How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal While Camping

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You’ll likely have trouble getting a good signal if you like to camp because it is evident that the most incredible places to camp are in remote areas. The distance from cell towers is one of the most critical factors in signal degradation. However, there are other several factors to consider, such as geographic features, tall trees, and thick forests near your area, to name a few. Nevertheless, this article will focus on how can I boost my cell phone signal while camping?

Moreover, most individuals enjoy camping in the woods, in rural locations, or in areas with little network connection, such as hilly terrain. Due to insufficient network coverage, people in such conditions often encounter dropped calls, sluggish internet connections, and other difficulties. Most people think getting the best cell phone signal boosters for rural areas is terrific. The boosters will improve your coverage for a better cellular experience.  

On the other hand, because RVs have a power supply, it’s easy to discover a cell booster that works for you if you’re camping in one. But what if you prefer not to camp in an RV? When you’re camping, how do you obtain cell service? What if you’d instead carry and pitch your shelter than pull or drive it when camping? How can you improve your cell phone service when camping? That’s what this article is about.

Why is my cell signal so weak when camping?

The following are the three main reasons why campers have cell signal issues:

  • Cell Tower Distance – When you go camping, it’s assumed that you’re getting away from the city. The distance between the user and the nearest cell tower is most likely the cause of weak or undetectable signals. 
  • Outside Interferences – Trees, hills, mountains, and big buildings reflect or block cellular signal waves, resulting in poor reception for your devices. 
  • RVs and camp shelter building Material – Cellular signal waves can’t penetrate your RV because of insulation, energy-efficient barriers, glass, and metal, resulting in poor cell service inside. 

Cell service will be hampered by these factors, making staying connected when camping or hiking challenging. Getting a portable cell phone signal booster for hiking will fix these issues. 

How can I boost my cell phone signal while camping?

how can i boost my cell phone signal while camping

If you have access to either AC or DC power,

i) Use a cell phone signal booster or an antenna

Having good Internet access while camping is becoming increasingly crucial for many campers. Antennas and Signal Boosters are both practical, but each has its advantages in specific scenarios. Antennas can cost anywhere from $100 to $150, while signal boosters can cost anywhere from $500 to $750.00. Whether you’re in a low-signal or high-signal location, antennas perform well. On the other hand, signal boosters are most useful in low-signal locations. 

A cell phone signal booster for camping connects to a cell tower through an exterior antenna and channels the signal into a boosting unit. Subsequently, the signal is amplified and sent to an inside antenna via the boosting device. This internal antenna will connect your phone, tablet, and hotspot. The exterior and inside antennas should be at least 8 feet apart to avoid feedback. 

On the other hand, antennas capture as much cell signal as possible and direct it to a router. The majority of campers utilize hotspot devices as routers. Two wires are usually needed for these antennas, one for outgoing signals and the other for incoming signals.

This is referred to as “MIMO antennas” in the industry (multiple-in, multiple-out). Your devices can connect through Wi-Fi once the antenna is linked to your router or hotspot. You may also use Wi-Fi to connect your phone and make phone calls through the router or hotspot. 

You are safe if you have an RV to power your cell phone signal booster. If you don’t have one, try these tips! 

ii) Move to the highest ground on the campsite to minimize terrain obstructions

At this level, you can overcome any potential obstacles on the ground. However, it does not imply that you are approaching Everest’s summit! You want to communicate with the cell tower as clearly as possible, with no hills or buildings in the way. 

iii) Avoid plantations and stick to plain fields. 

The radio waves are frequently deviated by trees and their excrement. Remember that everything between you and your target cell tower absorbs the EMF waves you wish to reach the tower.

iv) If you’re inside a vehicle, step outside.

The metallic body of your vehicle can lower the intensity and frequency of radio transmissions. As a result, exiting the vehicle assures that your phone receives clean signals from the nearest tower. 

v) If the weather is fuzzy, try connecting again.

And if the weather is terrible, you may have to wait till the weather improves to obtain a stronger signal. If you’re in a dangerous scenario and your battery is low, but you think you’ll be able to weather the storm, it’s a good idea to turn off your phone and wait for the rainstorm to pass before trying to communicate again. 

But what if you’re in an area where none of these suggestions work, and you can’t get a good signal? The only thing that might help in that circumstance is to try the best cell phone booster for camping. 

Will a cell phone signal booster for camping work for me?

A power supply, similar to the best cell phone booster for home, is required for a signal booster to work when camping. Your pickup, a Jeep, a passenger car, or even a four-wheel OHV will most likely be the power supply. Of course, living in a cabin or cottage with electricity is preferable. 

What are the benefits of a Portable cell phone signal booster for camping?

  • This portable signal gives you Better voice quality calls. Don’t miss any necessary information by improving the quality of your calls. This way, you can ensure your message is heard soundly and clearly.
  • Improve your signal anywhere at any time. With signal boosters for automobiles, you can go anywhere you want and still have a quality phone signal.
  • Faster and more stable internet. You can participate at speeds never seen before by simply buying a signal enhancer, which drives you to forget about hours-long downloads and delayed messaging.
  • Easy installation. Most signal enhancers are easy to install and use, as you only need to install the outer and inside antenna, then connect your phone, and you’re all set.
  • You have plenty of options to choose from, as there are loads of different brands and ideals that cater to all the specific needs you can think of. 

Bottom line

You may set up a signal booster to assure cell service while camping if you have access to a power supply, whether AC or DC. However, one exception: a cell signal booster does not generate a signal. It requires a visible signal to amplify to function.

A  signal booster will not work if there is no observable cell signal. So, if you’re scheduling a camping trip to a remote spot where no cell service is available, a signal booster won’t assist. In that case, you should try the other suggestions listed above. 

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton