What Does a Wifi Booster Do – A Complete Guideline

A wifi booster do, also the internet booster is a digital device that helps to extend wifi coverage, therefore, eliminating dead spots in your office or home and improving the internet strength.

The internet is a great deal used in offering services to the people, including in offices and factories. However, some places like the rural areas lack an excellent internet connection. Therefore, you need a wifi booster to use the internet in remote areas. So, what does a wifi booster do? A wifi booster extends the wifi network coverage by boosting or amplifying existing signals. That is why it is commonly known as a wifi extender.

Technology is advancing now and then; machines are now replacing most human labor using the internet to control the machines. Therefore, a strong internet connection is very paramount. Therefore, when you experience a drop in wifi signals, slow Internet speeds, or limited internet coverage, you have a weak Internet signal and surely need a wifi booster to be of assistance.

Most mountainous forests lack an excellent internet connection. Therefore, the places experience low internet speed. However, portable wifi boosters can be beneficial when hiking. Therefore, this article will discuss the types of wifi boosters used in various places after discussing how the wifi booster works.

What Is a Wifi Booster?

A wifi booster is a digital device that helps to extend the wifi coverage. It is sometimes referred to as a wifi signal booster or the internet booster, which Improves wifi coverage, eliminates dead spots in your office or home, and improves the internet strength. Some Internet boosters can help improve the speed of your wired Internet connection. However, wifi boosters tend to focus on the wireless (wifi) internet connection.  

The one thing that determines whether you need a wifi booster is the internet coverage. In case you find out that some areas in your home or business premises have a weak wireless connection, wifi boosters will be of great help to save your investment. Network boosters will save you from buying expensive cables and other internet gadgets.

What Are the Types of Wifi Boosters?

what does a wifi booster do

There exist good wireless routers, but their internet connection can still be unavailable in some areas of your home or office. A poor signal can be due to interference from appliances, construction material in the walls and floors, thick walls, and other devices.

Therefore, the WIFI booster increases the Internet speed of your router. Most large buildings with many rooms, offices, and even commercial places are the ones that need a wifi booster for good network connectivity.

To boost your wired Internet connection, you can create a wired MoCA connection using your existing Coax TV wiring, or you can run an additional Ethernet cable to boost you. MoCA connection technology is unique and the best option to extend Internet connection in places where you have coax wiring, including extending your wifi’s reach.

This shows many internet boosters, both for wireless and wired wifi connections. Some of the types of wifi boosters available in the market now include:

i) MoCA Adapters 

MoCA wifi booster is the type of booster that converts coax wiring into a wired Ethernet-like connection. It provides internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps. It is the ideal option for homes with no Ethernet or limited Ethernet.

They are used when;

  • You have a digital device that needs a wired connection
  • You have devices that have heavy bandwidth, such as video calling and online gaming
  • You have a previously installed coax TV wiring in your home

ii) Wireless (wifi) Extenders 

These boosters are used to Boost your wifi signal reach and cover throughout your home. They re-broadcast existing network signals without affecting the network’s bandwidth.

They are commonly used when;

  • You want comprehensive coverage of your strong wifi signal
  • You are using devices that need a wireless connection
  • Need to change the position of devices room to another in your home
  • When you have some places in your home or office that are network dead zones

iii) Mesh Wifi

It is similar technology to MoCA because it is also wired. Mesh wifi is a whole-home wifi system. The booster consists of a mesh router that connects to a series of satellite pods.

They are commonly used when;

  • You have previously installed coax TV wiring, and you need to create a fast and reliable network connection throughout your home or office.
  • You require connecting your network Extender to the MoCA network to increase the network coverage and reach of your wifi significantly.
  • You want to enjoy the benefits of both wireless and wired options in your office or home.
  • You want a fast and reliable internet connection in your home.

What Does a Wifi Booster Do?

Suppose you have poor wifi and internet connection in your home or office. In that case, you should consider buying a wifi booster to extend the network coverage of your Internet and wifi connections. The wifi connection in your home or office may be interfered with by walls or some types of glasses. So, how does the wifi booster work?

The wifi or internet booster operates by pulling the existing wireless network signal from the connected router or hotspot. It amplifies and then broadcasts the existing wifi connection to create a stronger connection with all the available digital devices. The wifi booster starts working immediately it has established that a wifi connection between the router and a wireless device such as a mobile phone or computer is turned on.

The transmission between the router and the wireless digital devices like the mobile phone is captured by the wifi booster and pushed into your cell phone with the wifi feature turned on. The wireless device sends the wifi booster information before the router receives the transmission. After the router has accepted the information, it will relay it to the web servers. The process begins once again when a successful connection is achieved.

To install the wifi booster to start operating, plug the wifi booster into a power source in an optimal location of your home. The booster will then collect the signal from the router. You can then log into the wifi booster from your mobile phone, tablet or computer with a password and you are ready to enjoy fast connectivity.

How Can I Boost Cell Phone Signal at Home for Free?

Research shows that 97% of the population in most first-world countries have a mobile phone used to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and use the internet to post an image to Instagram or Twitter. These individuals mostly rely on cellular coverage to stay in touch with friends, family, and co-workers.

However, not everyone has an excellent cell signal at home; that is, wide network coverage and good internet speed may be a problem for some homes due to their location; therefore, to boost cell signal at home for free, you can try the following tips:

i) Switch to a 3G Network

Most mobile phone users prefer using a 4G LTE network due to its good network speed and wide coverage. However, sometimes the network may be slow due to the congestion of many users. Therefore, it is advisable to use the 3G network in this situation, since the network is normally with few users.

ii) Go Outside

One may notice that there is always a strong signal outside the house but a weak signal when indoors. This clearly shows that some building materials may be interfering with your network coverage. Some of these materials include; Concrete, Vinyl siding, Masonry, Insulation, Drywall, Coated glass, and Stucco. Therefore, it is advisable to go outside to stay connected.

iii) Move to a Different Position in Your House

Mobile network coverage may be unevenly distributed in your home. You may find that some rooms have better network signals because the direction of the carrier tower is somehow directly to that room.

In contrast, some rooms may have weak network signals because of signal interference, such as large trees on your property blocking the network signal. Therefore, you may find internet connectivity improving depending on where you are.

iv) Check Your Phone’s Performance

Sometimes, the problem may be the actual cell phone device you are using. You need to ensure that your mobile phone performs at its best, with the battery fully charged and running using the most recent updated software. Older mobile phone models may not have the hardware to access faster and more robust networks, so an upgrade is also a good option.

 v) Switch Carriers

Different network providers offer unique mobile phone services. You may find that one carrier may have better network coverage than another network provider in some situations and areas. Therefore, one can switch to the best carrier to get an improved cellular signal, but it’s good to proceed with caution.

If the cause of your weak cell signal is due to some of the reasons discussed above, a new carrier will not solve your problem.

Bottom line

Network connectivity problems such as slow mobile data speeds dropped calls, and cellular network coverage can be uneven depending on where your house or office is located or the position where you are using your digital device in your home or office.

There are some objects and infrastructures that may block your network signal. Therefore, it is advisable to consider purchasing a wifi signal booster.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton