What Network Does Smarty Mobile use – A Complete Guideline

The network does Smarty mobile use with three UK 3G, 4G, and 5G networks to offer the same network coverage level, supports Wi-Fi calling, thus becoming more reliable than other MVNOs.

Smarty is a well-known telephone brand in the UK, operating as a mobile virtual network operator using one of the UK’s largest networks. As a subsidiary of the Three Company, the wireless provider targets to attract consumers mainly after low-priced deals than those available direct from its parent company. Smarty offers a monthly systematic SIM-only service, restricted to online-only support. Additionally, Smarty offers to purchase back unused data through a bill discount, a practice that is not common in the United Kingdom. With these features, it is vital to know what network does Smarty Mobile uses, and this article will primarily focus on this.

Smarty is a straightaway stunning network because it offers cheaper and short-term SIM-only plans to cover a range of data allowances. The valuable points don’t end with that, as Smarty has many other things. Some include the 5G network rollout and unlimited data plans. The main shortcomings to the MVNO are the lack of supportive customer service, and their roaming services are challenging to set up manually.

The MVNO has been making powerful strides to work as the leading network with the expected features. As stated earlier, they have recently added 5G data at no extra cost, and you get both Wi-Fi calling and 4G calling services. The article is running out of reasons you would not switch to the MVNO instead of its host on SIM only. It is worth noting that no network is flawless, so read on to see what’s good about Smarty.

What is Smarty, and how does it work?

Smarty, as stated earlier, is the latest Mobile Virtual Network Operator launched by Three UK and designed to run on its existing network. The MVNO offers customers a modest selection of three SIM-only plans, in some ways mimicking that of its rival proposals like that of Sky Mobile.

Easiness looks to be an essential driving force behind the MVNO’s three available plans. As a Smarty customer, you can choose either a 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB package. All the packages feature unlimited calls and texts per month as standard. In addition, the plans work on a rolling monthly contract, so customers aren’t tied in. Therefore, you can switch or terminate their services as you wish.

In summary, the unique selling points of this network are;

  • Money-back for unused data: If customers have any unused data at the end month, the MVNO will take money off their next bill. They will receive £1.25 for each unused 1GB.
  • No long contracts: The MVNO plans work on a month-to-month rolling contract base. Therefore customers can cancel their services whenever they want.
  • Broad coverage: SMARTY uses Three’s network. That implies customers get 91% 4G coverage across the United Kingdom. If there is poor coverage in your area, you can purchase a signal booster, also known as an internet booster, to improve the coverage. Check out how does an internet booster works to enhance network coverage.
  • Referral scheme SMARTY customers who invite a relative or friend to join the network will get a free month of service. And the invited will receive a free month too. If you persuade twelve people to join the SMARTY network, you will get a whole year free.

What network does Smarty Mobile use?

what network does smarty mobile use

Smarty is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), implying that it has to piggyback on another network to offer its network coverage. As a result, Smarty uses Three’s network, which is decent as the Three is one of the reputable mobile network providers in the United Kingdom.

There are four primary network providers in the UK, namely EE, Three, O2, and Vodafone. Three is rated second in general performance, including the quality of the data it offers. You will have a reliable 3G and 4G data network with the affordable SIM-only deals that the MVNO offer. You cannot miss out on this excellent carrier.

Smarty can offer cheap SIM-only deals since it does not have to manage a network by having the headache of maintaining cell towers. Instead, they partner with Three and pay for their network. Therefore, it was suitable for Smarty to use the Three’s network since it is a quality mobile network carrier compared to other primary four network providers.

How is Smarty’s 3G and 4G network technology?

Smarty provides both 3G and 4G coverage, and it is essential to understand the difference between the two network technologies.

3G is one of the former data networks, but it is a massive upgrade from 2G as with 3G, it is hugely faster than 2G. The network will let you access emails and browse social media. However, with music, video, and movie streaming videos, you will experience many difficulties.

It is still a good data technology level, but it is unsatisfying to use sometimes because of its slowness. If you are living in remote areas, the network can be slower. Purchasing the best cell phone booster for rural areas can improve its coverage and speeds.

4G network is more consistent and faster than 3G. When using the network, you can stream videos, movies, and music. 4G is advanced, and many Smarty customers will be satisfied with the 4G data. Accessing emails and browsing on social media will be straightforward.

Therefore 4G is good for customers when it comes to studying, working, or just browsing the internet since 4G is Smarty’s best data technology.

Does Smarty have 5G network technology?

Smarty launched its 5G network service in January of 2022. The MVNO offers coverage in all similar areas as its host network. The Three has 5G network coverage in over 300 metropolitan areas across the United Kingdom when writing this article.

With this network technology, Smarty customers experience unbelievable network speeds. Video buffering no longer exists, and they will not lose signal when they are in busy places. The customers can now access SMARTY’s 5G network using a compatible 5G-ready phone.

What is a Smarty coverage checker?

The Smarty coverage checker is essential for you to check since it offers you a clear display of what locations have the best network coverage. The coverage checker also shows what locations have indoor & outdoor coverage, but the Smarty coverage map shows what areas have poor to no coverage.

Using the Smarty coverage checker is straightforward. You need to enter your postcode, and the coverage map will zoom in on your location. The map will show the nature of coverage and whether your location has a good or lousy signal.

You will find out that most hiking grounds, especially mountainous areas, will have poor coverage. The article recommends the best portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking to improve coverage. 

In conclusion, you must check the Smarty coverage map if you are experiencing a loss of cell signals so that you can take an appropriate measure.

What are Smarty network speeds?

Comparing Smarty with its network host Three, there is no evidence of a speed cap. The 3G, 4G, and 5G speeds customers get on the Three are the same Smarty customers get on SMARTY.

Three, Smarty’s network host ranks somewhere in the middle in the race for the fastest 4G speeds. The OpenSignal, the network testing company, predicts the Three’s average download speeds to be around 25.2 Mbps.

Other tests indicate that the download speeds are as low as 9 Mbps and as high as 45 Mbps on the MVNO SIM. Smarty customers will comfortably stream HD videos and movies even with these lowest speeds.

Cell signal problems in densely populated areas can concern Smarty customers, especially during congestion. However, as stated earlier, the MVNO has launched 5G to their network to aid in highly populated areas.

Can you experience problems with the Smarty network?

As you can notice, Smarty has a reliable network. However, there are some concerns with the network that Smarty cannot control. These issues will affect the cell signal level you will receive on your phone.

For instance, if you reside in an underground building that has thick concrete walls, you will likely receive a poor signal or even a zero signal. Weather conditions like heavy rains, geographical features like mountains, hills, and human features can interfere with Smarty cell signal.

The best way to boost the cell signals at home for free is by changing your location and seeing if that aids, as these are factors that are out of your control.

Bottom line

Smarty is a UK-based Mobile Virtual operator with no network infrastructure and towers. Therefore, the operator will use another primary carrier’s network to offer its phone services, and in this case, Three. Three is a reliable network provider with 99.8% 4G population coverage.

Since Smarty piggybacks Three UK’s network, it is a good value network that gets better with the 5G introduction. The virtual operator also supports Wi-Fi calling, thus becoming more reliable than other MVNOs.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton