How to Boost Signal Strength on Cricket Wireless

Getting a full network bar on your phone is very important as it eases the communication process. Learn how you can boost signal strength on cricket wireless by reading this article.

Cricket wireless is one of the oldest MVNOs established back in 1999 by Leap wireless. The service provider is currently owned by AT&T, one of the largest standard service providers in the US. The company serves millions of Americans with cheap cell phone plans and other perks. Despite them being reliable, they have issues related to network coverage. In some areas, people tend to receive low network signals, leading to slow internet speeds and dropped calls. However, this issue may not be caused by the carrier but rather your device, and this leads us to ask ourselves how to Boost Signal Strength on Cricket Wireless.

The process to boost signals may vary with the device. If it is an old phone, you can try to upgrade the network system on your device through software updates or simply changing some hardware components on your phone. There are many other ways to improve the network of your phone, which will be discussed later in the article.

Having stable network coverage on Cricket Wireless will help ensure you get stable network coverage and many other perks. Cricket wireless has some of the best deals on cell phone plans and phones if you wish to get started with their services.

From this article, we will learn the cheapest ways to boost cell phone signals on cricket wireless. We will also look at factors that influence wrong signals on cricket wireless based on certain conditions. Lastly, we may touch on some signal boosters you can use if you live in a rural place. Let’s get started!

What causes poor cell phone signal on Cricket wireless?

a) Bad weather

Bad weather may lead to low cellular reception since signals are interrupted by rain or windy conditions. This is, however, a temporary problem, so you may need to be patient for it to cool off.

b) Distance from cell tower

If you are very distant from the cell tower, cellular reception may be abysmal. It is wise to move to a new location to ensure better cellular signals and reception. You may also purchase a booster as it is the best option to boost cell phone signals in rural areas.

c) Counterfeit products

If your phone has counterfeit products, then you are likely to face network issues. This will require you to either purchase a new phone or get a replacement.

d) Network congestion

During network congestion, Cricket Wire users may experience slow internet speeds since the network priority goes to people on AT&T who have subscribed to post-paid plans.

Steps to Boost signal strength on Cricket wireless

how to boost signal strength on cricket wireless

Here are some steps to consider in efforts to boost signal strength on Cricket wireless.

Step 1: Upgrade your phone

If you have an old phone, you may consider changing to a new device. Cricket wireless has some excellent deals on phone upgrades which you can check out. Your old phone may have outdated hardware components that do not match the current Cricket wireless network standards.

The best phones to use on upgrades can be 5G devices. These 5G phones come from big brands like Apple, OnePlus, Nokia, Motorola, etc. Ensure if you buy a phone outside the network, it should be compatible with the Cricket Wireless network. The phone is compatible if it works with GSM network technologies. Cricket wireless has a compatibility tool to check if the device is okay.

Step 2: Consider moving to a different location.

If you live in a big house, you may consider moving to a different spot within the house to see if you get better cellular reception. This is a good option if your network gets lost temporarily. If you have permanent issues with the network, it is best to contact Cricket wireless and inform them about it. They will then try and provide better cellular reception in your area.

Step 3: Changing hardware components of your phone

Maybe your phone’s network adapter is spoiled, and it may need a replacement. You can know if the adapter is damaged if you go to a place with good cellular coverage and your phone does not indicate full network bars.

The replacement is very cheap, and it takes only a few minutes or hours, depending on where you go. The adapter may be replaced via warranty if you bought your device with such issues and if the warranty is still valid.

Charge your phone

When your phone’s battery is low, some key components, like network receptors, may stop working to save on battery since network services are known to consume large amounts of battery capacity. If your device is on battery saver mode, the network services may be limited.

So, charge your phone frequently if you plan to use it on cellular services.

Step 4: Perform a network reset

If you have temporary issues with your networks, then it is best to perform a reset. However, this reset will erase all the WIFI SSIDs and passwords so are cautious about that. Here is a simple process to perform a network reset on Android and Apple.

Go to settings. Click on Advanced. Go to reset options and click on reset network settings. From there, you will be asked whether you wish to perform the reset or not and then click agree. From there, the reset process will begin and takes a short time to complete. From there, your network will improve and get better.

Do I need a cell phone signal booster?

You may need a signal booster for your cell phone if your network issues are persistent. There are portable cell phone signal Boosters and other boosters that may work with Cricket wireless.

The FCC and your service provider should verify the booster. This will prevent any interrupts that the booster may cause. If a booster is not verified, it will interrupt network signals from other service providers, which would in turn cause dropped calls and low cellular coverage on other phones. It may also lead to legal issues on your side.

Which areas does Cricket wireless have inadequate coverage?

The areas that have inadequate cellular coverage are mostly lowland and rural. Since Cricket wireless uses AT&T and AT&T does not offer the best coverage in rural areas, you will likely suffer from low cellular signals. In such scenarios, a cell phone signal booster is recommended.

You may also check the AT&T website to see some areas with inadequate cellular coverage and if you are in such a location, then switching service providers is the recommended option. You can also ask the Cricket wireless community for support on how to boost the network coverage.

Are portable cricket wireless signal boosters effective?

Portable cell phone signal boosters are considered a good option if you frequently travel. You can choose to mount it on your car as it is the best zone to place portable cell phone signal boosters. However, ensure they work with Cricket wireless and the FCC verifies them to prevent any form of network collision.

You can buy the boosters from these certified booster providers:

  • WeBoost EQO
  • Surecall fusion Home
  • WeBoost Connect 4G
  • Surecall Fusion 5X

The boosters can be bought from Amazon, and Amazon has perks like fast shipping, reliable customer care, valid warranty, and money-back guarantee policies.

How to switch from Cricket wireless?

If the network issues remain persistent, then sadly, it may be time to switch to another service provider. You may even consider switching to a post-paid plan on AT&T as you may get better perks with network capacity. Switching from Cricket wireless to AT&T has no fees, but you may pay more on the monthly pricing for the plan.

To switch, you will have to terminate your service with cricket wireless then check compatibility with your new service provider. If the phone is compatible with the new network, the next step will be to switch.

Service providers may require you to pay activation fees and purchase a new SIM card toolkit. Feel free to check out the terms of switching on your new service provider’s website.

Bottom line

Having reliable network coverage from Cricket wireless helps reduce the chances of dropped calls. You can upgrade your phone in case the device is too old since that’s one of the issues that cause poor cellular signals on your phone.

We have highlighted other steps which you can do to increase the network signals. Lastly, buying a cell phone signal booster can be an effective option to get better cellular coverage to your phones and other phones within the vicinity.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton