Surecall vs WeBoost – Which Signal Booster is the Best

When looking to purchase a booster, there are many things to factor in. Our article takes a deep dive and compares better then surecall vs weboost cell phone signal booster manufacturers.

Over the past three years, statistics show that there has been a rise in the use of cell phone signal boosters. Many people often travel a lot, and cell phone signal boosters help improve cellular connectivity, especially in remote areas. The cell phone signal boosters work by amplifying signals from the nearest cellular tower, and the signal is then broadcasted to the cellular devices within the parameter. There are many cell phone signal boosters in the market, making it a dilemma for people to choose the right cell phone signal booster. If you are looking for one, then SureCall vs weBoost, which do you think is the best cell phone signal booster?

Surecall and weBoost are cell phone signal boosters used in the US and Canada. One unique thing about them is that they are manufactured in the US, and the entire process does not happen in other countries like China. These two boosters have some fantastic perks like Max gain adjustment; they both have an Android and iPhone App for configuration and many other features not available on other cell phone signal boosters for rural areas. However, some trade-offs between the two boosters ultimately leave us with one option between Surecall and weBoost.

Could it be the installation process? Or is it the coverage? At the end of this article, we will have a final verdict on the best cell phone signal booster between the two. In this article, we will do detailed info on which is better between Surecall and weBoost. We will look at the installation process, supported networks and network technologies, and areas of coverage. We will also do a deep dive into the number of devices the boosters can support at a single time. Pricing is also a factor we will evaluate when comparing the boosters.

Surecall vs WeBoost: Which supports most networks?

Both cell phone signal boosters support all the standard service providers within the US. These service providers range from T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and US cellular. They also support other standard service providers in Canada.

Weboost outshined Surecall, considering it supports both GSM and CDMA network technology. In contrast, SureCall only supports GSM network technology. however, it is not a significant determinant considering CDMA network technology is being phased out by most service providers as we speak. However, it is something that we boost stands out compared to sure cold hands making it the best option.

On the other hand, both service providers support 5G network technology, which is an excellent deal for 5 G-compatible phones. This makes it easier for them to access 50 services in designated safety zones without signals. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a booster that supports several network technologies, then you may consider weBoost.

Which has a simple installation process: Surecall vs weBoost?

Both SureCall and weBoost have a simple installation process depending on the cell phone signal booster you choose. Users who buy the cell phone signal booster for home or office use may get technical expertise, considering it has several components to install. However, in some cases, you may not need a technician to help with installation if the booster comes with a well-detailed manual.

Surecall offers a well-structured manual that makes it easier for users to install the booster based on a concise time frame. Whether you are using a cell phone signal booster for home or camping, you should call the manual has well-detailed explanations on how to install the cell phone signal booster. You may also get some components like cables which make it easier to plug and play the device.

We boost also offers a well-detailed manual, but it has phone number components that require you to drill holes or perform some complex tasks to get the device up and running. Surecall also has a magnetic antenna that can easily be mounted on the rooftop, and there are minimal chances of it falling off.

Which booster covers a wide area: Surecall vs weBoost?

surecall vs weboost

Both cell phone signal boosters cover a wide area, and it all depends on the type of booster you choose. If you have insights into how a cell phone signal booster works, you know that boosters offer different coverage in terms of square feet.

Cell phone signal boosters tend to cover a short range than phone signal boosters for RV or other boosters. Both weBoost and SureCall have varying boosters that can cover up to 10,000 sq ft. without or some very minimal lags. The outdoor cell phone signal boosters are known to cover a wide area compared to the other boosters.

If you are looking for the best booster for outdoor activities, it is best to get SureCall. SureCall is seen to offer a wide area of coverage and has nearly zero lag experiences when compared to weBoost. This is based on the reviews offered by people using SureCall and weBoost. Most users on SureCall seem to be satisfied by the signal booster’s ability to offer a complete network to their cellular devices.

However, there is stiff competition for low-range coverage, considering they both offer high-quality signals to cellular devices. In general, Surecall is the best option if you are looking for a significant area of coverage.

How many devices can the boosters support: SureCall vs weBoost?

Most signal boosters in the market can support up to 15 devices simultaneously, but there may be drawbacks like slow internet speeds, or some devices may experience dropped calls. It is best to get a booster that offers adequate network stability on all the devices supported.

Both weBoost and SureCall support several devices based on the task for which the booster is designated. If you are getting the cell phone signal booster for home, it may cover up to 10-15 devices without any lags or dropped calls.

weBoost offers a simplified process to boost network in that there is no need to login to the network for it to boost. All you need is to be within the vicinity in which weBoost offers coverage. From there, the booster automatically increases the signal strength of your device. Automating such processes makes weBoost stand out when compared to the other cell phone signal boosters.

weBoost comes with an Automated Adjustment gain in which it increases the intensity of the signals based on the distance from the nearest cell phone tower. The booster works to ensure it has fully utilized its energy to acquire sufficient network signal, after which it is distributed to the cellular devices.

Which is the cheapest between Surecall and weBoost?

weBoost and SureCall are both affordable signal boosters, but there is a slight difference in the pricing of several boosters. WeBoost has considered the pioneer of cell phone signal boosters, and some of their products are not affordable compared to SureCall.

SureCall has some very affordable cell phone signal boosters in the product line. The boosters are slightly cheaper, but it’s not a significant price margin compared to weBoost cell phone signal boosters. If you are looking for the cheapest option, I recommend you get a SureCall cell phone signal booster.

Al the boosters have some similarities on specifications, and if that is your evaluation basis, then factor out pricing and look at which company offers better specs. weBoost may offer better specs on their products than SureCall, but they may not be very affordable.

Surecall vs. weBoost: Similarities

  • All boosters come with a warranty
  • They have a money-back guarantee policy
  • The boosters are designed and manufactured within the US
  • The FCC verifies all boosters sold by them

SureCall vs. weBoost: Differences

Here are some of the differences between SureCall and weBoost

SureCall weBoost
It supports the GSM/5G network Supports both GSM and CDMA network technology
Automated gain Adjustment is slow in response Gain adjustment is faster
The booster is affordable Not very affordable
Easy installation process Installation may require some technical expertise

Bottom line

SureCall and weBoost are both notable cell phone signal booster manufacturing companies. There are very slight differences, but in the end, one must always come on top of the other in a comparison review. At this point, if you are looking for the best cell phone signal booster for hiking, choose based on our research done on the best booster between weBoost and SureCall.

We have covered issues related to network support, phone compatibility, and many other factors to evaluate. Also, check to make sure the warranty is more than three years. You can purchase the boosters or amazon, where they have a valid warranty and replacement/money-back guarantee policy.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton