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Suppose you are looking for the best guide to know what tower does MetroPCS use for their network customize to satisfy their customers

Metro is a mobile virtual network operator powered by T-Mobile, America’s largest 5G network. However, the 5G network is still expanding but, you can count on the T-Mobile 4G LTE network, which covers 99% of Americans. If you want to know what tower does MetroPCS use, T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network handles 62% of the United States, while the 5G network occupies over 40% of the US.

MetroPCS, currently known as Metro by T-Mobile, delivers wireless services on T-Mobile’s network towers, the third-best in the country. Interestingly, with a MetroPcs phone plan, you can experience great coverage in cities and urban areas where you find the nearest cell tower. Besides, you might experience challenges in getting service in more rural and remote country locations. Thanks to the T-Mobile network, MetroPCS customers will have the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage and 5G where available.

On the other hand, if a new customer wishes to join MetroPcs, you need to check their cell phone coverage in your area. This procedure can be done quickly by using the ZIP code checker for availability at your address. You also have to ensure your cell phone has the compatible bands for MetroPcs for the best coverage, performance, and data speeds on the T-Mobile network.

MetroPcs Benefits

MetroPCS is an MVNO, which means it’s a carrier that leases coverage on another prominent carrier network tower. MetroPCS powered by T-Mobile can provide many benefits compared to the wireless benefits from the three major networks. They include:

  • Easy to switch: if you’re joining this carrier with your own phone, the switching over is simple, and you’ll all get set within a few days.
  • Lower prices: MetroPcs can buy data plans in bulk and pass the low cost to its customers.
  • Flexible plans: the plans are customizable, and you won’t pay for features you don’t require; you can tailor your plan to match your needs.
  • Keep your phone and number: if you switch to this carrier, there is no need to upgrade to the latest device. You can bring your own phone and quickly port your number to this carrier hassle-free.
  • No commitment: this carrier offers no contracts; hence you pay as you go. If you’re not comfortable or you want to change your plan, you can easily do that at any time.

Is MetroPcs CDMA or GSM?

what tower does metropcs use

Two technologies are applicable in cell phones: CDMA and GSM, which substitutes 4G when unavailable. If you have the latest cell phone, it’s likely to be compatible with both technologies, making it possible to switch carriers.

However, T-Mobile operates with the GSM network, and so is MetroPcs compatible with all GSM phones. Besides, if your phone is not utilizing the same technology, you can still save cash on your cell phone plan. You can check on your phone’s compatibility using the IMEI checker.

How Is MetroPcs Coverage?

As said earlier, MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile and is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), meaning it provides coverage on the T-Mobile network for a subsidy of T-Mobile’s prices. On the downside, MVNOs usually deprioritize your data speeds. Thus, you will experience slower connections than T-Mobile customers in areas of congestion or during peak hours. If you’ve consumed up your high-speed data allotment, or you’ve gone beyond 35 GB of data on an unlimited plan, you will experience this catch.

Fortunately, T-Mobile has an increasingly rapidly growing 5G network and leads the 5G connectivity with over 40% nationwide coverage, to which MetroPCS customers get full access. MetroPCS leads in urban and densely populated areas, with its coverage reaching 99% of people in the United States. On the other hand,  if you stay in a rural area, you will have to invest in the best cell phone booster for rural areas and double-check the coverage map near you.

Most importantly, MetroPcs coverage resembles T-Mobile’s, and hence, you should get service in any area where T-Mobile customers do. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network occupies 62% of the country. However, it ranks third out of the three major carriers, although the difference in coverage with the leading carrier Verizon is slight.

How Is Metro’s 5G Network?

MetroPcs network might not rate the best in the 4Grace, but currently,  it’s the leading 5G network in the country due to access to T-Mobile’s 5G technology. Below is how its coverage compares:

  • T-Mobile with 41.35% 5G coverage
  • AT&T with 18.11% 5G coverage 
  • Verizon with 11.08% 5G coverage

Perhaps, if you have a device that’s compatible with 5G and you reside in an area with 5G coverage, you can experience faster data speeds thanks to T-Mobile’s 5G network. MetroPcs 5G coverage essentially comprises low-band 5G, which has impressive coverage and can reach more consumers. 

MetroPCS parent company T-Mobile is enlarging its mid-band 5G coverage, which provides significantly faster speed. Therefore, you can expect the 5G network to get even speedier shortly. Right now, you’ll receive a robust 5G network and increased data speeds using a Metro by T-Mobile plan.

How Is Metro’s 4G LTE Network?

MetroPCS operates using T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network; hence you’ll need to compare T-Mobile with the other major carriers’ coverages. Below is how the coverage resembles:

  • Verizon with 70% 4G LTE coverage 
  • AT&T with 68% 4G LTE coverage
  • T-Mobile with  62% 4G LTE coverage

Currently, MetroPcs 4G LTE network coverage follows both Verizon and AT&T. The difference won’t affect you much if you reside in a city or major suburb. However, if you stay in any rural area of the western United States, confirm that your specific area is covered and be alert that you may have no service on the top of the mountains. Find out more on portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking for MetroPcs customers living on the mountainsides.

What Phones Work on MetroPCS?

Most cell phones that are unlocked will operate on  Metro by T-Mobile. An unlocked cell phone means it isn’t locked to any contract, carrier, or financing agreement. You can reach out to your existing carrier to check if your phone is unlocked. If not, what is the procedure to take to have it unlocked?

You can bring your own phone using the following steps provided it’s unlocked and compatible:

i) Ensure your phone is unlocked and compatible

Reach out to your current carrier, and ensure your phone is unlocked and ready to use. Then, verify your phone is compatible. You’ll have to find your IMEI number, and here are a few places to find it:

  • Dial *#06# on your phone
  • Search at the label under your battery
  • Check on your phone’s settings menu

ii) Purchase a Metro SIM card.

Immediately your cell phone is unlocked, and you’ve confirmed that it’s compatible, buy a Metro SIM card.

iii) Make the switch to MetroPCS.

After you have your SIM card, you can activate it online and select the plan that’s suitable for you.

Can You Switch SIM Cards On MetroPCS Phones?

MetroPCS is a wireless carrier that provides unlimited text, talk, and data without contracts. However, subscribers can bring their own phone to MetroPCS or purchase one from the Company for an additional monthly cost. Usually, some customers wonder if they can interchange SIM cards among different cell phones on the network. In this scenario, the answer to this dilemma depends on the MetroPCS compatible phone you have.

If you have an essential phone with just calling and texting purposes, you can switch SIM Cards between MetroPCS Phones. However, suppose your cell phone has 4G LTE functionality, including mobile hotspot capability. In that case, it can be tricky since there may be some challenges when linking up with another mobile phone for this feature.

However, wireless providers are different. For instance, MetroPCS customers must insert the SIM card into the new cell phone before activating it. If you possess a MetroPCS account, you can switch SIM cards between different phones. However, this will only apply if the cell phone is unlocked and compatible with your next device.

Guideline On Switching SIM Cards Between MetroPCS phones

You may need to contact MetroPCS to get more details about the Company’s requirements for switching devices and what plans apply to you after doing so. Perhaps, you can obtain all of this information from their website at Metro by t-mobile simswap. Follow the below steps:

  • Call MetroPCS customer service to ask for a SIM card swap.
  • Complete the form and bring it back through email or fax.
  • Submit your account PIN, phone number,  and last four digits of your social security number.
  • After you get a confirmation message from MetroPCS that the process is finished, put a new SIM card into the old device.
  • Switch off the current MetroPCS cell phone and put on a new one with the same carrier.
  • In the settings menu on both devices, key in the account information for the new SIM card.

Bottom line

MetroPCS, now referred to as Metro by T-Mobile, is a renowned MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that utilizes  T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network towers. However, MetroPCS joined T-Mobile in 2012 and has been delivering the same excellent coverage to its customers as T-Mobile because both work on the same cellular technology. Besides, MetroPCS enable you to bring your own unlocked GSM phone, either T-Mobile or AT&T compatible, along with you.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton