How Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work – A Complete Guideline

Boosters are essential to areas with poor cellular coverage. This article explains the How Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work. Learn more by reading it.

Poor Cell phone signals can be very disappointing. Your internet speeds become slow, it takes a very long time to send messages and there are frequent dropped calls. Many solutions have been implemented to help improve Cell phone signals, but one has been effective like the Cell phone signal boosters.

Since their inception, boosters have served millions of Americans by boosting network signals in which users get the best networks for communication. You may ask yourself, how do cell phone signal boosters work? Cell phone Signal boosters contain several components.

These components work together to ensure cell phone signals are well received to your cellular devices. There are various types of cell phone boosters each with different specs and some may work in other networks while others may not.

Most importantly, before buying a cell phone signal booster, it must be verified by the FCC and from there you can boost the cell phone signal for free because there are no monthly subscriptions. Despite the installation process being a bit technical, the result is of great benefit to improve network coverage within your vicinity.

We aim to give insights on how a cell phone signal booster works. We will also talk on some components of the cell phone signal booster and how to set-up a booster in your home. The article will dive deep on choosing the right signal booster based on several factors. We will also review the best Signal booster brands and where to purchase authentic signal boosters. Let’s roll!

History of cell phone signal boosters

The signal booster was invented by Hongtao Zhan. Zhan holds a patent of the technology behind boosters and is regarded as one of the greatest inventors in the telecommunication industry. The signal boosters were founded in 2001 and Zhan has had quite a large number of patents based on his innovations.

The first company to create a Signal booster is Surecall which has been in existence for 20 years.

Where should you buy Cell phone signal booster?

There are several places to get a cell phone signal booster. Some may sell licensed while others have unlicensed cell phone boosters. Consider purchasing a licensed booster in order to avoid any issues with the FCC and network interruption. Here are the top 5 places to buy Cell phone boosters:

a) Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer and you can get a wide range of boosters at an affordable price. All the boosters come with perks like money-back guarantee, refund policy and a warranty valid for more than 2 years, at least for most of them.

b) Signal boosters

This is an online storers that sells licensed only boosters. It offers the services to the whole of US. However, before making a purchase, ensure to contact your service provider to help you choose the right booster based on the network bands.

c) Surecall

Surecall sells its own manufactured boosters. The boosters sold here are very affordable and, in some cases, you may get professional installation services at a small fee. Ensure that Surecall service center is within your area if you are looking for a fast-shipping process.

Benefits of buying a cell phone signal booster

There are many benefits that come with getting a booster and includes the following:

i) Fast internet speeds

If you are wondering how to boost cell phone signal on Android, Cell phone signal boosters are one of the best options. It provides stable internet coverage with no downtime. However, during network congestion, you may experience downtime issues since priority goes to those on post-paid cell phone plans

ii) Reduced dropped calls

Calls will go through easily and to some extent the network will support HD calls for selected devices. You may however experience dropped calls during bad weather since communication between cell phone tower and signal boosters may not be effective.

iii) Ease of sending messages

Sending messages is faster and easier with the help of a cell phone signal Booster. There are no delays in receiving messages too.

iv) No monthly subscriptions

With cell phone signal boosters, there are no monthly subscriptions to any service. You can use it for years and the only money to be paid may be related to repair and maintenance which may rarely happen.

v) Better coverage

Cell phone signal networks offer an easy way to extend Cellular coverage on your home. It can serve a large number of devices with ease and you will not experience lags unless using the internet heavily.

How do cell phone signal boosters work?

how do cell phone signal boosters work

Cell phone signal boosters contain several components for them to be effective. It has 3 major components which is the outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, and signal amplifier. All this equipment is sold unless you wish to buy a single part for replacement porpoises.

The outdoor antenna is also called the donor antenna and is placed at the roof of a window or an open building where it is easily accessible and can communicate with the nearest cell phone tower easily. You are also recommended to use a directional antenna because it has a more effective way to improve the signal-to-noise ratio which would in turn better the signal coming to your cellular devices

The next component is an indoor antenna which helps in rebroadcasting the signals received from the donor antenna. This antenna is placed in doors and directly interacts with the amplifier and donor antenna. It also comes in several varieties based on the range in which signal is extended in terms of sq. ft.

A signal amplifier aids in improving the power of electric signals received from the indoor antenna. It provides a wide distribution range by increasing intracellular interactions of the electric signals from the indoor antenna. From there the signals are then sent to your devices.

All these components are important building blocks for a perfect cell phone signal booster. The signal boosters may vary in terms of range, network bands, body build and many other factors.

How to know a booster verified by the FCC?

There are some factors to consider before buying a cell phone booster and one of them is to see if it is verified by the FCC. Unlicensed boosters are known to cause network interruptions, and this could lead to problems with the authorities.

A booster that is verified by the FCC has this label:

The label may vary with the type of booster you purchase but it contains the same information. If you purchase an unlicensed booster, your service provider will call you requesting to switch it off since it is causing network interruptions.

They will then fix the issues and you can continue using it. However, it is best if you purchase a licensed booster and register it with your service provider. Some boosters are already registered so there will be no need for that.

What are the 5 best cell phone signal boosters?

1) Hiboost Cell Phone booster

This booster is 5G compatible and comes with perks like a mobile App, LCD display and has an easy installation process. The cell phone booster can cover up to 4000 sq. ft. and has a warranty among many other perks.

2) weBoost home multiroom

This booster is verified by the FCC end and is compatible with all carriers. It is easier to install and covers a wide area within a vicinity. it comes up with a warranty and if purchased on Amazon get a money-back guarantee and a refund policy included.

3) weBoost basic home signal Booster

WeBoost basic home booster is ideal for home-usage. It can be installed through DIY and has other perks like4 a wide range of coverage, a well-detailed manual, and a mobile app for configuration.

4) AmazBoost

This booster works with all cell phone carriers in the US. It is also FCC-approved and has a simple installation process. The booster5 can be bought on Amazon or the company’s website.

5. Surecall Fusion4Home

This is a cell phone signal booster that works to ensure you get the best cellular coverage. It comes with a complete toolkit and a good manual guide for those who wish to do a DIY installation process. The booster is on sale at Amazon and other stores.

These are the best boosters in the market. All have been verified by the FCC and come with many cool perks. You may also contact your service provider for a recommendation of the best booster. 

What is the Best Cell Phone booster for rural areas?

Suppose you live in a rural area or travel to one; having proper cell reception is highly important. Thankfully, even if you are facing poor signal strength, you can consider getting something like the best cell phone boosters for rural areas given down below because of these features:

  • Coverage Area: If you are using a cell phone booster for rural areas, you would want it to increase your property’s cellular network signal network strength. And to ensure the same, checking the coverage area of your cell phone booster is essential as a coverage area of up to 5000 square feet or higher is going to be much better than a coverage area of up to 2000 square feet.
  • Supported Networks: To ensure that you can use the fastest available network type in your area, your phone booster for rural areas should also support these network types. 
  • Supported Carriers: Other than checking the supported network type, you should also check the supported carriers for your cell phone booster for rural areas.

Indeed these are some of the essential features to consider while going with cell phone boosters. But to get the absolute best ones, you still have to consider a lot. Thus, the following mentions the best cell phone boosters for rural areas.

  • SureCall Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • Amazboost Cell Phone Booster for Home
  • Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • Cel-Fi GO X Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • Tri-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • SolidRF Home Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • BOSURU Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • Mingcoll AT&T Cell Phone Signal Booster

Bottom line

Boosting your network is very important to get fast internet speeds and reduced dropped calls. There are many types of boosters that you can purchase but it all comes down to whether it is verified by the FCC. This article has explained how a booster works and the components that entail a booster. We also touched on how to install a booster for those who wish to perform a DITY installation.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton