What offers AT&T Free Signal Booster Has

AT&T does not offer free signal boosters to its customers with the 3G network shutdown. Therefore it is essential to look for other ways to boost AT&T free signal Booster

The AT&T network is one of the most robust cellular providers in the United States. The network provides extensive network coverage throughout most US states. Even though the carrier has the best coverage, it doesn’t imply that it is not vulnerable to outages. Most AT&T customers have a problem getting cell signals into their buildings and rural areas, and that is where a signal booster comes in. But the real deal here is an at&t free signal booster offer to its customers. You will find this in the article shortly.

A cell signal booster is a device designed to boost the weak existing cell signal and rebroadcast it throughout your office, home, hiking areas, residential building, or vehicle. It can bypass physical obstacles like thick concrete walls, timber walls, and energy-efficient window tinting, thereby distributing quality signals wherever it is required. The quality cell signal ensures that you get reliable and clear phone calls and improve faster internet speeds.

Are you frustrated with poor cell signals? You are not alone, as nearly 75% of Americans sometimes experience dropped calls and suffer from slow download and upload speeds. The real question here is, why are the Americans always getting weak signals and low bars? You will know this and other information from the subsequent parts of this article.

What causes lousy AT&T cell signals

The following are common reasons why you may get lousy cell signals from AT&T;

i) Heavy cellular congestion

If many consumers are using the AT&T network than what it is designed to accommodate, some customers will experience network slowdowns, dropped calls, and commonly poor connectivity.

ii) Your building’s construction materials

Even in places where the AT&T cell signal is robust, your building materials could be interfering with it. For instance, environmentally friendly buildings cause various issues with the mobile carriers’ frequencies. Thick concrete walls and steel used in most building projects also weaken cellular signals significantly.

iii) The surrounding environment

Like building materials, the surrounding environmental factors can affect the AT&T cell signal. If there are tall buildings in your surroundings, your cellular devices may have problems grabbing a strong AT&T cell signal. Things like tall trees and hills can also cause signal loss.

How to improve your AT&T Free signal Booster in your home

Does AT&T offer free signal booster

Are you looking at how to boost the AT&T cell signal in your house? Boosting the AT&T signal in your house can be a process, particularly if you are facing high network traffic or stubborn construction materials. However, there are many solutions you can take advantage of to improve your scenarios.

Installing a cell phone signal booster is one of the most trustworthy and cost-effective solutions to poor AT&T cell signals in your house. The signal boosters are either offered by AT&T or other manufacturers like weBoost, HiBoost, and Wilson to improve your coverage.

It is worth noting that signal boosters from other manufacturers can work across various carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. In contrast, those offered by AT&T will only work with their network.

How does an AT&T cell signal booster work

An AT&T phone signal booster works so that it captures and amplifies existing weak cell signals found outside your house. The booster kit system works by installing an antenna to the roof of your house, which is then connected to an amplifier located inside your house. That amplifier is connected to other indoor antennas that work to rebroadcast a robust, reliable AT&T signal to all of your cellular devices like cell phones and tablets.

Other definitions for AT&T signal boosters work to amplify and improve existing signals, whether network traffic or a lousy signal due to construction materials or geographical factors. AT&T signal boosters work to amplify and improve existing signals. The improved signals ensure that you eliminate dropped calls, experience enhanced call quality, and have faster data speeds.

Does AT&T offer a free signal booster

In past years, AT&T customers had a possibility of getting AT&T’s MicroCell device for free when they threatened to cancel their services due to poor network coverage. However, with the shutdown of the AT&T 3G network, MicroCells does not work anymore, and they have been discontinued as of December 2017. Therefore, AT&T customers can not get an AT&T signal booster for free.

With the AT&T MicroCell no longer available, how can AT&T customers boost their cell phone signal? They have two better options than AT&T’s MicroCell in several ways: Use a cell phone signal booster or use Wi-Fi calling.

What are the pros of using a signal booster over a MicroCell

  • Signal boosters support AT&T HD Voice service: This means that customers will experience much better call quality than that they would get from the MicroCell
  • Signal boosters support LTE: The MicroCell only supported 3G service. Since signal boosters support LTE, you can achieve faster data rates than the MicroCell.
  • Signal boosters work with everyone: Whether it is a cell phone signal booster for camping or office, it will work with everyone in the camp or office, contrary to the MicroCell. The device only worked with users registered to use it via the online portal. 
  • Cell signal boosters are more reliable: Since signal boosters don’t depend on broadband Internet connection, any internet connectivity issue cannot stop them from working. Microcell relied on the internet to work.

What are the top-recommended signal booster kits

It is essential before picking any signal booster to check the RSRP and SINR for your outdoor signal. These checks will aid you in figuring out which booster kit is the best choice for you.

i) Best AT&T signal boosters for rural areas

It is essential to have a reliable AT&T cell phone signal in rural homes to stay connected and reach first responders if the need arises. If you work from a rural home, you won’t have to worry about dropped calls from clients, as the best cell phone boosters for rural areas will solve the problem. They include;

  • Cel-Fi GO X Smart Signal Booster Kit
  • weBoost Home MultiRoom
  • HiBoost Smart Link
  • SureCall Fusion4Home
  • weBoost Drive Reach OTR
  • ORPEY cell phone signal booster
  • SureCall Force5 2.0 cell phone signal booster

ii) Best AT&T signal boosters for hiking

Hiking grounds, especially those in mountainous areas, tend to have weak cell signals. To avoid dropped calls and slow internet speeds while hiking, you can purchase one of the best portable cell phone signal boosters for hiking;

  • weBoost Drive X RV
  • HiBoost cell phone signal boosters
  • weBoost Home Studio Omni cell signal booster
  • SuperBars signal booster
  • weBoost Drive Sleek cell phone signal booster
  • weBoost Drive Reach
  • 5 Band cell signal booster
  • SureCall Fusion2Go cell phone signal booster

iii) AT&T vehicle cell signal boosters

If you’re the type of individual who travels regularly, you may have experienced unexpected GPS connection drops in the middle of a vital call. How annoying! This is where a vehicle cell phone booster comes to the rescue. They include;

  • WeBoost Drive Reach OTR cell phone signal booster
  • SureCall Fusion2go Max cell signal booster
  • WeBoost Drive Reach signal booster
  • SureCall Fusion2go 3.0 signal booster
  • Cel-Fi Go M signal booster
  • WeBoost Drive X RV signal booster
  • weBoost Connect RV 65 signal booster

How to pick the best AT&T cell phone signal booster

The initial step towards finding the suitable AT&T signal booster is taking signal measurements outside where you want robust signals. You will need the following measurements:

  • RSRP, a measure of signal strength
  • SINR, a measure of signal quality

You can purchase a wideband signal booster if the RSRP signal strength is more robust than -85 dBm, for example, -60 or -70 dBm. They are signal boosters from HiBoost, weBoost, and SureCall.

If the RSRP signal strength is weaker than -80 dBm, for example, -90 or -100 dBm but larger than -115 dBm and the SINR is greater than 3, for example, 6 or 10, the article recommends purchasing carrier-specific boosters. Cel-Fi GO X is one such signal booster.

Can I use a phone app to boost the AT&T cell signal

Regrettably, that’s just impossible. No phone app can give you a better AT&T cell signal. The antennae limit the cell signal received by your Android or iPhone phone and the cell signal coming from the nearest AT&T tower.

Why should I choose AT&T Networks

AT&T is the American one of the best cellular companies that offers outstanding data plans and phones with trustworthy networks for their customers. They also provide monthly data plans for low-income people which are related to the lifeline program.

It is also noticeable that their 5G network service covers the all most whole of America so that you can communicate any time any place which can be a rural area or any remote area. In the presence of statistics experienced that all the users of AT&T are satisfied with this cellular service. besides, if your feel any difficulties while using this service you can straightforwardly contact them. So finally we can say that you can grab this carrier without any hesitations.

Bottom line

AT&T is one of the fastest network carriers in the US, whose overall performance is comparable with Verizon. Despite a robust performance, some of its customers still experience poor cell signals in their homes, offices, vehicles, and businesses. However, the best solution to these signal problems is an AT&T cell signal booster.

Does AT&T offer free signal boosters to its customers? The carrier offered free Microcell to customers with poor 3G coverage in the past years. With the 3G network shutdown, AT&T discontinued the use of MicroCells. Therefore, for now, the carrier does not offer a free signal booster.

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