What Network does Assurance Wireless Use

Assurance wireless is an MVNO that leases cellular services from one of the largest standard service providers in the US. Learn what network does assurance wireless use and whether it is reliable or not.

The type of network a service provider uses is essential to know in order to know its reliability and phone compatibility. There are two significant types of network stacks: GSM and CDMA network technology. Both are known to be robust, but GSM is more dominant considering its robust network architecture that has also given birth to the 5G network. If you are on Assurance wireless, you may have asked yourself what network does assurance wireless use? This question arises if the network is very reliable, or if you are disappointed. However, it is essential to know the type of network before using any carrier to ensure that your area of residence is covered.

Assurance wireless is a mobile virtual network operator that is designated to offer free cell phones and plans to people of low income in the US. They have a robust network covering over 50 states in the country, and the number goes up every year. Despite them not being reliable in some areas, the best cell phone signal booster for rural zones tends to be reliable by providing stable internet and a cellular connection to their customers. Assurance wireless also leases towers from a single standard service provider. Despite them not being diversified by leasing from other networks, the standard service provider offers stable cellular signals to their customers.

In this article, we unravel the type of network technology used and the cellular towers that Assurance wireless used. We will also look at some of the best boosters that can be used on Assurance wireless for people with poor cellular coverage. Our read will cover some insights on whether the network is compatible, what phones work with the network, and much more insights.

What network does assurance wireless use?

Assurance wireless uses T-Mobile’s network to offer coverage. T-Mobile is one of the largest standard service providers in the US that offers robust network connectivity for up to 99% of the US landmass.

T-Mobile has worked to ensure there is a perfect placement of the cellular towers across the country that ensure there is perfect cellular signal distribution. The cell phone towers offered by T-Mobile are maintained regularly and have an on-site technician who checks for any issues and reports to T-Mobile.

The network bands used on T-Mobile make it possible to use cell phone signal boosters from several booster manufacturers. It also ensures there is a vast array of Assurance wireless compatible phones, and it makes it easier for users to opt for Bring your own device program.

Which network Technology does Assurance wireless use?

what network does assurance wireless use

Assurance wireless leverages GSM network technology from T-Mobile. GSM brings in more efficiency when it comes to network strength and stability. It uses modern components that work well with the network hardware from T-Mobile to ensure there is a stable internet connection and reduced to no dropped calls.

GSM is also acknowledged as the pioneer of the 5G network, considering some inspirations are drawn from it. GSM also brings in a lot of reliability on network stability for internet connection. However, for a dropped calls scenario, the audio quality from a CDMA network tends to be better than that of a GSM. So, GSM and CDMA have both their pros and cons, but it is more reliable when compared to CDMA network.

What phones are compatible with Assurance Wireless?

Many devices are compatible with Assurance wireless. Most recent manufactured devices embrace the use of GSM network technology which is the standard network protocol used by Assurance Wireless.

The phones that are compatible with Assurance wireless may come from brands like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and much more. If you bring in your device, it needs to pass the phone compatibility check. The phone compatibility check requires filling in your IMEI number in an IMEI checker system. If the device is compatible, you can bring it to the network if the phone is compatible.

If the phone is not compatible, there are some excellent Assurance wireless free phones that you can opt for. The phones are free for line, while the free cell phone plans are valid for one year, after which you are required to re-certify.

How to improve the network signal on Assurance wireless?

There are situations where a user may experience consistent poor signals. In such scenarios, there are ways in which you can improve cell phone signal strength. Here are some tips to help improve the signals:

1) Buying a cell phone signal booster

Buying a cell phone signal booster can be an excellent option for users who experience consistent poor cellular signals. However, it would help if you evaluated whether a cell phone signal booster will be an ideal option, and it will be able to improve your cell phone signal instantly.

There are many cell phone signal boosters in the market, and some are the best signal boosters for hiking, while others work well in rural or other zones. So, ensure to choose the right cell phone signal booster that will work perfectly in your homestead. Check booster compatibility to assess if the network bands match with that of the Assurance wireless network.

You should also ensure the FCC verifies the booster. You can check whether the FCC verifies the Booster by looking at a certification label. You can also key in the product ID on the FCC website, and you will receive a prompt whether the booster is certified or not.

If the booster is not certified, it may likely cause network interruption, which may land you into legal issues with the FCC, or you may be requested to switch off your Signal booster.

Some of the best signal boosters may be purchased from brands like weBoost, SureCall, and much more. All you need to check is FCC certification and network compatibility.

2) Reporting network outage

Another great option is to report network outages to Assurance wireless. You can do so by contacting them via email or their hotline number. You can also report the network outage directly to T-Mobile since they are the owners of the cell phone towers.

Once you report a network outage, technicians will be sent to the cellular tower experiencing network issues, and they will be able to fix the problem. If the problem remains consistent, then getting a cell phone signal booster may be an effective way to increase cellular signals to your homestead.

3) Upgrading cellular devices

Upgrading an old phone may fix the network interruptions since the old phone may have an outdated software/hardware component that cannot be upgraded. However, make sure that the phone is really outdated, and you cannot improve the current network configurations.

There are many phones in the market that you can upgrade to, and they range from low-budget to flagship smartphones. All the smartphones come with a better and improved network stack which may reduce the chances of slow internet and improve the quality of calls.

Which areas does the Assurance wireless network cover?

Assurance wireless covers more than 50 States around the US. However, some specific zones do not offer network coverage, but it is highlighted on the map.

Eventually, they aim to offer nationwide coverage with the help of T-Mobile, which is doing a fantastic job in ensuring people get better connectivity. To know whether your area is adequately covered, please visit Assurance wireless’s website and key in your zip code. The system will check network availability within that zone, and if there is a network, and if the network is available, you can choose to bring in your device.

If your area is not covered, then consider getting services from another service provider.  Other free cell phone providers in the market offer similar perks of a free phone and cell phone plan that you can choose from. Some of the best service providers range from Qlink wireless, SureCall, American Assistance, and much more.

Bottom line

Assurance wireless network relies on cell phone towers from one of the largest cellular service providers in the US. A network is an ideal option for people looking to get free government cell phone services.

Assurance wireless guarantees its customers of stable internet and cellular connection for most urban and rural areas, but before you enroll in the network, ensure to find the nearest cell phone tower and certify that the network is available within your homestead. Doing so will save on purchasing a cell phone signal booster since you will just switch to another network.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton