Why Does my Phone keep Dropping Calls and How to fix It

if your cell phone keep dropping calls then here is a way to fix it straoghtforwardly

Having high-quality voice calls is a priority for everyone with a mobile phone. However, this is not always the case since some areas lack adequate network connectivity. This leads to the big question of why does my phone keep dropping calls? Something which can be frustrating, especially if it is an urgent call. There have been many ideas around improving dropped calls, including using signal boosters, switching service providers, and much more. Some of these solutions work while others are not efficient, especially if you switch from an MVNO to an MVNO within the same standard service provider.

To fix dropped calls, one needs to understand the underlying cause of the dropped calls. Once that is established, it is easy to fix the issue, and you will not experience dropped calls again. Most dropped calls are caused by the phone’s hardware or software components. Therefore, it is advised to check on phone compatibility and upgrade your device if it has been active for more than 10 years. If you know how cell phone signal boosters work, you may consider getting one as it can also help improve the network. There is also a criterion to choose the proper signal booster depending on some factors, which we may discuss later. Having improved cellular reception is a critical factor in reducing the chances of dropped calls, which people should aim at.

In our article, we will deduce some ways in which you can reduce dropped calls by increasing signal strength and improving some things related to the hardware and software components of your cellular devices.  You are assured of having adequate knowledge on how to improve signals to your devices.

Why does my phone keep dropping calls?

There are several reasons for dropped calls, and here are the major causes:

i) Poor cellular signals

Poor cellular signals are a significant cause of unreliable network coverage, which is often caused by factors like bad weather, distance from the cellular tower, or broken components on the cellular tower. If there is poor signal reception to the cellular device, the user will likely experience dropped calls. Poor signals from lousy weather tend to be temporary unless during events like earthquakes or floods, which tend to damage the components of a cell phone tower permanently.

The only way to know your cause of dropped calls is influenced by poor signals is by trying to make a call in a different area. If the phone call is clear, then the issue is poor signals. If the issue is still persistent, try another area, and if there are no improvements, then the phone has some issues.

ii) Old network components on cellular devices

Old phones and network components in such devices tend to cause dropped calls. This is because they cannot send and receive signals ideally from the cellular tower. The components may either be broken or lack adequate network coverage.

The network hardware may be damaged by water or any other element. Software issues also cause poor signals. If your device uses old software, it may struggle to interact with the signals received from a cell phone tower. So, ensure to check if your Operating system is up to date.

iii) Locked phones

Locked phones which were recently unlocked tend to have signal issues. This problem can be fixed by contacting your current service provider to reset the network on your device. Also, if you have a locked phone, do not use unauthorized unlocking codes, which tend to affect the network compatibility on your device.

iv) Incompatible cell phone signal boosters

Getting booster that the FCC does not authorize tends to cause network signal issues. The boosters have issues with the network bands you are using hence the frequent dropped calls. Also, getting signal boosters that serve a different purpose than intended, i.e., getting a cell phone signal booster for camping rather than a cell phone signal booster for home, can lead to signal issues.

Can phone upgrades help reduce dropped calls?

why does my phone keep dropping calls

A phone upgrade is an ideal option for people who have more than 10 years old devices. Depending on your budget and specifications, you may consider a low to flagship budget upgrade. If you have determined the cause of poor signals is caused by software or hardware components, then you should consider a phone upgrade. When doing a phone upgrade, keep in mind the following minimum specifications when looking for a phone:

  • HD display
  • Long battery life – 3500 mAh minimum
  • High-quality stereo speakers
  • GSM network support- 5G is a plus
  • Qualcomm 720G processor / MediaTek Helio G90 Chipset
  • High-quality camera

These are just some factors to evaluate when choosing a cell phone signal booster. Also, ensure to get the phone upgrade from a verified seller like Amazon or your service provider.

Steps to report dropped calls to your service provider: Complete guide

If the dropped calls are due to poor network coverage, it is best to report the issue to your service provider. Reporting dropped calls can be done online, or you may visit the nearest store to report the network outage:

Step 1: Identify the nearest cell phone tower

You will be required to locate the nearest cell phone tower near you because that is the most likely zone where you are experiencing poor signals. Identify the location of the tower and write it down. You may also report on the nearby locations to give the service provider accurate information on some affected areas.

Step 2: Report the complaint

The next step involves reporting the complaint, which can be done online or by going to the service provider’s office. Once the report is made, they may contact you for additional information to help in restoring the network.

Step 3: Restoration

Once the service provider has assessed the problem, they will schedule a date to perform restoration of the network. Once they do the repair and maintenance, you will receive an update from them, and they will request feedback or a survey to see if the network is restored.

If the network issues remain persistent, then it is advisable to switch to another service provider. You can choose the best service provider based on the following:

  • Cost of cell phone plans
  • Customer service reliability
  • Contracts or no-contract cell phone plans- Getting a no-contract cell phone plan is the best option since it is easier to opt-out without paying any early termination fees.
  • Network coverage within your area

Some of the best service providers in the market include Verizon, At&T, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, etc.

How to upgrade a sim card to reduce dropped calls

Some dropped calls are mainly caused due to an old sim card that is not compatible with the network. In such scenarios, it is advisable to perform some upgrades. It will depend on the service provider’s terms and conditions when it comes to costs.

Some service providers will not charge you for upgrading the sim card, but you may be charged for it if you are doing a sim card replacement. However, the highest price it can go is around $1 and some extra money for shipping. You may also opt to collect it at the nearest store.

Once you have received the sim card, place it on the phone and activate it from your online account. You will also be required to deactivate the previous sim card as it is now redundant. From there, test to see if there are still dropped calls and if not, you are good to go.

Upgrading a sim card should also be considered for people looking to do phone upgrades. Some have ancient sim cards and may still use them on their new devices, hence getting poor network signals. So, when performing a cell phone upgrade, ensure to upgrade the sim card.

How do I stop my phone from dropping calls?

You can do a few things to stop your phone from dropping calls. The first is to make sure that your phone is adequately charged. If your phone has been dropped before, it’s likely because the battery was too low or there is a broken screen.

If your phone has been dropped too often, it might also be because of a malware infection. You should remove all of the apps and data from your smartphone and then reboot to clear any programs or conditions that may have survived.

Bottom line

At this point, you have all the insights needed to avoid or lower the chances of dropped calls on your device. You can implement several ways to prevent dropped calls, and the most notable one is using cell phone signal boosters. The best cell phone signal boosters help improve network signals from the cell tower near you.

This means you get high-quality dropped calls and fast internet and messaging. Also, if this option does not work for you, you can consider the other listed options.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton