How to Block Cell Phone Signals Legally – The Best Guideline

You can block cell phone signals legally by constructing thick walls of materials such as 1/2" Drywall, Venetian Plaster and 1/4" Fiberglass among others.

Cell phone signals are radio waves that connect one mobile phone to another. They are essential for communication between the devices and facilitate phone calls, messaging, and internet connections. Cell phone signal strength differs from place to place and can appear as several bars. The more the bars, the stronger the signals are. In a short moment, I will show you how to block cell phone signals legally.

It can be essential to block cell phone signals to ensure that no calls, SMS, or another form of wireless communication can occur. There are places where cellular networks can bring nuisance or disorder. For example, prisons are places with tight security, and phone calls can mean danger. Inmates may coordinate with the outside world to plan a prison break.

Moreover, places requiring maximum concentration, such as parliament, hospitals, schools, and others, may be necessary to block cell phone signals. Additionally, a place with some insecurity may force a government to terminate all cell phone signals in that area to prevent criminals from communicating with each other. Even though cell phone signal obstructing is helpful for some scenarios, it might be disadvantageous in others.

How to block cell phone signals legally?

When operating a legal business such as a movie theatre, a hospital, a school, and so on, the government may see the need to authorize you to block cell phone signals to prevent any destruction. That means that you can proceed and buy a cell signal blocking machine.

In that case, you require a cell jammer. However, not all nations will allow that. In the United States, it is illegal to use call blocker machines. If you want to block cell phone signals successfully, you can consider building a room with thick walls all over. The walls can be made of;

  • 1/2″ Drywall  
  • Venetian Plaster       
  • 6″ Concrete Wall      
  • Glass Window
  • 1/4″ Fiberglass          
  • Low Emission Glass Window
  • Brick   
  • Hollow Wood Door   
  • 1/2″ OSB Plywood    
  • Solid Wooden Door  
  • 1/2″ Solid Pine          
  • 1/2″ Solid Oak

The above materials will work effectively but not using a Cell blocker/cell jammer. A cell jammer is a unique electronic machine that allows you to interfere with the transmission of cell signals. It works by overpowering the cell phone by transmitting a signal on the same frequency as your cell phone signals, and at high power, the two signals collide and cancel each other out.

Since cell phones are made to detect low-level interference and add power, the cell jammer also detects an increase in power to match the current cell phone signal strength.

Most phones have two types of frequencies: one for listening and one for talking. Some cell jammers can block both frequencies, while others can only block one frequency. When only one of the frequencies is blocked, you may be able to hear the callers, and they cannot hear you and vice versa. When this happens, your phone thinks there is no network, and you will only see emergency calls.

Cell phone jammers succeed because they can run on any network frequencies, while GSM cell phones only run on 900-MHz and 1800-MHz /1900-MHz. The device can also block signals on other technologies such as AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, iDEN, and Nextel systems. Therefore, it is equally possible to block cell phone signals for both old and modern cell phone devices.

It is important to note that a jammer won’t block signals in the whole location or district. Low-powered jammers only block calls within a small area in a range of about 30 feet. High-power jammers can block signals within a range of one mile. The powerful jammers can therefore be used to disrupt signals in a football field, a graduation square, a school, and so on.

What does a cell jammer look like?

how to block cell phone signals legally

Some cell phone jammers are small enough to look like a cell phone, while others are big and look like a briefcase. Therefore, it might be challenging to recognize the device, especially if you have never seen it before.

Large jammers can be mounted on police cars and military convoys for security reasons.

Who is allowed to use a cell phone signal blocker?

Federal law prohibits the use of any cell phone jammer. Any form of operation, marketing, or sale of call-blocking equipment that interferes with authorized radio communications is illegal in the US. The jammers can interfere with essential communication systems such as police radar, cellular and Personal Communication Services (PCS), and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

It is important to note that cell phone jammers can interfere with essential communication channels such as the 911 emergency service, among other critical systems, thus posing a significant risk to locals. Generally, it is illegal to use cell phone jammers or any other similar devices. Security personnel may use the service for some security reasons but for a limited duration.

Therefore, only the Jail authority’s defense forces, State Police Departments, and Central Govt. security agencies may procure the devices.

Can I use a cell signal blocker to jam WiFi?

Yes. Some jammers can interfere with WiFi signals. Such devices create noise that blocks a WiFi connection and prevent people with wifi-enabled devices from connecting to the 3G, 4G, GPRS, or cordless WiFi network.

When WiFi jamming occurs, a lot of things can cease to operate. These include WiFi-enabled padlocks, WiFi security cameras, WiFi routers, and many more.

How do I know whether someone is jamming my systems?

Before you waste money buying a new phone, a new router, WiFi padlock, and so on, you need to check if someone is jamming your WiFi, cellular signals, or any other kinds of communication.

To check on any possible jamming, you can use a spectrum analyzer. The machine measures signals and their interference. If you notice something fishy, you will need to report to the authorities that someone within your locality is using a signal blocker. Investigators will rush to see who is disturbing you within your locality. 

Why does the government deny people from owning cell phone signal blockers?

The ultimate reason why the government bars the cell phone signal blocker is to prevent criminals from misusing the devices. After all, why would an ordinary citizen want to jam cellular signals? Maybe to make sure that no one will call for help as they execute their heinous act.

Are poor signals all due to the activities of a signal blocker?

Poor signals are not just because someone is blocking your signal connection. The reason could be that you are within a low coverage area. Therefore, you need to take other measures. You can buy a cell phone signal amplifier to boost cell signals at home for free from any of the various companies in the country.

Many factors can lead to poor signal reception. They include the following.

i) Being far from signal cell masts

If you are far from the nearest booster, you are likely to experience low network signals. As you move far away from a cell mast, signals decrease in strength, and you can see this on your phone or tablet when your bars decrease slowly by slowly.

ii) Physical features

Mountains, hills, and ridges block signals from the other side. Thick forests may also interfere with cell phone signals. Therefore, you will either have very weak signals or no signals at all to only access emergency calls.

iii) Weather

When it is rainy, signals tend to become very poor. However, when it is dry and the weather is clear, then people can communicate clearly.

iv) Interference

This time around, it is not about signal blocker interference but other electronics using radio waves. These include TV, radio, other phones, and microwaves, among others.

v) Buildings

Have you ever experienced a network problem while inside a house which immediately ceases when you go outside? Your house might be the problem. These houses with thick walls and ceilings can bar cell phone signals from reaching your device correctly.

vi) Device system issues

You might get poor signals if you are using an outdated phone operating system. You can consider upgrading to the latest operating system and enjoy maximum signal reception. Furthermore, you can have your device checked by a technician and have it repaired for maximum performance.

How to use a cell phone signal amplifier

You can install a cell phone signal amplifier from a qualified manufacturer. The device is convenient when you want to cell phone signals booster in rural areas.

 A cell phone amplifier has three main components. They include;

  • External antenna
  • Amplifier
  • Internal antenna

When you buy the machine, you begin by mounting the external antenna at the most appropriate point. Next, mount your amplifier somewhere in the middle of the house, and then mount your internal antenna somewhere around your amplifier.

When everything is in place, plug the power code into a wall socket and switch it on. Next, power on the amplifier. You can rotate the outside antenna until you get maximum signal strength.

The operation of the amplifier is easy to understand. When the weak signals reach the external antenna, it picks them up and directs them to the amplifier. The amplifier then boosts the strength of the signals and passes them to the internal antenna, which then broadcasts them to the local devices. You will be able to see increased strengths of your mobile device signals.

Bottom line

A cell phone signal blocker is a machine that blocks cellular signals so that your phone lacks signals. Owning, advertising, and selling a signal booster is illegal in the US. Security personnel may at times use the cell phone signal blockers to maintain peace and order. Cell phone signal blockers vary in strength. Some cover a small range while others are long-range.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton