How Does a WiFi Repeater Work

A WiFi repeater peaks the weak WiFi signals from your router and amplifies them to increase the area covered by your connection.

WiFi is one of the most used internet connections in the world. The internet allows you to connect devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, and security cameras. Almost every urban center has WIFi installations powering various homes and businesses. The good thing with WiFi internet is that it can connect wirelessly or via Ethernet cables. It is, therefore, a diverse kind of internet. But how does a WiFi repeater work?

A WiFi repeater is equipment that makes weak WiFi connections stronger. Sometimes your WiFi may not cover the desired area effectively because the area is too large than the specified area the router can cover. In such a case, you do not have to buy other routers and incur more costs of paying monthly bills for each router. You only need to purchase a repeater to extend the coverage.

You might be wondering what a router is. For your understanding, a router is a device that receives and distributes WiFi signals. It can connect various devices wirelessly as long as the users have the password. Also, a router has ports whereby you can connect computers, security cameras, and printers. The device has antennas that help in the distribution of the signals.

How do you make WiFi signals stronger

how does a wifi repeater work

You can make WiFi signals strong by using WiFi repeaters. The devices resemble cellular signal boosters, although they operate in different ways. Depending on the area you want to cover, you can pick the most appropriate booster since they differ in the area they cover. We have repeaters covering large areas while others are only suitable for limited areas such as inside a room, car, etc.

What is a WiFi repeater

A WiFi repeater is a small device that plugs into the main power socket and then amplifies the existing weak WiFi signals. Some have adjustable antennas, while others have the antennas built into the units.

Most WiFi repeaters have status LED lights and WPS buttons required to establish connectivity with various devices. Also, some high-end ones come with additional features such as an Ethernet port to connect to routers. Irrespective of their designs, the devices are only for extending the WiFi coverage within a specified area.

How do you install a WiFi repeater

Installing the device is straightforward as you do not need to hire a professional to carry out the process. You only have to plug the repeater into a wall socket and power it. You can mount the antenna where it will receive the router signals appropriately for wired antennas.

Once you power it, the next thing you should do is connect it to the router. You may use an ethernet cable to directly connect your repeater to the router. The cable should not exceed 100 meters to prevent poor performance.

Also, you can connect your repeater to your router wirelessly. You require an app or visit the manufacturer’s website to connect the device to your WiFi router by entering the necessary credentials.

How does a WiFi repeater work

A WiFi repeater operates in a simple manner. It extends the overall coverage of your WiFi connection by receiving the available WiFi signals and amplifying them to the highest possible strength, then transmitting the boosted signals to the surrounding areas.

Using a WiFi repeater to increase your signal strength is a simple and affordable way of improving your WiFi coverage and eliminating the dead spots in your home or office, allowing you to receive reliable signals for your devices. Like your router, a WiFi repeater has two wireless routers, and you can easily confuse it with a WiFi router.

However, you need to understand that a repeater has two routers inside. One of the routers picks up the poor WiFi signals and transfers them to the second router. The signals are strengthened and passed to the second router that broadcasts them to the surrounding areas. After that, the signals are available for use by various devices once connected.

Can a WiFi repeater use a TV aerial

When you look at the most advanced repeaters, they have antennas that rise high on the roof. They resemble those used by televisions to receive signals. Since the antennas resemble each other, such routers can receive signals using the TV antennas.

However, you must ensure that you face your antenna in the direction of the router to ensure maximum reception of signals.

What are the differences between a repeater and a cellular signal booster

A WiFi repeater and a cellular signal booster amplify weak signals to make them effective. However, the two devices are a bit different. The WiFi repeater usually peaks poor signals from a WiFi router and amplifies them to reliable levels to cover a larger area. However, the cellular signal booster picks poor cellular signals from a nearby cellular mast and amplifies them making them stronger.

Therefore, you cannot use a cellular signal booster with a WiFi booster. The same applies to a WiFi repeater, which you cannot use to boost cellular signals. 

Are there any drawbacks to using WiFi repeaters

Even though the devices are helpful when it comes to amplifying WiFi signals, a few drawbacks arise when using the device. They include the following.

  • The output of the wireless signal reduces by at least 50%, which leads to a drop in speed for devices connected to it.
  • There can be interference by other devices on the same wireless channel.
  • It may not cover all dead spots.

Are WiFi repeaters secure

Most WiFi repeaters are secure. The majority offer the same security as an ordinary WiFi router, such as WEP, WPA, or WPA2. However, some repeaters do not support WPA2-PSK security that may be open to unwanted access. That means it is always crucial to check the technical specification of a repeater before purchasing it to ensure that it has in-built security measures.

A secure internet connection is essential to safeguard your data online. Insecure connections can expose your online banking details, among other crucial data, to hackers leading to loss of information.

Bottom line

WiFi is one of the most used internet networks in the world. The internet allows you to connect devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, and security cameras. You require a router to connect your devices to WiFi internet wirelessly or through a wire. However, the router may not be able to reach various areas, and you may need to use a WiFi repeater to eliminate the dead spots. That increases the area receiving WiFi signals.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton