What Network Does Tracfone Use – A Complete Guide

Tracfone uses one of the largest standard service providers networks in the US. Learn what network does tracfone use, and whether it is reliable based on your location by reading this article. 

Tracfone is a service provider that offers network services to more than 13 million people across the US. They have a robust network that ensures faster internet speeds and reduced chances of a dropped call. The service provider offers affordable cell phone plans that come with great perks. The network used by Tracfone is available nationwide, and despite there being issues during network congestion, you are assured of a faster and stable internet connection. Since its existence, Tracfone prides itself on being a pioneer in the mobile virtual network operators zone, considering it is one of the few networks that still maintain stable internet and call connectivity during network congestion. At this point, you may be wondering, what network does Tracfone use?

Tracfone uses a network service from one of the largest standard service providers in the US. They have achieved this by leasing cell phone tower services from the standard service provider. This makes them more affordable in pricing for the cell phone plans because they do not have overhead costs in maintaining or building cell phone towers. Despite cons like data caps and slowed internet during network congestion, Tracfone has a 90% success rate when offering stable cellular coverage. However, you may need a cell phone signal booster for hiking if you go to mountainous zones with unstable network coverage.

This article covers insights on what network does Tracfone wireless uses. We will review its reliability in terms of nationwide coverage and many other details. We will also look at improving the cell phone signal if you live in a zone with poor cellular coverage.

What network does Tracfone use?

Tracfone uses the Verizon network to offer cellular signals to its customers. Verizon is a leading standard service provider that has been in existence for nearly 3 decades. Verizon offers 99% network coverage across the US landmass and is ranked as the top service provider due to the numerous awards it has received.

The network offered by Verizon is impeccable. In the past, they only had CDMA network technology, which was limited to only a few CDMA network compatible devices.

However, since 2020, when they shut down the CDMA network technology and switched to GSM, their network became more robust, and it also paved the way to bring in 5G network coverage. Currently, many devices are supported by Verizon, and hence they are likely to work with Tracfone because they share similar network stacks. 

Tracfone uses GSM network technology which Verizon offers. The network technology comes with perks like:

  • Wide range of phone compatibility- Many phone manufactures have GSM as the layer network framework offered on the devices. This makes it easier for most modern phones to work with Tracfone
  • High quality internet- The internet speeds and stability offered on GSM are more liable comparted to its predecessor. This is because it comes with improved network bands, and many other components that make sure there is reduced latency when streaming and high bandwidth for users with heavy internet usage.
  • 5G – GSM is considered the pioneer of 5G and currently Tracfone supports 5G network connectivity through Verizon. So, if you have a 5G compatible device, then it may work with Tracfone. However, it is advisable to check if the device is compatible or not before proceeding.
  • Data roaming- Data roaming is more efficient considering GSM supports global network connectivity. Most networks and cellular service providers use GSM network technology on their cellular towers hence you get a better and more compatible framework for data roaming in other countries aside from the US.

These are some of the perks that come with using the Tracfone network.

What phones are compatible with the Tracfone network?

what network does tracfone use

Many phones are compatible with Tracfone considering most modern phones use GSM network technology. For you to know if the device is compatible or not, always check the following:

i) Network framework

The phone’s network framework is essential in determining whether the device is compatible or not. If the device uses CDMA or another network technology, then it is likely not compatible. However, if the device uses 5G and GSM network technology, then it is compatible with the network.

ii) Unlocked/locked

You need to check whether the phone is locked to another network. When a device is locked, it only supports a limited number of network bands limited to one service provider. Check whether the phone is unlocked by trying out several sim cards from different service providers. 

Some of the phones that are compatible with Tracfone may come from the following cell phone manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

Many other devices are likely to be compatible, and all you need to do is use the Tracfone phone compatibility checker. If the device is compatible, you can Trade-in or use it on the Tracfone network. If the phone is not compatible, then getting a device from the Tracfone deals for existing customers should be the better option. 

The cell phone deals for existing customers offer discounts and promotions on selected devices on their online or offline stores. 

Is the Tracfone network reliable?

The Tracfone network is reliable in most areas in the US. However, you may need to get a cell phone signal booster for rural areas some zones. Rural areas are some of the places with poor cellular coverage because there are no cellular towers close to such locations.

However, the Tracfone network is very reliable, and there are minimal chances of users experiencing dropped calls or slow internet speeds. The only time you might experience slow internet is if you are on a capped internet plan and have reached your limit. Tracfone will, in turn, slow your speeds down to 2G/3G. You have an option to purchase extra data to experience better internet.

Tracfone network may be the best option if you are looking for an alternative to the standard service providers. The network also seems to have excellent customer service based on the reviews offered by people online. You may also get very cool devices on their online and physical stores countrywide.

The only time the network may not be reliable is during network congestion. The network is clogged because many users are using it all at once, and the numbers are above a certain threshold. In this situation, Verizon will give network priority to users on a post-paid plan on their network.

Can I get a free cell phone signal booster from Tracfone?

No, Tracfone does not offer free cell phone signal boosters. You may get a cheap cell phone signal booster from marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, or best buy. We know some people live in sparsely populated rural areas where there is constant network issue with all the networks in the US, and you may be advised to get a cell phone signal booster. Before choosing the booster, check on the following:

  • The booster should be registered by the FCC- Non-registered boosters are known to cause network interruptions. Ensure to buy a booster registered by the FCC or you may purchase one and try to register it with the FCC. However, getting a registered booster will put you on the safer side.
  • Network bands compatibility- The booster should have compatible network bands with the cell phone signals. Incompatible network bands will cause inconsistent signals to your devices or cellular interruption with other networks.
  • Installation- Most modern boosters come with a DIY installation method. This is a safer and more convenient method that does not require any technical expertise and may take a short time to complete the process.
  • Coverage- T6he cell phone signal booster should be able to find the nearest cell phone tower with ease and distribute it adequately to your home. So, ensure to know the right size of your homestead in terms of square feet and choose a booster that can cover the complete homestead

How to improve the Tracfone network?

If you get constant low-quality cellular signals in your devices, there is a way you can improve the network signals. Here are some of the ways you can improve the signals:

  • Change network settings – You may consider changing the network settings. To do so, contact Tracfone wireless and inform them you are getting poor signals. They will help provide some details which will enable your device to get cellular signals from the nearest cell phone tower.
  • Report network issues- Some network problems may be due to a damaged cell phone signal tower that may need some upgrade or repairs. Notifying Tracfone of the network outage will help them contact Verizon and know the best way to get better signals.

Bottom line

Tracfone’s network is robust enough to offer fast internet and reduce the chances of dropped calls. If you live in urban areas, you’ll get to experience how the network is reliable and offers perks like 5G network coverage. Despite the need to have cell phone signal boosters in some rural areas, you will still get better signals than other service providers. 

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton