The Ultimate Guide of Does T-Mobile Use Verizon Towers

your curious mind want to know what Does T-Mobile use Verizon towers simply, 'NO'. Both T-Mobile and Verizon allow various MVNOs such as Straight Talk, Ting, and MinT-Mobile to use their services online.

Various telecommunication companies in the United States connect their users to various services such as messaging, voice calls, internet, cable TVs, and so much more. Some of these companies do not have their infrastructure and depend on other companies’ cellular masts to give their users services. They are called mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) because they do not own any network infrastructure. But does T-Mobile use Verizon towers to provide cellular services to its users? 

This article will let you know whether T-Mobile relies on the Verizon infrastructure to offer services. MVNOs are subject to the big boys in that when the network is strong, they have good connections, and when it is weak, they have weak connections. However, their services are usually cheaper than carriers with their own established networks since they do not incur many costs such as offices and infrastructure. 

However, the best network you can have is the one that depends on its cellular towers as they can quickly rectify things if there is an issue. However, their plans are a bit expensive, and you may find yourself paying so much for a service that you could have got at a lower price using a mobile virtual network operator. Above all, the quality of services is paramount when choosing the carrier of your choice. 

How do you join T-Mobile?

You can join T-Mobile online by visiting the T-Mobile account registration page and proceeding as per the guidelines. You can keep your phone, trade it in for a cheaper one, or buy a new one. Switching to the service is easy, fast, and affordable.

However, bringing your phone is better as you save the cost of getting a new device. Moreover, you need to ensure that your phone is compatible. You can check your phone compatibility online to ensure that your device will work with T-Mobile. 

When checking your phone compatibility, you must enter the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and press Check phone. You can dial *#06# to get your device’s IMEI number or open your settings, navigate to My Phone, and see your phone’s IMEI. A single phone has one IMEI while a dual one has two IMEI, and so on. 

When trading in your device, you can check on the available devices. The process is usually a win-win situation as you get a new phone at a lower price. After all, why keep an old phone in your house? You only need to provide your device model and manufacturer and your current carrier to get an estimate. You can decide to buy a new device with various options you can choose from, such as iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Pro, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 6, etc. 

You then apply for an account after choosing among bringing your device, trading in, or buying a new device. You should bring your ID, current account number, and PIN or Passcode as they are necessary to transfer your number to T-Mobile.

Interestingly, when you get a new phone, T-Mobile pays off your current provider’s phone plus service contracts up to $650 per line or $350 in any early termination fees, using a virtual prepaid card and trade-in credit. T-Mobile can help you complete the process within no time. 

Can I join Verizon online? 

does t-mobile use verizon towers

Verizon also allows you to join the service online by visiting their website. The process is as follows.

  • Move to the My Verizon Registration page.
  • Enter the 10-digit phone number, then click Continue.
  • On the ‘Are you the Account Owner?’, select/check one of the following:
    • Yes, I am the Account Owner. I am financially responsible for the account.
    • No, I am an Account Member and not the person financially responsible for the account.
  •  If the Account Owner is already registered, tap Continue.
  • Choose one of the following, then tap Continue :
    • Send me a free text message with my registration PIN (your number).
    • I already have a Registration PIN.
  • Enter your Registration PIN and click Verify My Account.
  • On the Create Profile page, input the following info:
    • Create a 6-60 characters user ID without spaces or a matching password.
    • Create a strong password of between 8-20 characters with combinations of numbers and letters. A password should never match the User ID.
    • Confirm your Password
    • Email Address
    • Secret Question, and 
    • Answer
  • Review the ‘Terms and Conditions plus the ‘Privacy Policy and click (check) I agree.
  • Click Complete the Registration.
  • Check out these FAQs for more info on accessing My Verizon via a web browser.

Does T-Mobile use Verizon towers? 

T-Mobile does not use the Verizon towers because it has its infrastructure. Therefore, the two companies are completely independent of each other. T-Mobile, together with Spring, operates approximately a total of 110,000 towers. It is one of the companies with extensive network coverage in the US, although some areas may not receive adequate signals due to interference by mountains, tall buildings, thick forests, etc.

 In such a scenario, you can get weBoost, Cel-Fi GO X, or HiBoost Home, which are some of the best cell phone boosters for rural areas to enhance your network strength. Cell phone boosters usually get the weak signals, then amplify them before distributing them to the surrounding areas. The device typically has the external antenna, the amplifier, and the internal antenna. 

The external antenna collects weak signals and directs them to the amplifier, amplifying the weak signals. The internal antenna then picks the strong signals and distributes them to the surrounding areas. 

Which carriers use Verizon towers? 

Various MVNOs rely on Verizon towers to offer their services. The wireless communication service providers include the following.  

i) Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile has unique unlimited data family plans that you can purchase and utilize for your communication needs. If you add more lines, the plan becomes cheaper. The carrier’s plans are flexible enough to allow you to choose how you would like the package to appear. 

ii) Tello

Tello uses both Verizon and other service providers’ networks. It is among the cheapest cell phone service providers as its plan starts at just $10 a month, and customers can sometimes get discounts. 

iii) Ting

Ting is among the best cell phone companies that use Verizon towers and is a good choice for seniors needing new cell phone plans. It offers flexible and affordable plans for both Verizon and T-Mobile services. The company allows you to review the plans every month and change to the most suitable one. 

Others include; 

  • Spectrum Mobile
  • Page Plus
  • Pix Wireless
  • Total Wireless
  • TracFone 
  • Net10 
  • Red Pocket 
  • Straight Talk 
  • Twigby 
  • US Mobile
  • Credo Mobile
  • Reach Mobile

Does T-Mobile have MVNOs?

T-Mobile also has MVNOs. They include the following. 

  • Metro by T-Mobile
  • Ultra Mobile
  • BoosT-Mobile
  • Gen Mobile 
  • Wing 
  • Tello
  • TextNow 
  • Republic Wireless 
  • Straight Talk 
  • Consumer Cellular 
  • Net10 
  • Google Fi 
  • Red Pocket 
  • TracFone 
  • US Mobile 
  • MinT-Mobile
  • Simple Mobile

One fantastic thing about most MVNOs is that they do not rely on one service provider. For example, Ting relies on Verizon and T-Mobile cell towers. At the same time, Straight Talk uses cellular towers for Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T. When a particular tower is congested, they can easily find the nearest cell tower and connect you accordingly. 

Why choose MVNOs over Verizon, T-Mobile, and other similar networks?

We have various reasons why you may want to choose an MVNO over other networks. 

i) Pricing

MVNOs are usually cheap since they do not incur a lot of costs such as the establishment of offices and infrastructure. They are usually virtual, meaning that they do not have a physical location where you can visit and engage the company’s staff. However, that does not imply that they do not have customer care service.

ii) Variety of choices

While the significant service providers limit you to a few plans, most MVNOs offer you various plans to choose from and enjoy your connection. That makes telecommunication exciting and fun. 

iii) Extra incentives

MVNOs try as much as possible to stand out to gain as many customers as possible. Some can even give you discounts on your first couple of months, mobile hotspots, extra roaming data, free data on specific apps, and so on.

What plans do T-Mobile and Verizon offer?

There are various plans that you can get from each one of them. Let us look at each one of them.

i) Verizon

Verizon offers the following plans to its users. 

  • Basic Phone Plan 500MB Data No Contract at $30/mo + $35 Upfront
  • 5GB Plan for $55 5GB Data with No Contract at $55/mo + $35 Upfront
  • 10GB Plan for $65 10GB Data No Contract at $65/mo + $35 Upfront
  • 5G Start Plan Unlimited Data No Contract at $70/mo+ $35 Upfront

ii) T-Mobile

  • $20 Unlimited Talk & Text Only No Data IncludedNo Contract at $20
  • Essentials Unlimited Data No Contract at $60/mo
  • Magenta Unlimited Data No Contract at $70/mo
  • Magenta MAX Unlimited Data No Contract at $85/mo

Is T-Mobile better than Verizon?

Suppose to be! If you wonder whether T-Mobile is better than Verizon, the answer is a solid “it depends.” The Un-carrier gets you more 5G, better consumer service, and lower prices, while Verizon delivers a more reliable 4G LTE network and numerous plan perks.

How does the Verizon network?

The Verizon network is a bit more complex than T-Mobile’s. For starters, Verizon has a 3G network instead of the 2.4 GHz that T-Mobile offers. This makes it easier for people to connect to the internet and make phone calls. Additionally, Verizon offers various services that T-Mobile doesn’t, like FiOS TV, which gives you access to high-definition programming.

How does the T-mobile network?

T-Mobile’s network is designed to be faster and more reliable than Verizon’s. That said, T-Mobile has limitations that should be considered when choosing a provider. For example, T-Mobile is not as widespread as Verizon in certain areas, such as the Northeast and the West Coast. Additionally, T-Mobile doesn’t have all of the popular mobile applications, such as Apple Music and Netflix, that Verizon does.

Bottom line

Verizon and T-Mobile are some of the largest cellular networks in the US. Other Mobile Virtual Network Operators depend on their cellular towers to offer services to their subscribers. You can join any service provider online by creating your account, then bringing a phone, trading in your old device, or buying a new phone to get started. You can also easily come with your phone number instead of buying a new one.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton