What Are The Best Places To Buy A Signal Booster

The best places to buy a signal booster are Amazon, Best Buy, Wilson Amplifiers, weBoost, and Walmart. All these places offer warranties to their products.

Whether you’re at your office, relaxing in your home office, or driving on the road doesn’t matter. Losing cell signals is a considerable headache. Cell phone usage can sometimes be frustrating. According to some research, 72% of phone users report experiencing dropped calls, and 77% report slow connection speeds. The best way to avoid this is by buying a suitable cell phone booster from a genuine vendor. This article will highlight the best places to buy a signal booster to solve cellular problems.

The average cell phone plan in the United States is $1500 annually. Unfortunately, that does not include the cost of these devices, which go for thousands of dollars more annually. Apple’s installment plan can range over $2,500 a year for a household of five people with new Apple products. You are also digging deeper into your pocket for a signal booster. You deserve to get the best booster from a best seller or vendor.

These are some essential points you should look for when finding the best place to buy a cell signal phone booster. It can be a cell signal booster for hiking, rural areas, camping, or home and office use. This article will highlight signs of a good deal and a bad deal, which will help you find a quality and affordable signal booster from a suitable vendor or reseller. Are you ready for this? Let’s dig in.

What does the best place to buy a signal booster mean?

 It is challenging to know the best place to buy a signal booster as they often change prices and offer additional discounts to their customers. Perhaps the best choice would be the one that can provide you with the best price in addition to the following;

i) Warranties and return policies

Signal boosters, including the best cell phone booster for rural areas, should at all times come with some form of warranty. This provision significantly depends on the vendor’s policy. You will note again that few sellers offer a standard 1-year warranty with all of their signal boosters, while many sellers provide a 30 – 90-day warranty. Return policy is also another thing you should aim at. You should aim at a seller with a 14-day return policy as a buyer.

best places to buy a signal booster

ii) Testing

 Good signal boosters should be tested, and as a customer, you should aim to buy a signal booster only from those vendors that perform the tests.

iii) Hands-on examination

Note that you cannot perform this if you are buying online, and this is where the return policy comes in help. However, if you are purchasing from a local reseller, ensure to use all your senses to examine and test the booster. If it seems not cool, walk away.

iv) Original materials

Original booster box, instruction, and accessories are something that quality signal boosters should come with. Unfortunately, if the seller is selling a booster without these features, that is not the best place to buy your booster.

When should you walk away from a booster selling place?

You should walk away from a given booster seller if you discover the following signs; 

i) No pictures

All reputable online vendors will include several photos of their signal booster’s portfolio. If no photos are included, it can be a bad sign.

ii) No warranties or guarantees

Even if you get an incredibly affordable signal booster, the article advises you to walk away if it doesn’t include a warranty and a return policy.

iii) A too old model

This factor will highly depend on your wants and expectation, but as a rule of thumb, try not to go for signal boosters older than seven years. Old models will not boost your cell signal effectively due to ever-changing technologies.

iv) New products that aren’t new

Sellers claim to be selling new devices when they provide just cleaned used cell signal boosters. If you are suspicious that this might be the case, walk away. To avoid this kind of place, stick to the reputable retailers discussed below.

What are the best places to buy a signal booster?

This part is perhaps the section that most of you have come to view. Herein the article lists all of the available robust options for you. They include;

i) Amazon

Rated as the world’s largest retailer, Amazon offers very affordable signal boosters. It sells various signals boosters’ models from weBoost, SureCall, HiBoost, and many other manufacturers at relatively lower prices.

Another incredible thing about Amazon is that it has promotions like considerable discounts. All their signal boosters come with a warranty. The great pro is that Amazon is a global site, so your signal booster can be shipped to any destination.

ii) Best Buy

Best Buy offers signal boosters. You can get excellent signal booster deals reasonably frequently. At Best Buy, you can select 6-month or 12-month financing choices with most cell signal boosters available.

Moreover, if you are a constant customer at Best buy, you might receive a special deal on your loyalty point, which can make their signal boosters even more affordable for you. They usually ship their orders to the 50 United States, US Virgin Islands, Guam, and APO/FPO addresses.

iii) Wilson Amplifiers

Wilson Amplifiers is an authorized Wilson Electronics distributor operating in the Houston area since 2011. They offer all US and Canadian customers signal boosters with real-time fulfillment capabilities.

They only sell genuine, FCC-approved, US-designed, and fully-warranted Wilson Electronics signal boosters as an approved Wilson Electronics Retailer. In addition, they offer a free consultation with US-based customer support, free shipping, and a better signal or your money back within 90 days.

iv) UberSignal

At UberSignal, their goal is to help you through the whole process of choosing, receiving, and installing your cell signal booster. They understand that cellular technology can be perplexing at times, so they aim to make researching and choosing your booster as easy as possible.

In addition, you contact them at 1-800-590-3564, and they will be eager to help you other in purchasing a booster. They offer free shipping on orders above $99 and a 30-day hassle-free, money-back guarantee so that you can shop with confidence.

v) weBoost

WeBoost is a market front-runner in cellular signal booster technology, devoted to offering wireless network coverage to every American, everywhere. Whether looking for the best portable cell phone signal for hiking, camping, or RVs, they covered you effectively.

They are headquartered in St. George, Utah, USA, where they design, assemble, test, and support their products. They offer US-based customer support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping for orders above $75.

vi) SureCallSignalBooster.com 

SureCallSignalBooster.com provides product expertise and fulfillment capabilities for all SureCall booster systems, antennas, and accessories. As a Certified SureCall Retailer, they only carry reliable, FCC-approved USA-designed, assembled, and fully-warranted SureCall signal boosters.

Their team of experts has provided reliable cell signal and exceptional cellular coverage service since 2001 and has vast years of experience offering best-in-class cell coverage indoors. You will get free shipping on orders above $99.

vii) Walmart

Walmart, too, offers signal boosters. Moreover, they provide many different cell signal booster models from various manufacturers like weBoost, SureCall, and HiBoost, among others. You can get a cell signal booster for as low as $250.

Therefore, Walmart deals are worth discovering. Ensure to read each cell signal booster’s description carefully to confirm the warranty policy, return policy, what is comprised in the price, and all other essential details.

Can I get a free signal booster?

Some cellular carriers offer free cell signal boosters to their prepaid customers. For instance, T-Mobile will offer a Cel-Fi Duo unit to its users if they reach out to them. The article doesn’t particularly recommend this booster, as it doesn’t come with an outside antenna, which ensures that you receive the robust signal. Many customers who try this specific booster go to the above-listed places to buy better signal boosters.

If you have a robust broadband connection in your house already, Verizon has a consumer device known as a 4G LTE Network Extender for its customers. This consumer device is a “femtocell,” meaning that it needs a reliable internet connection.

What are the benefits of a cell phone signal booster for home?

A cell phone signal booster might be the perfect solution if you have an extremely tight space or are frequently on the move. These booster devices can give you the range you need to stay in contact with friends and family, even when you’re at a restaurant, on the phone with the operator, or on the way to a meeting after work.

You might not realize it now, but your cell phone signal is probably not what it should be. A cell phone signal booster can help boost the strength of your signal from as little as 3 feet to as much as 50 feet. That means you can contact friends and family from a more extended range, and they won’t have to drive around with a weak signal themselves. A signal booster can be a lifesaver if you’re on the move a lot and have limited space to park cars or a limited area to set up a household.

Bottom line

Most phone users get afraid to buy cell phone signal boosters as it is in peoples’ minds that most boosters’ sellers, online vendors, or resellers have fake products. You should now eliminate that fear since, as seen above, there are many places to buy signal boosters at affordable prices.

All online and physical stores explained above are equally significant and suitable to consider as they offer their buyers free shipping, warranties, and return policies. We are optimistic that this article was of help to you.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton