What Network Does Hello Mobile Use

Hello Mobile runs T-Mobile's nationwide 4G LTE/5G reliable network. That's right; you'll get free access to America's largest 5G network! Check out their coverage map to see whether your area is covered.

As seen by their rising customer base, budget-friendly mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) can be more enticing than the mainstream network providers that lease coverage to them. As a result, low-cost MVNOs have exploded in popularity in the United States in recent years, and newcomers like Hello Mobile want in on the action. As a result, we’ve decided to devote today’s article to discussing what network does Hello Mobile uses.

“Hello Mobile” is a brand-new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) launched in 2018. Is it worth it? Should you switch from your current carrier? Notably, is the network coverage consistent? How can you improve cell signals at home or work? What is the network’s speed? As a result, this article exists to assist you in gathering research, so you don’t have to surf the internet yourself.

Hello Mobile appears to be a good option. It is powered by one of the primary US network providers, so it should be as reliable as the big companies. The remainder is up to Hello Mobile to handle its service. It may be a terrific value if they do a decent job. Are you interested in learning more about the Hello Mobile network? Let’s get going!

What network does Hello Mobile use to offer its services?

To begin, we must define a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). An MVNO is a mobile service provider that does not own the actual network it operates. An MVNO purchases bulk time on another company’s network and then sells it to users.

Because MVNOs use one of the major four networks, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon, their service is backed by the extensive networks’ infrastructure. You don’t have to be concerned about a bit player’s reliability.

Before being acquired by T-Mobile in 2020, Hello Mobile was an MVNO that relied on Sprint’s cellular towers. As a result, Hello Mobile’s coverage is identical to that of its parent company, T-Mobile, which is a positive thing on paper. Its coverage is extensive enough to cover most of the United States, as evidenced by the MVNO’s official coverage map. However, it does mean that the MVNO would not have inconsistent service in rural areas. You can solve coverage challenges by investing in the best cell phone booster for rural areas.

On the other side, the phone you should use with Hello Mobile is T-Mobile compatible. If you already have a SIM card from your carrier, you can use it. You must get your phone network unlocked and delivered to Hello Mobile if you need to switch providers. You can also buy a T-Mobile phone directly from the MVNO’s website.

How Good Is The Hello Mobile Network?

What Network Does Hello Mobile Use

Since their merger, T-Mobile and Sprint have built a massive, fast, and dependable countrywide coverage. They have the most extensive 5G network in the country, and their 4G LTE network connects 99 percent of all Americans. Hello Mobile’s coverage is more than decent — it’s exceptional, thanks to the new combined T-Mobile/Sprint network.

T-Mobile has one of the utmost up-to-date towers and maintains them regularly, according to accessible information (there is always some subjectivity present). T-Mobile is also the only carrier with a rapidly expanding 5G network. Overall, Hello Mobile signal towers are of great quality, providing excellent reliability.

What areas does the Hello Mobile network cover?

Hello Mobile has an extensive network coverage region. Officially, it reaches over 280 million people and serves over 97 percent of the United States. They serve Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin, and West Virginia, among other states. However, their services are not available in all states.

You may verify if service is available in your area by looking at the Hello mobile network coverage official website. The area, terrain, building structures, weather, signal strength, traffic volumes, technical limitations, service interruptions, and other factors affect network coverage. For example, network coverage is mainly influenced by the terrain in most hiking areas. Trekking using a portable cell phone signal booster for hiking will increase your coverage.

How Does Hello Mobile’s Network Coverage compare?

Because Hello Mobile uses the new T-Mobile/Sprint network, its coverage is nearly identical and easily comparable. However, the network tower owners tend to have a slight advantage.

T-Mobile’s network towers may be found in over 8300 towns and cities across the country. Their 5G coverage is twice as extensive as that of Verizon or AT&T, while their 4G coverage is somewhat behind but still covers 99% of the population. The network coverage of Hello Mobile can be compared to that of other carriers on the same network.

Hello Mobile’s 5G coverage can be compared with other carriers as shown below;

  • T-Mobile (Hello Mobile): 36.7% 5G coverage
  • AT&T: 15.9% 5G coverage
  • Verizon: 10.9% 5G coverage

Its 4G coverage comparison is as below;

  • Verizon: 70% 4G coverage
  • AT&T: 68% 4G coverage
  • T-Mobile (Hello Mobile): 62% 4G coverage

Even though Hello Mobile offers extensive network coverage on T-Mobile, network connectivity in your home is affected by various variables. They include building materials, the location of your structure, and the existence of electrical appliance interference. As a result, you’ll need to increase your reception by looking for ways to boost cell signals at home for free or at a fee.

Is The Hello Mobile Network Reliable? How Reliable?

The Hello Mobile network is quite reliable. Operating on a reliable network like T-Mobile ensures a high level of dependability. It’s worth noting, too, that T-direct Mobile’s customers get precedence when the network is highly crowded. This means that Hello customers will not have access to the fastest Internet speeds.

As previously stated, the actual service availability may be affected by other factors such as weather, terrain, building structures, etc. In general, Hello Mobile has excellent network coverage across the country, even in rural locations and most hiking grounds.

How fast is Hello Mobile’s network?

If you’ve read the rest of this article, you already know that Hello Mobile can connect to a 4G or 5G network and surf the web. However, when it comes to actual speed, there’s a gray area best assessed by using Hello Mobile. A month’s subscription is sufficient. When you look for subscribers’ speed tests on the web or YouTube, you’ll find that the 4G network can typically reach download speeds of 50 to 70 Mbps and upload speeds of 20 to 30 Mbps; but it can also be slow at 5 to 10 Mbps. It is self-evident that 5G will be quicker.

Once more, whether network speed is good or bad depends on the circumstances. It also depends on where you live. When there are a lot of T-Mobile users in your area, for example, they’ll be prioritized for a stable network speed. That’s how MVNOs operate, and it’s how they can keep their costs lower than the traditional carriers.

To summarize, if T-Mobile’s coverage is good where you are, your network speed will be fast, and vice versa if it isn’t. If you’re on T-Mobile and want to move to Hello Mobile, that’s great because you’ll already know how good or poor the connection is in your location.

What Other MVNOs Use the Same Network as Hello Mobile?

The new T-Mobile network towers are currently used by most of the US’s Mobile Virtual Network Operators, who previously used either the old T-Mobile or Sprint network towers. The MVNOs listed below, as well as a few others, use the new T-Mobile network.

  • Mint Mobile
  • Tello
  • Simple Mobile
  • Google Fi
  • Consumer Cellular
  • Best Cellular
  • Ting Mobile
  • Lycamobile
  • Gen Mobile

Which Network technology Does Hello Mobile Use? GSM or CDMA?

Sprint previously used the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) radio network standard, but T-Mobile now employs GSM (Global System for Mobiles) technology. As a result, Hello Mobile supports both GSM and CDMA devices.

Because Hello Mobile primarily sells current handsets with cutting-edge technology, many of them support both GSM and CDMA network standards and the LTE network. Most new phone models are built to work with all three network standards.

However, it varies on the model, and this is something you should double-check before buying a phone, whether you buy one from Hello Mobile or bring your old one. Because of this, whether you receive T-Mobile or Sprint’s network, which has variable coverage in different parts of the country, is determined by which network standard is supported.

What are the Pros and Cons of Hello Mobile Network?

The Hello Mobile network, like any other wireless service provider, has its own set of pros and limitations. The following is a list of the network’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • Hello Mobile offers reliable and steady network coverage
  • They provide national coverage and the ability to make international calls
  • The network supports a variety of cell phones


  • Their services are not available in all states, and expansion may take some time.

Bottom line

Hello Mobile’s services are available on both the T-Mobile and Sprint networks. They claim that their phones work on both networks simultaneously, so you don’t have to pick one. When using an MVNO, this should provide you with the power of both networks, which is an advantage. Their coverage is extensive, and some consider it the best in the country (after all, they use T-new Mobile’s enhanced network).

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton