over 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots spread throughout the USA. However, due to geographical features, human hindrances like building materials, and network tower distance, customers might not access the MVNO’s 4G and Wi-Fi hotspots as they might want. The article will discuss the best Xfinity mobile signal booster which helps them deal with this problem efficiently.

Ever wondered what network does Xfinity Mobile uses? Xfinity Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator using Verizon Wireless’s network. Verizon Wireless is a US-based primary cellular carrier in the US and is constantly shown to have an excellent network with the fastest internet speeds. However, even the excellent network can occasionally have problems penetrating thick walls or reaching remote locations. That is where a signal booster comes in.

A cell signal booster works by amplifying a lousy cell signal and making it robust enough for reliable phone calls and fast internet speeds. In addition, the booster can bypass obstacles causing poor signals like thick walls and window tinting, thereby broadcasting a quality cell signal. But how do you get at the best signal booster for your situation? The article has done a great job of reviewing the best signal boosters for Xfinity Mobile signal boosters.

How does an Xfinity Mobile signal booster work?

Before we dig in further, it is essential to understand how an internet booster works. An internet booster, also known as a signal booster, works by drawing in a weak outdoor signal, amplifying it, and rebroadcasting the robust signal into the desired locations for your wireless devices.

It is worth noting that the devices also work in reverse in that the booster will get the signal from your cellphone and send it back to the nearest cell tower. Check out what towers does Xfinity Mobile uses to offer its phone services.

The 10 best Xfinity signal boosters

1) Comcast Xfinity xFi Pods 

A Comcast xFi pod works with Xfinity xFi Gateway to spread the Wi-Fi network and help eliminate dead spots. This elimination ensures you have more consistent coverage for seamless connections throughout your home and office. The latest xFi pods are improved for better performance and two times faster speeds than our preceding generation.

You only need one pod to help solve connectivity issues in one to two-story homes with three to four bedrooms. However, if you want to solve connectivity issues for larger homes with 5+ rooms, two pods will help.

It is easy to set up the pod as no technical skills are needed. You only need to plug the xFi pod into an indoor electrical outlet and use the Xfinity app to pair the pod with the xFi Gateway.

More consistent coverage
Self-optimizing mesh Wi-Fi network
Easy to install
Suitable for multiple stories homes
They are not universally compatible
They are not compatible with the Cisco DPC3939 router.

2) weBoost Home MultiRoom

WeBoost Home Multiroom is a multi-user signal booster for home and office use. The booster kit enhances cellular connectivity and cell signal strength for roughly three huge rooms or up to 5000 square feet. As one of the best cell phone boosters for rural areas, it can reach network towers at distances up to 23% farther than other booster models while offering up to 91% more coverage.

The weBoost Home MultiRoom works on all American carrier networks and is compatible with all cellphones and cellular devices. It simultaneously provides numerous users with fewer dropped calls and improves voice quality, seamless streaming capability, and faster data speeds.

The weBoost Home MultiRoom will boost cell signal from available frequency bands 4, 5, 12/17, 13, and 2.

Drill free installation
Boosts coverage up to three rooms
5G compatible
Max gain of 65dB
FCC approved
Two separate pieces to place in your home
It does not boost all frequency bands

3) SureCall Flare 3.0 Cell Signal Booster

The SureCall Flare 3.0 cell signal booster improves cell signal for all American carriers inside any cabin, small building, home, or office up to 3500 sq. ft. The boost features 2XP technology, which duos uplink transmission power to connect Xfinity Mobile users with consistent 5G/4G LTE connectivity in the poorest signal environments.

SureCall Flare 3.0 is trusted by many Xfinity Mobile customers across the United States for its enormous boosting power in a solid, attractive design. The booster comes as a kit with a powerful outside Yagi directional antenna, an amplifier, and an Omni-directional antenna that creates a ‘null dead zone,’ Thus, allowing it to offer more network coverage than other booster models. 

In addition to increased uplink power and upgraded antenna, the booster kit provides eight times more connecting power for homes, residential buildings, and offices in the most puzzling signal areas.

Compatible with all US carriers
Supports multiple simultaneous users
5G Compatible
Designed, assembled, and tested in the USA
 3-year warranty and lifetime US-based tech support
You need to operate the booster with approved antennas and cables

4) HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

The HiBoost signal booster provides better talk, text, and 4G data for home and office use. The cellular booster kit is designed to improve cellular connectivity and signal strength for a large room or an area of up 4000 square feet. 

The booster kit supports multiple users on any cellphone and other cellular-connected devices simultaneously! In addition, it supports 5G and provides an astonishing high speed. The HiBoost booster is designed according to 5G technology guarded by the FCC regulation permitted frequency bands.

The HiBoost app and the booster’s LCD allow Xfinity Mobile users to fine-tune the maximum uplink and downlink power and confirm its real-time data for easy installation and maintenance. The exclusive app will send suggested modifications allowing the booster to work at its best.

Easy setup and monitoring by the HiBoost app
Supports multiple users
Boost more than your signal
Works with all carriers
5G compatible
Not suitable for an area of more than 4000 sq. ft.

5) weBoost Drive X

WeBoost Drive X is a standard multiple Xfinity Mobile user in-vehicle cell signal booster. The booster is designed to offer improved network coverage. It is worth noting that the booster reaches the nearest cell towers up to 33% far away than other weBoost models like Drive Sleek.

You can install the booster in a few minutes without tools. The weBoost Drive X booster avoids dropped calls while enhancing voice quality, internet speeds, and streaming capability.

The booster works on all American carrier networks and is compatible with all cellphones and cellular devices. It simultaneously supports multiple Xfinity users. Additionally, the booster is 5G Compatible since its manufacturer is committed to the 5G advancement, ensuring all boosters work with 5G and support the newest 5G technology.

Reaches farther cell towers
Good booster for rural areas
Longer battery life
Boosts multiple users/devices
Ideal for passenger cars/SUVs
Works with all US carriers
Has 74% less range than Drive reach

6) Anycall 5 Bands Mobile Phone Repeater Kit 

Anycall 5 bands booster is designed to work with all US carriers on 12, 13, 17, 5, 4, and 2. It improves 2G, 3G voice, text, and 4G internet speed signals to get less to no dropped and missed calls, enhance voice quality, faster uploads and downloads in the car and small house irrespective of whether you are moving or stationary.

The signal booster supports multiple users and different devices simultaneously. Its built-in smart AGC function helps detect the incoming signal level and regulates itself for excellent performance without manual control.

You can choose the booster because of the following reason. First, the automatic control unit is responsible for everything, ensuring a constant stable signal supply. Secondly, when no user calls, the booster will work in standby mode to keep a warm conducive environment without noise and radiation.

Automatic gain control
Standby mode
Works with all US carriers
Supports multiple users and devices
FCC certified
Negative feedback from users

7) HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car

The HiBoost cell signal booster amplifies the weak cellular signal and offers coverage for every passenger in the vehicle. It is stress-free to install the signal booster to provide noticeable results. The booster kit package comes with everything Xfinity users need for quick installation. It will take a few minutes to connect the booster and optimize the indoor and outdoor antennas positions. 

With the aid of the Bluetooth app, Xfinity users can do antenna placement very well. Consequently, run all the booster cables and hide the amplifier under the car cabin for a tide installation. 

The HiBoost’s performance ensures no dropped calls, unsent text messages, and slow internet speeds. 

Compatible with all US carriers
Supports multiple users and devices
5G compatible
FCC Certified
It only supports type C charger

8) Cel-Fi GO X

The Cel-Fi GO X cell signal booster is designed for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks. It includes two times inside dome antennas, inside panel antennas, and a two-way signal splitter. However, you can use any of the two antennae and discard the others. Check out if the booster is one of the best portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking here.

Cel-Fi GO X is the only 100dB cellular signal booster on the market. It will only amplify one cell carrier but amplifies cell signal by 40 dB more than other boosters. More gain means faster data speeds, no dropped calls and unsent messages, better voice quality, and seamless streaming capabilities.

FCC certified
More gain
5G compatible
Compatible with all US carriers
Most costly

9) weBoost Home Studio Omni

You can fix a dead zone in your home or office with the powerful yet lightweight Home Studio Omni signal booster. Its Omnidirectional outdoor antenna can pick signals from any direction. The Home Studio Omni improves cell coverage in one large room, like a home office, studio apartment, or living room, thus having cellular connectivity for fast streaming and quality talk and text.

All components required for installation are included in one package. However, users may need a drill and RTV sealant to route the booster coax cable from the outside. The included parts are the Home Studio Omni booster, indoor antenna, Omni antenna, power supply, coax cables, and mounting clips.

The weBoost booster for home improves internet speeds on every US carrier network like Xfinity Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, and T-Mobile. As more carriers bring 5G speeds to metropolitan areas, be ready for the fastest possible connectivity with weBoost Home Studio Omni.

Easy to install
Works with all US carriers
Most powerful antenna
A small emitter is easy to place
5G compatible
No built-in signal strength indicator

10) weBoost Home Studio Lite

The weBoost Home Studio Lite Signal Booster Kit is designed to improve cell reception, and internet speeds and eliminate dropped calls for Xfinity Mobile in your building. The weBoost model is an affordable, mid-level signal booster that best covers a small space or one room with a boosted signal.

 It is essential to know that it is the best booster for small shipping containers, construction trailers, cubicles, and more. The weBoost booster will only boost the 700 MHz frequency bands for Xfinity Mobile, and it will not work for any other bands.

Depending on where you mount the outdoor antenna and how robust the existing signal is in that area, it is possible to get up to 1500 sq. ft. of coverage from the booster. However, areas with a poor outside signal will get a small coverage area from the booster.

Best works with Verizon, the network Xfinity Mobile uses
5G compatible
FCC certified
Best value booster
It does not support all US carriers

How to improve Xfinity Mobile Wi-Fi signals?

Many factors can affect your Wi-Fi network performance in your home or office. You can boost the Xfinity Wi-Fi signal by considering the following factors.

i) Check router placement

It is essential to place your router in a central location where it’s accessible by all wireless devices in your house. Ensure the router is some feet from the floor.

ii) Restart the router regularly

Restarting your router is good for its health and your network performance. Doing so allows the router to update its software.

iii) Ensure you get connected to a right Wi-Fi network

Always ensure that you get connected to the personal in-home Wi-Fi network. Occasionally you may be connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot network or secure hotspot network, limiting Wi-Fi speed. 

iv) Go for a different speed option

If you have many devices accessing your home Wi-Fi network simultaneously, you may need to consider a higher speed option to enhance your network’s performance.

Bottom line

There are numerous choices when it comes to Xfinity Mobile signal boosters. But, how do you select the best booster to solve your Xfinity Mobile cell signal problems? Picking the best Xfinity Mobile booster to meet your cellular needs is not easy.

The article has reviewed the ten best Xfinity signal boosters that solve different signal problems. Read through each booster and decide which one you can purchase by paying close attention to the pros and cons.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton