Why Does Verizon Have the Best Coverage

Verizon has the best coverage compared to other carriers. That is because it has a well-distributed infrastructure in the whole country. Also, it has good management personnel.

Verizon Communications, commonly known as Verizon, is an American telecommunications conglomerate and part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It is headquartered in Manhattan, although it is incorporated in Delaware. It is one of the most known companies in the United States as far as telecommunication is concerned. The company has millions of subscribers throughout the country. But why does Verizon have the best coverage?

Verizon is among the biggest telecommunication companies in the United States. Others include AT&T, T-Mobile, Dish Wireless, and US Cellular. Verizon is the largest carrier, with more than 143 million consumers. T-Mobile has around 109 users, of which 88 million are postpaid customers. Many Verizon subscribers may be attributed to the numerous products offered by the service provider.

You can get numerous products from Verizon, including Cable television, Mobile phone, Landline, Broadband, Digital television, IPTV, Digital Media, Internet, and Telematics. It has two divisions which include Verizon Consumer and Verizon Business. Also, the company has various subsidiaries, which include BlueJeans, TracFone Wireless, Skyward, Visible, and Yahoo (10%). For your understanding, Verizon is an international company since various operations happen outside the US.

How to get started with Verizon

why does verizon have the best coverage

To start using Verizon services, you must create an account with the company. You can accomplish that online by visiting the company’s website, then hovering over the My Verizon Member area under the Sign in button. Once you click on the tab, a page requires you to enter your sign-in credentials. Since you do not have an account, you should tap on Register.

To register My Verizon Account, you only need to enter your mobile number, then click the “Continue” button. You must have your mobile phone with you. After that, you can follow prompts on the screen to complete your registration. Once completed, you will receive a text with a PIN to verify your account.

Afterward, you must create your username and password on the Account Set Up page and click Done. You can use your account to purchase products and services from the company. These include communication plans, mobile phones, watches, routers, tablets, and more.

Why does Verizon have the best coverage

Verizon’s 4G LTE network connection has the best coverage in the country. It is estimated that the company has 70% nationwide coverage. Also, it has 62% 3G coverage. It is followed by AT&T, which has 68%, T-Mobile, 62%, and Sprint, 30%. The rankings are according to Let’s Talk company. It places Verizon in the first position with the most coast-to-coast coverage.

There are various reasons why the company is ranked as having the best coverage in the country. They include the following.

1) Well-distributed communication infrastructure

The company has highly distributed cellular masts integral to its telecommunication business. You can find boosters almost in every part of the country, meaning many people stay connected even in the rural areas. The higher the number of boosters in a place, the better the network is. There is less overloading of the masts, leading to a faster internet connection, clear voice calls, and faster SMS delivery.

2) 5G connectivity

Verizon also offers the latest 5G technology, which is 20 times faster than 4G. All the major carriers are now on 5G. However, the Verizon 5G is far better than other service providers. Verizon calls its 5G connectivity “Ultra Wide Band” due to its incredible speeds. Even though the company is the fastest, it does not penetrate buildings like other carriers. That is due to the nature of the waves.

3) Acquisitions

Verizon has recently acquired various companies like Alltel with significant geographical coverage outside major cities in the United States. The early merger of AirTouch, Bell Atlantic Mobile, and GTE Mobile into Verizon Wireless was a game changer for Verizon. The cellular companies had immense infrastructure that added to Verizon’s existing machinery.

4) Highly profitable markets

Verizon has millions of subscribers across the country, which brings high profits. With all that revenue, the company boosts its network quality now and then to continue serving its service providers in the best way possible. Additionally, Bell Atlantic, one of the companies that merged into Verizon, had tons of subscribers who started bringing revenue to Verizon.

5) Strong Leadership

The company’s leadership has led them to strive for the better of the company. The early leaders at GTE Mobile and Bell Atlantic Mobile (later Verizon) had good Marketing and Sales skills that led them to success. For example, the GTE Mobile had technical cellular capabilities like “Follow Me Roaming,” which offered “on network nationwide single pricing,” leading to better performance.

How secure is Verizon’s network

Verizon has not only invested in robust network connectivity but also network security. Since the company offers internet connectivity, it can be very dangerous if its network is easy to intrude on by hackers. Millions of Verizon users would lose their data and money to criminals.

Verizon offers cell internet connection and WiFi connectivity. It has mechanisms to shield your IP from hackers to ensure you remain safe online. Also, you have an option to block ads using the ad blocker feature to protect yourself from annoying advertisements that can interfere with your online activities.

The company recently introduced a proprietary VPN service that you can use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The VPN is known as Safe WiFi, and the primary purpose is to protect Verizon internet users when using public WiFi in places such as airports, coffee shops, and anywhere else there is a public network. That is a great move that will protect subscribers from online fraud. 

VPN usually allows you to hide your real VPN from hackers, thus keeping you secure. The VPN service usually comes at a price. You should pay $3.99 a month per month, a price worth it.

Bottom line

Verizon Communications, commonly known as Verizon, is an American telecommunications company and part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Its headquarters are in Manhattan, although it is incorporated in Delaware. It is the best communication company in the country with millions of subscribers and offers various products to its customers, mainly telecommunication services. The company offers the best services in the country compared to other telecommunication services.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton