What Cell Towers Does Qlink Wireless Use

what cell towers does qlink wireless use an efficient and reliable network s that as a user you can grab it smoothly.

QLink is one Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that contracts with T-Mobile to deliver cellular service to its customers using its network. Besides, this carrier avails reliable nationwide coverage that serves more than 97% of the US population. If you wonder what cell towers does Qlink wireless use, then this platform is to understand everything you’ve been hoping for about Qlink Wireless.

Notably, Q Link Wireless is a renowned American telecommunications company that gives free cell phone service with unlimited text, talk, and data to its Lifeline eligible customers. This carrier provides a free government benefit program that offers free phones and services to eligible consumers. In addition to unlimited services, they also offer high-quality mobile devices, and the option to bring your own phone.

Qlink Wireless is among the fast-growing carriers in the US that assures the best coverage, and in most areas, like rural regions. If you are experiencing signal problems, the best cell phone booster for rural areas will work perfectly fine. However, Qlink wireless has been expanding its coverage over the last couple of years and plans to cover the entire US soon.

What cell towers does Qlink Wireless use?

QLink Wireless doesn’t have its own network towers and thus signs an agreement with larger network providers to operate using their towers. Previously, the carrier relied on Sprint’s towers to deliver services to their consumers.

Recently, after Sprint merged with T-Mobile in April 2020, Qlink now uses T-Mobile’s network towers. However, Sprint used the CDMA network, and T-Mobile utilizes GSM technology. Therefore, QLink Wireless customers can use the now-standard network regardless of whether they have a CDMA or GSM-compatible mobile device.

 Additionally, the Qlink Wireless network also provides LTE network services, and most recent smartphones get enabled to work perfectly with 4G (or even 5G if compatible) LTE networks. This carrier has a 5-year strategic plan to expand its coverage to over 300 million potential customers.

QLink Wireless Coverage Area

what cell towers does qlink wireless use

Q Link has a vast coverage area that serves over 97% of the United States and reaches more than 280 million people. However, they provide services in most US states, including Louisiana, Georgia, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, and Kansas. Indiana, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Michigan,  Nevada, Kentucky, Hawaii, Idaho, and South Carolina, but their services are not available everywhere.

Moreover, the network coverage gets affected by several factors, including the area, building structures, terrain, signal strength, traffic volumes, technical limitation, weather, service outages, and others. Thus, in case you live in a remote area where the coverage is scanty, you need to understand how to boost cell signals at home for free for enhanced connectivity.

On the other hand, if you want to check whether their service is available in your area, you can check online or use the QLink’s official coverage map. However, look for coverage in your area of concern by entering exact addresses and Zip codes.

How Reliable is Q Link Wireless Network?

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile wireless companies provide the largest and most reliable networks in the United States. Besides, their cell phone towers are delocalized all over among many states and have thousands of towers located across the country and use the latest technology to distribute their services.

 Interestingly, QLink Wireless utilizes one of the extensive three networks, and actually, that is enough evidence that their network is very reliable. The comparison figures start with T-Mobile having 62% 4G coverage that serves 99% of the population. It has the most prominent 5G coverage, reaching 36.7% of the territory and 80% of the population.

 Nevertheless, even if QLink uses T-Mobile’s network, it officially covers 97%, and the slight percentage difference is that the tower owners have over their renters. Besides, the exact service availability depends on other factors, including weather, terrain, building structures, and others. Generally, QLink delivers a very reliable network coverage all over the country, including in remote rural areas.


  • Q Link provides reliable and steady network coverage
  • Customers enjoy no monthly bills, no fees, no surcharges, no credit checks, and no contracts.
  • They provide a large selection of high-quality cell phones
  • They avail several affordable plans
  • They offer national coverage, and you can make international calls
  • For Lifeline eligible customers, they give free monthly plans
  • They offer a reliable customer care service


  • Services are not available in all states.

Which Network Technology Does QLink Wireless Use?

Formerly, Qlink operated using the Sprint network that used the CDMA (referring to Code Division Multiple Access) radio network standard. However, Sprint merged with T-Mobile, and T-Mobile uses GSM (referring to Global System for Mobiles) technology. Therefore, Q Link Wireless utilizes both GSM and CDMA-cellular technologies.

Most modern cell phones that QLink mainly offers feature the latest technologies and many of them are compatible with GSM and CDMA network standards and LTE networks. Most latest phone models work in harmony with all three network standards.

However, it also depends on the model. Before purchasing a phone, you should consider this factor regardless of whether you purchase at the QLink website or bring the device you are currently using. The supported network technology tells whether you will have T-Mobile’s or former Sprint’s network, which has different coverage in varying country areas.

Which Devices Are Compatible With Qlink’s Network?

Qlink compatible phones must work on the LTE or CDMA network. However, these phones range in price and category, some being more expensive, while others are less expensive. Whether you are currently using an iPhone XR, Pixel XL, Galaxy S series phone, and so on, then chances are your device will function just fine with Qlink.

Qlink being one of the lifeline providers gives free cell phones to eligible citizens. As a result, they are very qualified in providing compatible phones as all the available devices come from their store. There are also mid-range or high-end devices based on what you’re searching for in the price range.

However, if you have been unsatisfied with a phone for some time, you can proceed with a Qlink wireless phone upgrade at an affordable price. Most current modern smartphones synchronize with the CDMA and LTE networks. Thus, they are compatible with QLink’s towers.

However, suppose you are looking for a similar carrier in rural areas where you experience signal problems. In that case, you will require a cell phone signal booster for reliable coverage with your device. You may also check for ways to boost signal strength on T-Mobile if you are one of its customers.

What carriers are compatible with Qlink?

Qlink is a wireless Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) contracted under T-Mobile. It depends on the network provider for the network towers. For the 3G-based device, Qlink cell phones do not come with SIM cards. The phones also do not mandate SIM cards on the wireless network that Qlink wireless uses.

This indicates that Qlink telephones are limited to 3G CDMA networks. If the phone does not work using a SIM card, you can not utilize it on the GSM network. Once it is unlocked, you may use your Qlink cellphone on other Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular networks.

Bottom line

Qlink provides its services to countless Americans at a low price. Besides, this company has a good reputation in Government mobile solutions, their primary role in the telecommunication market. Apart from receiving a free smartphone, you have the option to bring your device to their network. For this reason, the above information on what network Qlink Wireless use will be of great help.

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Paula Beaton