How to Boost T-Mobile Signal – Easy Ways

How to boost T-Mobile signal can be done through several processes, and one may involve purchasing a cell phone signal booster.

T-Mobile is categorized among the top 3 most prominent service providers in the US. The service provider has been in existence for more than two decades, and we have seen tremendous changes in the network type offered, the cell phone plans, and many other perks. It ranks among the top 3 service providers in-network coverage. However, some areas may have inadequate cellular coverage, which has caused some customers to switch to other service providers to find better network coverage. This has led people to look for solutions on How to boost T-Mobile signal.

There are many ways to get started with boosting signals which we will discuss later in the article. Having adequate cell phone signals makes communications more accessible. You will be able to stream music, videos and enjoy surfing the internet at better internet quality with no lags.

When you boost your signal, there will be no dropped calls and anything that might slow your communication channels. In rural areas, you may be required to get a T-Mobile cell phone signal booster to get better signals.

By the end of this article, we will have covered ways to improve your T-Mobile signals. We will also review the causes of poor signals and how you can try to fix such issues. From there, your path to get improved signals will be easier.

Which network technology does T-Mobile use?

T-Mobile uses GSM network technology. This stands for Global System for mobiles, and it is the commonly used technology network. Most service providers currently use this type of tech. It is more efficient in carrier compatibility and offers a broader range of network bands; hence it’s easier to get clear cell phone signals.

The GSM network is also a building block of the 5G network, which is more fast and secure. T-Mobile using GSM gives us a chance to find effective ways to boost network signals to cellular devices. Also, GSM is a cheaper and more effective network compared to its predecessor, CDMA.

Which areas does T-Mobile cover in the US?

T-Mobile covers the whole of the United States. They offer 99% of network coverage, and this makes them one of the best service providers. The only areas that may experience inadequate cellular coverage are rural areas or lowland places.

In such locations, the only recommended option is to get a cell phone signal booster which will, in turn, give you better cell phone signals. If you wish to join the T-Mobile network, the recommended option is to check their website to see if your area is covered. If you are still unsure, the best thing is to contact them and ask about the issue.

How to boost T-Mobile’s signal on the phone?

how to boost t mobile signal

There are several ways to improve network signals on T-Mobile, and they include the following.

a) Report network outage

If you notice frequent network interruptions or instead see it as a temporary issue, it is best to report a network outage. Maybe the issue might be a booster interfering with signal transfer or any other issue.

Once you report it, T-Mobile will send a team to the nearest cell phone tower to fix the issues. If the issue is not resolved, you may now consider the other options listed in this article. Also, network outages may be caused by the distance between you and the cell phone tower.

b) Change network infrastructure on your device

Your device may have network issues because it has a broken network infrastructure. These are hardware components in your phone that receive cell phone signals from the nearest cell tower. Changing these components may incur some costs depending on the type of phone you have.

Feel free to visit your local mobile repair shop or the nearest T-Mobile store, and they will guide you on fixing the issue. If the device was brand-new, it has a warranty that you can use to fix the issue, and if it’s not fixable, they will send you a new phone. Doing this may be an effective way to boost network signals on Android.

c) Move to a new location

Moving may be considered a tough choice, but it is the best option if no other service providers offer better network coverage in your area. If you have rented out a place, it is easier, but getting a cell phone signal booster is considered the best option.

d) Do a phone upgrade

Sometimes your phone may become worn out to the point it’s hard for it to keep up with the trends in network technology. This makes the network components on the device redundant and cannot be replaced.

In such cases, the best option is to do a phone upgrade by purchasing a T-Mobile compatible phone. T-Mobile phone deals offer a wide range of phones, and they have financing included. Consider getting a new phone if you are sure your old device has network issues that cannot be repaired. If not, try changing the hardware components.

e) Purchase a cell phone signal booster

A cell phone signal booster works by repeating network signals from the nearest cell phone tower to your device. There are many cell phone signal boosters you may consider, and they all vary in price.

Remember, before purchasing a cell phone booster, make sure the FCC verifies it.

How to choose the best booster from T-Mobile?

i) 5G access

Though it’s not necessary, having a cell phone booster with 5G access can help in providing a faster internet connection. Consider this option if you have 5G devices and are looking for faster internet speeds.

The booster should also be licensed to provide network boosting under 5G bands. If not, this would result in network interruptions.

ii) Cost

The booster should be within your budget, but at the same time, it should not compromise on quality. Ensure to purchase a signal booster from an authentic online or local dealer. The pricing may vary with the type of booster you choose and the components that come with it.

iii) Installation process

A booster should have a straightforward manual for help with installation. Luckily. Most booster manufactures have a perfect DIY installation process which helps to make things easier. If you read the manual carefully, you can easily install the booster.

If you find it not to be your cup of tea, consider seeking help from the nearest technician. In some cases, if you purchase the booster directly from the manufacturer, they will send in professionals to do the installations.

iv) Warranty

The booster must come with a warranty. If not, ditch the deal. A warranty is essential in case the booster becomes faulty and it’s not your fault. This will help you repair your booster without paying any extra costs.

Other perks like a refund policy and money-back guarantee are an added advantage. However, these can be found if bought on Amazon and other few marketplaces.

v) Build quality

The build quality should be strong. It should be efficient enough to work perfectly under any weather conditions and withstand any drawbacks. The booster should also have environment-friendly materials as this will help conserve the environment.

vi) Area of coverage

Choose a booster depending on the area you want it to cover. Some boosters may cover up to 10000 sq. ft. This is an excellent option if you have a large home. Other boosters cover around 4000 sq. ft, and these are the best option if you live in a small apartment.

How to switch from T-Mobile?

If you have not found a solution to the problem of poor network signals, it may be time to switch to another network. Before you switch, ensure the network has a cell phone tower near you.

You can switch to a new service provider by contacting T-Mobile and telling them you plan to switch. You will then be required to clear any pending bills, after which you are free to move to another network.

After 30 days, your account on T-Mobile will be deactivated. From there, you can bring your device to the service provider of your choice. You also can port your phone number but make sure to do so before your account is deactivated.

What causes poor signals on T-Mobile?

  • Weather
  • Distance from cell phone tower
  • Signal boosters
  • Power
  • Maintenance and repair

How to get a T-Mobile Signal Booster?

It is a straightforward way to get a cell phone signal booster from T-Mobile, so fr that You make a call customer service by 611 to confirm your order. There is a $25 fee plus shipping for the device in most cases. Though these are not for sale, they must be returned before you close your T-Mobile account; as a result, Signal boosters and cell spots directly from T-Mobile are not available to prepaid customers.

Bottom line

Having a cell phone signal booster for T-Mobile is essentially the best way to boost signals on this network. You may also consider doing a phone upgrade if your device has network compatibility issues. This article has featured other ways to help improve the networks.

Contacting T-Mobile and reporting network outages may also be an excellent option to get better network services. If nothing could fix the network issues at the end, the best option may be to switch service providers.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton