How to Get Better Signal with Verizon Wireless

Do you experience poor cellular cell phone signals on Verizon? Here are some insights on how to get better signal with Verizon..

Verizon Wireless is one of the largest cell phone service providers in the US. They are known for their stunning network coverage, which touches close to 99% of the US landmass. It serves more than 100 million people around the country, and the number tends to rise over the coming years. They are also widely known for their Verizon FIOS program that offers Fiber optic connectivity. Despite them being a success, some regions or sparsely populated areas experience poor cellular coverage. If you are in such a situation, our read covers how to get better signal with Verizon.

Having a better signal is a priority for anyone using a cellular device. No one intends to purchase a cell phone plan only to end up with low or no signal coverage. However, some circumstances like the location you live in intend to affect the reliability of the network coverage to your Mobile device. If you are on a cell phone plan with Verizon Wireless and are getting unstable network signals on your phone, there are several solutions that you can have in place to ensure you get better cell phone signal coverage.

There may be issues with your cellular device, cell phone tower, or any other issue that may affect cellular reception on your device. Before knowing how to get a better signal on Verizon, the first thing is to understand what causes the poor signal. Our article covers insights on how to better signal with Verizon. We will look at some of the causes of poor cell phone coverage and better signal with Verizon. The article will also cover some insights on cell phone signal boosters which can work with Verizon.

Which areas does Verizon cover?

The major cause of poor cellular signals is the lack of sufficient area of coverage. However, in this case, Verizon does not fit this description. Verizon covers 99% of the US landmass, and there are very few places with poor cellular coverage, and they include these zones:

i) Sparse areas

Areas with few people, especially in rural zones, tend not to receive adequate cell phone signals. These areas lack access to a cell phone tower, considering it does not have a large number enough for Verizon to consider placing a cellular tower within the vicinity.

ii) Low land areas

Low land zones are affected by poor signal considering cellular towers have a threshold on the sea level it provides signals. If you live below a certain threshold, you may lack access to adequate cell phone signals, but later in the article, we will give some solutions to help.

There is only 1% of the locations within the country in which Verizon does not offer sufficient network coverage. In such zones, getting a cell phone signal booster is the best option since it will easily get cellular signals from the cell phone tower.

Which cell phone signal boosters work with Verizon?

how to get better signal with verizon

Several cell phone signal boosters work with Verizon Wireless. However, before choosing the cell phone signal booster, ensure it is designed and manufactured in the USA. Doing so will ensure the booster is FCC certified, and you will not have to worry about it causing cellular interruptions.

You should also consider whether the FCC has registered the booster. Some of the best cell phone signal boosters you can buy on Verizon include:

a) WeBoost Drive Reach

It is compatible with Verizon wireless and other carriers in the US. The booster also works with several Mobile phones and comes with a Mobile App for adjusting the signal received from the cellular tower. The FCC also verifies it.

b) SureCall Fusion2Go

Second, on our list is this signal booster that is compatible with all carriers in the US. The booster can extend Verizon network signals for up to 5 miles, and there are no luck experiences when using the Internet or having dropped calls.

There are many other cell phone signal boosters in the market, and we cover them in our articles on how cell phone signal boosters work. You can analyze choosing the right cell phone signal booster and go for the best option.

What causes poor signals on Verizon?

There are several reasons for poor signals for users on the Verizon network. This section takes a deep dive into each option

i) Hardware incompatibility

Some mobile phones have old hardware, which is likely not compatible with the current specifications of the network bands transmitted by Verizon Wireless. If you are using a device with old or worn-out hardware, get a new device, especially for mobile hotspot devices.

There may also be issues with the network hardware, especially if your device fell on water or suffered any other damage. In such situations, you’re required to take it to an authorized repair shop for them to diagnose and fix their problem.

ii) Software incompatibility

Some operating systems may not be compatible with Verizon Wireless network signals. some manufacturers have built their devices to be compatible with some specific network bands, especially for the operating system. This applies to devices not run Android-themed operating systems on top of Android.

We would advise users to purchase a phone compatible with Verizon Wireless. You can evaluate this by comparing the network technologies that the device is compatible with and that Verizon offers.

iii) Battery capacity

If your device is running low on battery life, you may experience signal interruption considering the phone is trying to save on power. In such situations, it is best to charge the phone before trying to access cellular services. You may also consider carrying a power bank to avoid such issues.

iv) Old sim cards

Some old sim cards may not work with Verizon Wireless, considering they may be limited to 2G networks. 2G is known to offer slow internet speeds, and you are advised to upgrade to a better sim card. This option applies to users looking to upgrade Verizon’s wireless phone, considering they may be migrating from a feature phone.

v) Locked phones

If you want to bring your phone to Verizon and it is locked, it is likely not to receive cellular signals from the network. This is because the device is locked, and you are required to unlock it through your previous service provider or purchase unlocking codes online. Once the phone is unlocked, check compatibility with Verizon, and if the device is compatible, you are likely to experience better cell phone signals.

These are some reasons you may be experiencing no signal or signal loss on your cellular devices. There are ways in which you can improve signals on your device by trying out some of the methods mentioned below:

How to get a better signal with Verizon?

Here are some tips to consider when looking to how to get a better signal with Verizon:

1) Purchase a cell phone signal booster

If you live in an area with poor cellular coverage, you should get a cell phone booster. There are many cell phone signal boosters for rural areas or comping that you can consider. However, choose a booster that is FCC certified, and you will be subjected to a registration process with the FCC.

The booster should be compatible with Verizon wireless. It is advisable to also read some reviews about the cell phone signal booster before purchasing it.

2) Buying a new phone

This is a far stretched option, but it is good to consider it if your phone is outdated or has some outdated features. Consider getting a Verizon wireless compatible phone, which was manufactured in the year 2017 to date. You can get the phone from well-known brands like Samsung, Apple, and much more.

Before purchasing a new phone, do some research to see if it is compatible. You can also choose to purchase the device from Verizon wireless online or in a retail store.

3) Report network outage

A way to solve poor signals is to report network outages. If you have been experiencing poor network signals for a while, I suggest reporting the issue to Verizon. There probably could be an issue with the cellular tower near you, and once they fix it, you will get better cellular reception.

If there is no cell phone tower near you, you may have to request one to construct. However, this will depend on the number of users who are on Verizon within your vicinity.

Bottom line

There are many ways to get a better signal with Verizon. This article has outlined some of the problems people face, contributing to poor cellular signals on their devices. There are many ways to get better signals, as we have mentioned earlier. The biggest option would be to get a cell phone signal booster, especially for people living in areas with insufficient cellular coverage.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton