What Cell Phone Companies use Verizon Towers

Many excellent companies use Verizon towers. Learn about the topic cell phone companies use Verizon towers and how you can leverage their network.

There are three major standard service providers in the US, and Verizon Wireless is one. The service provider has been in existence for more than two decades, and they are pioneers when it comes to network services. Since they are standard service providers, they lease network services to other Mobile virtual network operators. MVNOs are primarily subsidiaries of the standard service provider or purchase rights to access network services from Verizon and other service providers. At this point, you may ask yourself what cell phone companies use Verizon towers.

We aim to provide insights on some of these companies and index them based on their reliability. Mobile virtual network operators are considered a cheaper alternative when compared to standard service providers. They do not maintain cell phone towers, and all they do is obtain rights to use the cellular services from a standard service provider.

 The only downfall is that priority goes to customers on a post-paid plan on Verizon Wireless during network congestion. Despite this, users are guaranteed reliable network coverage. There won’t be a need to use Cell phone signal boosters for rural areas unless you are in a sparsely populated zone. The Verizon towers are also distributed evenly around the US, considering they cover 99% of the landmass.

Our article will cover insights on the companies currently using Verizon towers. Knowing these companies will help you choose the best one that works for you based on your location, costs, and other factors. In the end, we hope you get all the info relating to companies using Verizon Wireless cell phone towers.

Which network technology does Verizon use?

Verizon uses GSM network technology. It was using CDMA network technology until 2020 whereby it was phased out. Currently, they utilize the GSM network, which is more robust and offers high internet speeds, faster messaging, and reduced dropped calls.

The network also enables a wide range of phone compatibility, which is something better when compared to other standard service providers. If you opt for a company that uses Verizon cell phone towers, the device should also use GSM network technology. Luckily, many cell phone manufacturers are building devices that work with GSM and sometimes both GSM and CDMA.

The network technology has also brought in the rise of 5G, which ensures users can maximize better internet speeds and reduce dropped calls.

What phones are compatible with Verizon Wireless?

cell phone companies use verizon towers

There are many phones compatible with Verizon Wireless. However, it all comes down to current companies that manufacture devices with GSM network technologies if you know a company that uses GSM network technologies.

Currently, here are some of the phones that are compatible with Verizon wireless:

  • OnePlus– OnePlus is a pioneer in building excellent flagship devices at an affordable price. They offer several devices like the OnePlus 7, OnePlus Nord 5G, OnePlus eight pro, OnePlus nine pro, etc.
  • Samsung– Samsung is a global leader in building excellent Android phones. Some of their best devices include Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 21, and Samsung Galaxy A-series.
  • Apple– Apple is known to have flagship phones, and they are all compatible with Verizon towers. If you have an iPhone between the 7-12 series, it may work on Verizon Wireless.

Many other phones can work on Verizon wireless. You should also check whether the phone is unlocked if you want to bring your phone to the network. If the device is locked, consider contacting your service provider and have them unlock the device. You may also opt to use unlocking codes which can be purchased online. 

What cell phone companies use Verizon towers?

Here is a list of several cell phone companies that use Verizon towers:

1) Visible Mobile

Visible top our list by being one of the most Robust MVNOs on the Verizon network. The service provider offers services to all the US and has affordable cell phone plans. The plan starts at $40/mo with no contracts and comes with unlimited Talk, text, and data. They also have other perks like BYOP programs and sell some affordable devices on their platform.

2) Pix Wireless

Pic operates on Verizon towers and has perks like No contracts, activation fees, and hidden fees, making them stand out compared to other service providers. Pix uses Verizon wireless and all the other three standard service providers. They also support both CDMA and GSM devices considering they allow customers to bring their own Sprint devices.

The top-tier plan costs $55/mo and comes with unlimited Talk, text, and data. The plan’s pricing is fixed for up to 12 months from the date of purchase; hence you won’t experience price hikes in the middle of your plan.

3) Straight Talk

Straight Talk is one of the oldest Mobile virtual network operators. They operate through all standard service providers, which creates a broad array allowing users to bring phones to the Straight Talk network.

They offer affordable cell phone plans starting at $55/mo, and there are no contracts. You are also getting a 10 GB mobile hotspot, and once it’s depleted, speeds are slowed down to 3G.

4) Ting

Ting is an uprising Mobile virtual network operator that uses Verizon cell phone tower. They offer services across the US States but have a few physical stores in designated areas.

Ting has fantastic offers, and you can get a $5 discount for five months on all their plans if you apply for a new phone plan before 7th January. The service provider also offers affordable cell phone plans starting at $25/mo, with unlimited Talk, text, and 5 GB of data. The cell phone plan also includes a Mobile hotspot.

5) TracFone

Tracfone is a leader in the mobile virtual network operator industry and is seen to offer some affordable cell phone plans. The service provider has been in existence for more than a decade, and you are assured of perks like discounts and promotions for new and existing customers.

They cover 99% of the US based on Verizon towers. Tracfone has a pay-as-you-go plan option giving 500 minutes and 500 texts. You are also assured of better deals through discounts and promotions.

6) Total Wireless

Total wireless is a robust Mobile virtual network operator, and you will not need to know how to improve Verizon signal considering they cover all the States in the US. The service provider is also seen to offer affordable cell phone plans, and they have them accessible through several vendors like Boost Mobile, Verizon, and Boost Mobile. You also access incredible deals on various online marketplaces like Walmart and Amazon.

7) Reach Mobile

Reach Mobile is known for no contracts, unlimited Talk, and text plus Hotspot services using Verizon towers. Their network is robust, and users may experience slower speeds during internet congestion. Their top-tier cell phone plan costs $65/mop inclusive of taxes and fees, plus you get uncapped 2G speeds.

8) Red Pocket

Red Pocket is a Mobile service provider for people with plans starting from as low as $10/mo. This service provider has an exiting sale of 6 months free phone plan on any plan if you get the iPhone 13 from them.

They use Verizon cell phone towers which cover the whole of the United States.

9) Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile is a subsidiary of the spectrum, and they are known to offer some exciting deals on cell phone plans under the Verizon network. Spectrum Mobile is much better than spectrum internet, which uses Satellite connectivity, which is insufficient.

Spectrum Mobile covers 99% of the UIS; hence you don’t need a cell phone signal booster for camping or any other type of booster unless you are in a very deserted place far from a cell phone tower.

MVNO vs. standard service providers: Which is better?

i) Network coverage

Standard service providers offer better network coverage compared to MVNOs. Also, during network congestion, priority goes to users on a cell phone plan with the standard service provider.

MVNOs also offer better network coverage, but it is unreliable, especially in rural areas.

ii) Internet speeds

The internet speeds on MVNOs and Standard service providers are nearly similar, considering they all use a similar cell phone tower. So, both offer similar internet speeds except for MVNOs who have not adopted 5G coverage.

iii) Customer support

Customer support on MVNOs is way better, considering they do not have a large customer base; hence, it is easier to quickly get your matters sorted out. However, Verizon also has an extensive customer support network.

iv) Cost of cell phone plans

The cost of cell phone plans on MVNOs is more affordable, and there are no contracts. The plans have no contracts giving flexibility to users to switch to other networks.

Bottom line

Many companies are using Verizon towers. They all have affordable cell phone plans, and there are no contracts. Verizon towers are also evenly distributed across the US, making it easier for people living in rural areas to access the internet. If you know how cell phone signal boosters work, you may consider purchasing one if the cell phone signal is not reliable within your location.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton