What Network Does Pure Talk Use – A Complete Guide

Pure Talk uses a robust network from one of the third largest cellular standard service providers. Learn what network does pure talk use by reading this article.

Knowing the type of network your service provider uses is essential for evaluating phone compatibility and other factors. There are many networks in the market, and knowing the type of network also makes it easier to determine the network stability within your location. Most network service providers use GSM network technology in the US, which is familiar with most cell phone devices and other cellular-related devices. However, some devices support specific network technologies, especially when it comes to MVNOs. MVNOs tend to operate under a standard carrier and lease the network to their consumers. Pure Talk is one of these service providers, and you may be asking yourself what network does pure talk use.

Knowing the type of network Pure Talk uses is essential in determining whether you should join the network or not. If you are looking to bring your own phone, it will also be an evaluation basis to see if the phone is compatible. Pure Talk is a leading MVNO in the US that leases network services from a single standard service provider. The network is robust enough to cover 99% of the US population.

You also get a wide range of phone compatibility, considering they use GSM network technology. Once you identify the type of network Pure Talk uses, it becomes easier to know what phone to bring, the network coverage, and many other vital components that will give you a smooth transition if you switch from another service provider.

Our article will take a deep dive to review the network Pure Talk uses. We will also review its reliability based on several factors like network coverage and other entities. Our work will also review why Pure Talk may be the right MVNO for you based on the pricing of their plans and many other factors. Let’s get started!

What network does pure talk use?

Pure Talk leverages the network from AT&T. AT&T is one of the largest standard service providers in the US, and they specialize in offering some of the best services when it comes to network access and much more.

Since its existence, Pure Talk has been leasing cell phone tower services from AT&T. AT&T covers around 99% of the US population, making them one of the largest service providers in terms of outreach. By Pure Talk leveraging on such a network, you are assured of a stable internet connection, faster messaging, and reduced dropped calls. Despite slow speeds during network congestion, they are a great option if you are looking for the cheapest cell phone plan with unlimited everything.

The network also uses GSM network technology that makes it possible to have a wide range of compatible phones. Millions of people widely use GSM network technology, and it is the core network stack that most cellular device manufacturers use. So, if you have a GSM mobile phone, you can bring it to Pure Talk.

How to bring your phone to Pure Talk: Complete guide

what network does pure talk use

If you have a Pure Talk compatible phone, you can bring it to the network. However, there is a procedure to follow which entails these steps:

Step 1: Check if phone is unlocked

Your phone needs to be unlocked to work with Pure Talk. However, suppose the phone is locked to AT&T. In that case, it may work with Pure Talk considering Pure Talk obtains network services from AT&T. To know if the device is locked, try placing another sim card from a company like Verizon. If you are requested a network password, then the phone is locked.

You can unlock the phone using an unlocking code or may opt to get the unlocking process done with the carrier that has locked your device. If the carrier does the process, you may pay for the total price of the phone if it was on financing. Get them from a legit source to prevent any legal issues for unlocking codes.

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Step 2: Check phone compatibility

Checking phone compatibility can be done using a Pure Talk phone compatibility checker. The compatibility checker uses the phone’s IMEI number to see if the device is compatible or not. If the device is compatible, you may proceed to get a cell phone plan. If the phone is not compatible, the best option would be to get a new phone, which can be new or refurbished.

Pure Talk sells some phones ranging from low budget to flagship devices. You can get the phones from their store online or physically. Another option is to purchase the phone through other marketplaces like Amazon and much more.

Step 3: Choose a cell phone plan

You can consider several cell phone plans based on your budget and other factors. Luckily, the only plans are Pure Talk prepaid cell phone plans. This gives the user flexibility to cancel plans without paying any early termination fees. It also makes it more flexible for the customer to switch service providers without terminating an immature contract.

Step 4: Get a Sim card tool kit

Pure Stalk will offer you a sim card tool kit that allows the cellular device to access the network. You may get the sim card two days after purchasing, and Shipping is free through FedEx.

Step 5: Activation

Once you have everything in place, insert your sim card on the phone and proceed to activate it by login into your Pure Talk account and following the on-screen instructions. The activation process will happen instantly, and you will have access to the network facilitating texts, Calls, and internet connectivity.

Is the Pure Talk network reliable?

Yes, based on some surveys conducted, most consumers find the network reliability, and there are very few have experienced poor quality network connectivity. However, users experience slow internet speeds during network congestion, but this is normal considering all standard service providers give network priority to post-paid users.

The Pure Talk network covers a wide geographical area that ensures users access faster and affordable internet speeds. If you experience slow internet and slow connectivity, it is best to contact them to report the network outage. Reporting the network outage will enable AT&T to fix their cell phone towers issues.

Can I switch phone numbers on the Pure Talk network?

Switching phone numbers on the Pure Talk network is possible. This will not be based on network compatibility as phone numbers do not depend on the network for you to be able to switch them. To get started with switching, your phone number needs to meet the following requirements:

  • It would never have been used in any fraudulent activities
  • You should not be indebted to your previous service provider
  • You are required to submit proof of payments for the monthly billing from your previous service provider

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, the next step would be to contact your Talk to inform them you need help in switching the phone number. Pure Talk well, then reach out to your service provider, and they will start the porting process.

Once the porting process is complete, you will have entirely switched the phone number to Pure Talk. Remember not to deactivate your service with your previous service provider.

Does Pure Talk network support 5G?

Pure Talk supports 5G access through AT&T. If you have a 5G compatible phone, you can bring it to Pure Talk, and they will help you see if the device is compatible or not. There are no signup forms, and all you need is have a Pure Talk sim card to get started.

The sim cards offered by Pure Talk are 5G compatible, which makes them a viable option for people looking to get started with a sim card at an affordable price. 5G offers fast internet speeds and is an ideal option for people who wish to get faster internet speeds at an affordable price. However, if you want to save on internet usage or lack an unlimited cell phone plan, it is best to use a 4G network because it consumes fewer data.

Bottom line

The Pure Talk network is robust enough to ensure minimal chances of dropped calls. Once you successfully register on the network, you are assured of faster internet speeds powered by the AT&T network. The cell phone plans offered by Pure Talk have no contracts, ensuring users are flexible to opt in and out.

Cell phone plans with no contract also make it easier for users to have flexible payment schedules. Now that you have all the insights about Pure Talk, you may visit their website or retail store to get started. For any questions or comments, you can always reach out to their social channels and get assisted for any issues.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton