What Network Does NewPhone Wireless Use

Are you curious about what network does NewPhone Wireless uses? The wireless provider uses T-Mobile’s network to offer wireless services to its users. Notably, the T-Mobile network is excellent, widespread, and fast.

NewPhone Wireless is an American wireless provider and the largest and most popular Lifeline Assistance and Affordable Connectivity Program, provider. As an eligible Telecommunications carrier (ETC), the wireless provider offers Lifeline Wireless services to qualified low-income Louisiana residents. Qualifying Louisiana residents will get free monthly service with free minutes, texts, data, nationwide coverage, and a 4G phone. At this point, you may want to know what network does NewPhone Wireless uses to offer these free services. You will find this from the article.

The towers a wireless provider uses help determine the network it uses and if its coverage is widespread or not. Since NewPhone Wireless is a virtual network operator, it relies on cell towers from a standard wireless provider. A Standard wireless provider is a cellular carrier that builds its own cell towers spread across the country. Notably, there are three major standard cellular service providers in the US: AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. NewPhone Wireless leases its network from one of the providers.

NewPhone Wireless has built a customer base of over 1 million users and has over ten years of cellular experience. In addition, the provider is committed to providing a free and open Internet. The provider offers an excellent customer experience and sound network management practices on its broadband Internet access services and devices which Boost your internet signal. Furthermore, NewPhone’s cell phone service features countrywide coverage on one of the US’s most reliable networks. Are you curious to know what network does NewPhone Wireless uses? Let’s dig in!

What network does NewPhone Wireless use?

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, NewPhone Wireless doesn’t own the cell towers and infrastructure for the wireless network. Instead, they sign up an agreement with a standard cell phone carrier (in this case, T-Mobile). NewPhone receives wholesale rates from T-Mobile, and they pass along the savings to its users based on their retail prices.

The wireless provider used Sprint’s network, which offered nationwide coverage. Unfortunately, some NewPhone customers had slight concerns as Sprint didn’t have the best coverage area. However, most NewPhone Wireless customers didn’t have any problems. If the problem existed, they had to look for ways how to improve cell signals at home to enhance coverage.

Since T-Mobile-Sprint Merger in 2020, the cellular coverage improved as T-Mobile’s network is widespread and much better. Most NewPhone Wireless reviews from its customers indicate that they have good T-Mobile coverage across the country. With slight to no complaints about the affordable cell phone service or data service, NewPhone Wireless is a network you should switch to.

How good is the NewPhone Wireless network?

what network does newphone wireless use

Before T-Mobile and Sprint merging, the 4G coverage of the standard wireless providers was as below;

  • Verizon had the most extensive 4G LTE coverage of 70% of the US landmass
  • T-Mobile had 59% 4G LTE coverage
  • AT&T had 58% of 4G LTE coverage
  • Sprint had 27% of 4G LTE coverage

Before the merger, NewPhone used Sprint’s network, and its coverage was less than remarkable at 27%. After the merger, however, T-Mobile’s 4G covers 99% of the US population. Notably, the carrier has also become United States’ leading and fastest 5G network.

As NewPhone Wireless currently leases T-Mobile’s network, it’s safe to wind up that its network is excellent, comprehensive, fast, and reliable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how to boost cell signals at home for free or at a cost since there is excellent coverage in most places.

What about the NewPhone network coverage area?

As stated above, T-Mobile’s network powers NewPhone’s wireless service. If you reside in an area where T-Mobile coverage is robust, then NewPhone coverage could be good. If T-Mobile coverage is spotty and lousy, then it may not be an ideal choice for you.

If you’re not sure what coverage is like in your location, check their coverage checker on their official website. The checker will tell you how cellular coverage is at a specific location. In addition, the checker tool will tell you whether coverage is excellent, Fair (could be better), poor, or non-existent.

NewPhone’s coverage area includes all the country’s densely and sparsely populated places. The network coverage is most reliable in the eastern urban states and slightly less widespread in the West’s rural states.

If you live in the western rural villages where the network is unreliable, you can purchase the best cell phone booster for rural areas. The signal booster takes the poor existing cell signal, amplifies it, and rebroadcasts in your area.

How reliable is the NewPhone wireless network?

NewPhone Wireless network is very reliable since the wireless provider uses T-Mobile’s reliable and widespread coverage.

Regarding 4G network coverage, T-Mobile (NewPhone) has the third-best coverage in the United States (63% of the land and 99% of the American population). Like any other standard wireless provider, it provides excellent coverage in urban areas and patchy coverage in rural areas, forests, and hiking places.

Patchy network coverage in hiking places should not limit you to an enjoyable cellular experience. Did you know that portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking will enhance network coverage for a unique cellular experience? Now you know!

Regarding 5G coverage, T-Mobile (NewPhone) leads in the latest generation of cellular network technology. With 37% 5G coverage, T-Mobile outperforms its main rivals, and you should expect robust 5G coverage in the country’s major cities and towns.

What are NewPhone network speeds and latencies?

Network speed refers to the mean rate at which data packets get successfully conveyed to their target on the communications network. Notably, latency is the duration that a data packet takes to move from one location to another on the Internet, expressed in terms of round-trip time.

The speeds are expressed in kilobits per second (‘kbps’) or megabits per second (‘Mbps’), while round-trip latency gets expressed in milliseconds (‘ms’). Therefore, NewPhone’s typical speeds and latency are up to 1400 kbps download speed, 350 – 500 kbps upload speed, and 160 ms latency.

The wireless provider may advertise speeds and latency up to maximum speeds they expect to achieve through the device over T-Mobile networks. Various factors can impact the actual speed and latency you experience at any given time on the NewPhone network. The factors include;

  • Capacity constraints
  • Network availability
  • Environmental conditions
  • Type of device
  • Whether you are tethering from another device
  • T-Mobile’s network management practices

Is NewPhone Wireless network GSM or CDMA?

It is essential first to know what these two network abbreviations stand for. CDMA is the abbreviation Code Division Multiple Access, while GSM stands for Global System for Mobiles. Notably, these are two different radio technologies used by wireless providers worldwide.

CDMA was the most popular and used network standard in the United States in the past years. However, GSM network is preferred nowadays, while CDMA standard is reputable for carrying a smaller footprint.

NewPhone Wireless is used to lease the network from Sprint mobile, a CDMA mobile network operator with numerous access. On the other hand, T-Mobile has continuously been on a GSM network. Since the two standard providers merged in 2020, Sprint/NewPhone Wireless and T-Mobile are both on GSM and CDMA/LTE networks.

Since different phones support different radio standards, older Sprint/NewPhone users’ phones may not work on T-Mobile’s network. Consequently, they have to replace them with the latest models.

What phones are compatible with the NewPhone Wireless network?

NewPhone wireless gives three options for cell phones:

  • Use any GSM contract-free phone compatible with T-Mobile or any other major wireless phone carriers
  • Use a variety of NewPhone Wireless phones available from its website, starting at $99 or free. They include; the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • You may bring your own phone, but you must check compatibility

Can you improve cell reception on the NewPhone Wireless network?

Are you struggling with weak cell signals and worried about how to improve cell phone reception? The following ways will improve it;

  • Move to a location where the cell phone reception is verifiably excellent and reliable. You can confirm it in advance by checking NewPhone Wireless’s website and network coverage map.
  • Upgrade your device as the latest devices feature advanced radio technology deliberate to get faster carrier signals and spectra
  • Purchase a signal booster to enhance cellular coverage for better reception. Note that a signal booster works to boost weak cell signals while an internet booster works to enhance poor Wi-Fi signals.

Bottom line

NewPhone Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator– a wireless service provider without its own wireless cell towers and infrastructure. Therefore, as an MVNO, it must lease another provider’s network infrastructure and towers.

NewPhone Wireless uses T-Mobile’s widespread network to offer wireless service to its customers. In places where T-Mobile’s network is unreliable, the MVNO supports the use of signal boosters. A cell phone booster boosts weak signals to improve NewPhone’s cellular coverage.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton