What Network Does Spectrum Mobile Use

The Network does Spectrum Mobile use service runs on Verizon's nationwide 4G LTE network, making it an excellent choice if coverage matters to you.

In the mobile network industry in the United States, the game is ever-changing to a battle between all-around wireless providers. It is worth noting that the internet services and cable TV providers now offer mobile network coverage. One of America’s largest coaxial cable internet and TV service providers, Spectrum has decided to up its games as it steps into the mobile network market with Spectrum Mobile. This article will focus on what network does Spectrum Mobile uses to offer its cellular services.

Before digging deeper into network coverages, speeds, and reliability, you should first have a general idea of Spectrum Mobile. Spectrum Mobile is a US-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service provided by Charter Communications from 2018. That said, it has a primary network carrier for providing network coverage.

Spectrum is not building its network towers to run Spectrum Mobile. As mentioned earlier, Spectrum Mobile will run as an MVNO on the parent carrier’s network. Additionally, Spectrum complements the connectivity of parent carrier’s towers with Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots delocalized around the US. Is Spectrum Mobile network right for you? Let’s have a look at its network in detail for more understanding.

What Is Spectrum Mobile, and how does it work? 

Spectrum Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator launched by Charter on 30 June 2018. Spectrum, one of the largest internet service providers (ISPs) in the US, owns the MVNO.

Spectrum Mobile provides two types of phone plans, namely an unlimited talk, text, and data plan, and a plan that costs by how much data you consume per month, by the gig. Their service costs $45 for the unlimited plan and $14 for the Gig plan and traditional phone purchase/financing alternatives.

The MVNO operates like most other carriers, specifically the carrier it piggybacks. If you switch to the MVNO, you will get virtually the same experience as if you had its network provider service.

The following are unique features of Spectrum Mobile;

  • You must be a current Spectrum Internet service subscriber to be eligible for Spectrum Mobile
  • The MVNO will use Wi-Fi hotspots where available. If you have weak Wi-Fi signals, it is essential to know how an internet booster works to improve your network coverage.

What network does Spectrum Mobile use?

what network does spectrum mobile use

As stated earlier, Spectrum Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). The wireless provider does not have Spectrum Mobile network towers instead buys wireless service from Verizon at a discount. Subsequently, it resells the network to customers under another branding.

Therefore, you will get Verizon Wireless cellular services, but your phone bills and customer support from Spectrum Mobile. Other US-based MVNOs using the Verizon Wireless network include Google Fi and Straight Talk.

Besides Verizon’s cellular network, Spectrum Mobile employs its network of more than 500,000 localized Wi-Fi hotspots for phone service. Regularly connecting to Wi-Fi can lower your data bills. You had already access to these hotspots since you need to be a Spectrum Internet subscriber to qualify for mobile service. Qualifying for Spectrum Mobile is another choice to capitalize on Wi-Fi hotspots.

How good is Spectrum Mobile network?

In summary, Spectrum Mobile has a good network at reasonable prices. However, it does not outright say so; the MVNO partners with Verizon Wireless. The latter is comprehensively implied by statements on Spectrum’s website that it uses “the country’s largest, most reliable LTE network” and the fact that its network coverage map is wrapped in Verizon red. That is the best thing.

Verizon Wireless has the best 4G LTE network in the country. Therefore, you can safely conclude that Spectrum Mobile subscribers benefit from Verizon’s network speeds, nationwide coverage, and reliability.

However, the MVNO is cheaper than receiving Verizon service outright. The Verizon Wireless unlimited plan begins at $75 for a single line, while Spectrum Mobile offers unlimited data for $45 per month. This price includes taxes and fees, which Verizon does not. Consequently, customers can save at least $360 annually with Spectrum Mobile compared to Verizon Wireless.

How is Spectrum network coverage, and how does it compare?

Verizon Wireless (Spectrum Mobile) has an excellent geographical 4G LTE network coverage of about 70%. The other two primary carriers, namely T-Mobile and AT&T, lag at 62% and 68%, respectively. Despite where you are, the high chances are that you will enjoy robust signals with Spectrum Mobile. 

Remarkably, Verizon’s (Spectrum Mobile) coverage surpasses all American states to the east. However, most rural areas in the western United States might have poor network coverage. The good thing is that if you are a Spectrum Mobile subscriber residing in those remote areas, you can go for the best cell phone boosters for rural areas to improve 4G LTE network coverage. 

Even though Verizon Wireless 4G coverage outshines its two main competitors, its 5G network is still growing. With coverage of 12.77% of the US landmass, Verizon Wireless’s 5G network is behind AT&T (29.52%) and T-Mobile (53.79%).

However, the carrier has embarked on intensive efforts to focus on 5G network coverage. Spectrum Mobile is a significant beneficiary of the efforts since it depends on Verizon for its 5G rollout. Regarding 4G coverage, you can comfortably conclude that Spectrum Mobile offers exceptional mobile network reliability countrywide. 

Which network technology does Spectrum Mobile use? GSM or CDMA?

It is worth noting that CDMA and GSM are radio technologies found in phones that aid fills the gap when the 4G network is unavailable. Therefore, if you have the latest phone model, it is highly likely compatible with both radio technologies, offering it convenience to switch different carriers.

Verizon Wireless uses CDMA radio technology. CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) refers to several network protocols phone users use to wirelessly transfer data. This technology allows cell signals to travel over a single communication channel. This signal transmission not only enhances the available bandwidth use but also optimizes signal power, transmission speeds, and connection for all Verizon users.

Since Spectrum Mobile piggybacks on the Verizon network, it is a CDMA network. Therefore all CDMA phones are compatible with Spectrum Mobile. If you plan to take advantage of Spectrum Mobile’s BYOD program, ensure that you purchase the phone from Verizon or Spectrum Mobile and that phone is CDMA compiled and unlocked. Phones bought from T-Mobile are not compatible with Spectrum Mobile since their network is GSM compiled.

How faster is Spectrum Mobile network?

Verizon Wireless has average download speeds that lie somewhere around 32.2 Mbps and are not alarming speeds by any means. Regarding Verizon Wireless’s average upload speed, their speeds can go as high as 10.0 Mbps. These download and upload speeds are good indicators that Verizon is growing in the right direction. However, Verizon’s speeds lie below T-Mobile’s, and the feat is not easily achieved.

We have stated that Verizon wireless speeds are relatively fast but does Spectrum Mobile also have a similar claim? Spectrum Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, and we expect without a doubt that the MVNO has a similar claim since it uses Verizon’s towers.

However, we can expect some rise and fall in the speeds above. As a Spectrum Mobile customer, you need to know that Verizon first prioritizes its customers during peak hours and then MVNO customers later.

It implies that Verizon Wireless will deprioritize Spectrum Mobile customers and end up with sluggish data speeds. However, you could be residing in an area where you receive flawless speeds, so it is all about your location from the nearest towers.

Have you experienced dropped calls, unsent text messages, or slow internet speeds? Right, portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking are suitable solutions.

How to improve Spectrum Mobile cell phone reception?

Did you know that you can boost cell signals at home for free? Consider the tips listed below to avoid dropped calls, undelivered messages, and a slow internet connection.

i) Use Wi-Fi calling

If you are experiencing prone signal problems on the Verizon network, you can switch to Spectrum Mobile Wi-Fi network, which is robust at home. Take advantage of this tip by downloading apps like Skype and WhatsApp, making calls, and sending messages over the internet.

ii) Move to a location with robust signals

If your phone has poor reception, try to move to higher grounds or near the window where the strong cell signals are. This tip may sound simple but effective.

iii) Charge your phone battery

A fully charged phone tends to receive cell signals effectively and reliably, thus improving reception.

Bottom line

Spectrum Mobile is a US-based wireless provider operating as a mobile virtual network operator. That means it does own any cell tower but instead leases the network from another carrier, in this case, Verizon’s nationwide network.

Verizon is a leading 4G LTE network in the United States. It is worth noting that Verizon’s 4G network covers up to 70% of the entire US territory and offers cellular services to over 99% of the population. For this, Spectrum offers its customers the best network coverage in addition to delocalized Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton