What Network Does Access Wireless Use

Do you want to know what network does Access Wireless uses? Access Wireless is one of the most popular Lifeline carriers that use T-Mobile's network. It offers dependable services on a reliable network.

Access Wireless is one of many Lifeline programs that provide qualifying households with free cell phone service. Access is an i-wireless operated program that began in 2011, similar to how Assurance Wireless is a Virgin Mobile Lifeline program and SafeLink is a TracFone Lifeline program. I-wireless is an MVNO; therefore, you might be curious about what network does Access Wireless use.

Access Wireless is a service provider for the Lifeline Assistance program, which the federal government supports. The Lifeline Assistance program was created to ensure that low-income consumers access high-quality telecommunications services at reasonable prices. Customers who qualify for the program are given a free voice, text, and data plan and the option of receiving a free mobile phone, depending on state requirements. 

We decided to devote today’s article to this topic because we’ve noticed that many people are curious about the network that Access Wireless uses. In the following sections, we’ll go over everything in detail. You’ll discover what network Access Wireless uses, how excellent their coverage is, how reliable their services are, and how to improve cell phone reception, among other things. Are you prepared to get all the information? Let’s do this!

What network does Access Wireless use?

As an MVNO, Access Wireless’ parent company, i-Wireless, has a contract with a primary network provider to use their towers and network. Previously, they relied on Sprint’s towers to serve their customers. Since Sprint and T-Mobile combined in April 2020, Access Wireless now uses T-Mobile’s network and towers. 

Access Wireless users should be able to utilize the now-common network regardless of whether they have a CDMA or GSM-enabled mobile handset because Sprint used the CDMA network and T-Mobile used GSM technology.

Furthermore, their network provides LTE services, and the majority of modern devices are built to work seamlessly with 4G (or possibly 5G) LTE networks. 

How good is the Access Wireless network?

what network does access wireless use

Since T-Mobile and Sprint joined to become new companies, they’ve established a massive, fast, reliable countrywide network. While its 4G LTE network covers 99 percent of the US population, they also have the country’s largest 5G network.

Access Wireless’ coverage is more than good — it’s exceptional, thanks to the new T-Mobile/Sprint network merger. As a result, Access Wireless customers in locations where the T-Mobile network is stable won’t have to worry about how to improve cell signals at home, work, or anywhere else. 

How about Access Wireless network coverage area

Despite operating on one of the largest networks in the country, Access Wireless service is not available in all states/areas and may vary by state. Yes, you heard it. Regrettably, it does not provide coverage in all areas.

They operate in almost every state in the United States, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

Access Wireless’ official website has a detailed coverage map that you can use to see if service is available in your region. If you cannot utilize the map on their website or find the result puzzling, don’t hesitate to contact Access Wireless customer service for more assistance and complete information about the availability in your area. 

How does Access Wireless network coverage compare?

Because Access Wireless uses the new T-Mobile/Sprint network, its coverage is nearly identical and easily comparable, even though network tower owners tend to have a slight advantage. T-network Mobile’s towers may be found throughout the country, covering more than 8300 towns and cities.

Their 5G coverage is double that of Verizon or AT&T, while their 4G coverage is somewhat behind but still covers 99 percent of the population. Access coverage can also be compared to other carriers on the same network. 

When compared to other Lifeline carriers, it is one of the best. Unless you live in a highly remote location, you have a good chance of finding Access Wireless coverage in your region. On the other hand, Access Wireless customers in rural locations can acquire the best cell phone booster for rural areas to improve their coverage. 

Is the Access Wireless network reliable? How reliable?

The Access Wireless network is quite reliable. Operating on T-Mobile’s network ensures a high level of reliability. It’s worth noting that T-Mobile’s direct customers get priority during busy times of the day. This means that MVNO customers will not be able to access the fastest broadband speeds.

Access Wireless uses one of the significant three’s networks is a sufficient indication that its network is highly reliable. T-Mobile has the best 4G coverage, reaching 99 percent of the population, and the best 5G coverage, covering 36.7 percent of the territory and 80 percent of the population. 

Despite using T-great Mobile’s network, Access Wireless claims to have 97 percent coverage, and the little percentage difference could be attributable to the tower owners’ advantage over their renters. Other factors, such as weather, topography, building structures, and so on, may influence service availability.

Overall, Access provides excellent network coverage across the country, particularly in urban locations. If you go hiking in mountainous places and have low network coverage, carrying a portable cell phone signal booster for hiking will assure you have steady Access Wireless services. 

What other carriers use the same network as Access Wireless?

T-Mobile/Sprint towers get used by a large number of MVNO carriers. Some MVNOs use them together, while others use them with other major carriers like AT&T and Verizon. The following is a list of MVNOs that use T-Mobile towers:

  • Republic Wireless
  • Simple Mobile
  • Straight Talk
  • Ting
  • TracFone
  • Consumer Cellular
  • Metro by T-Mobile
  • Google Fi
  • Red Rocket
  • Consumer Cellular

Which network technology does Access Wireless use? GSM or CDMA?

T-Mobile uses GSM (Global System for Mobiles) technology, whereas Sprint uses CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technologies. As a result, Access Wireless supports both GSM and CDMA devices. 

Many Access Wireless devices support GSM and CDMA network standards and LTE networks. The majority of new phone models are designed to seamlessly work with all three network standards. However, this varies per model, so verify before buying a phone. 

What Phones are compatible with the Access Wireless network?

Access Wireless frequently gives out older model smartphones in the middle range for free. The phone you get depends on inventory availability and may vary by manufacturer. Although the buyer cannot select their phone, they may always upgrade through their online store.

For an extra fee, customers can even upgrade to a better phone. Did you know that once you upgrade your phone, you can now boost cell signals at home for free?

Here are a few phone models that may be available for free with Access Wireless: LG K30, Motorola Moto E6, LG Tribute Dynasty, Motorola E5 Play, Coolpad Legacy Go, ZTE Blade Force, Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve, LG Tribute Empire, Samsung A10e, and Motorola Z3 Play.

They also allow you to bring your own phone, which must be Access Wireless compliant (unlocked and supports GSM/CDMA/LTE). If you want to bring your device to Access Wireless, call their support line at 1-888-900-5899 to see if it’s compatible. 

Does Access Wireless Have Any Plans That Use Other Networks?

The plans offered by All Access Wireless are reasonably similar and are only focused on supporting Lifeline-eligible households. In addition, all plans use T-Mobile and Sprint’s network towers. 

As previously stated, Sprint’s older (mostly 3G) network towers are still in operation throughout the transition time since T-Mobile purchased the company in 2020. Officially, these are T-as Mobile’s well. Access Wireless does not operate on any other network. 

What are Access Wireless network Pros and cons?

Access Wireless works on T- Mobile’s network is one of the carrier’s key advantages. As a result, its network is well-maintained and distributed, ensuring high coverage. 

The most significant disadvantage of the Access Wireless network is that, as a T-Mobile MVNO, they are the ones that lose access to high-speed connections when a large number of people connect to the same tower. 

On the other hand, Customers with Access Wireless can use Wi-Fi calling in this case. As a result, they must use an internet booster to improve their Wi-Fi signal to utilize Wi-Fi calling entirely. An internet booster work to ensure that Wi-Fi signals are stable throughout their homes. 

Bottom line

Access Wireless is one of the few service providers that offer low (or even free) phone plans that are reliable and high-quality. Their network coverage is extensive, and some consider it the best in the country (after all, they use new T- Mobile’s enhanced network).

Notably, Access Wireless is genuinely one of the top service providers in America, especially for Lifeline eligible clients. They offer simple enrollment criteria that allow you to acquire a free plan, phone, and other benefits.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton