Do Cell Phone Boosters Work for Data

Cell phone boosters can work for data. That is because the machines are built to boost cellular signals necessary for data, voice calls, and SMS delivery in a car, house, or office.

Data bundles are internet packages that allow us to connect to the internet for a certain period. Cellular companies usually sell data bundles in plans that come in particular amounts. For example, you can buy a plan with 5GB, 6GB, 10GB per month, and so on. Once they are exhausted, you cannot connect to the internet anymore. Cellular data connections may deteriorate due to some factors. But do cell phone boosters work for data?

We shall see if cell phone boosters work for poor data connections. Sometimes you may experience poor data connection because of some issues here and there. You will not always get a strong connection because even big companies boasting of robust and reliable internet connections sometimes experience poor network connections. That leads to the slow loading of internet pages, which is usually embarrassing.

Poor network connection happens not only on poor internet connections but also on calling and message delivery. You will experience poor network voice calls, dropped calls, and delayed message delivery when you have poor network signals. You might even miss important calls because sometimes there can be no signals. Your phone might display emergency calls if it can receive signals from a different carrier cellular tower.

What affects cell phone signals

do cell phone boosters work for data

Various factors affect cell phone signals. They include the following.

1) Physical features

Physical features such as mountains and hills can affect cell phone signals significantly. The features act as barriers for signals, and thus the other side of the mountain or hill experiences poor signals.

2) Bad weather conditions

Bad weather conditions such as rainfall, snow, fog, mist, and strong winds can affect network signals. Rains can damage cellular boosters leading to poor connections. Similarly, strong winds can destroy cellular masts making communication difficult.

3) Tall buildings

Another cause of poor signals is tall buildings. They can block cellular signals leading to poor communications. It happens if you are on the other side of the building with no cellular boosters.

4) Thick walls

If you are living in a house made of thick walls, you may experience bad connections. Cement and metal are some materials that can interfere with the proper signal connection.

5) Overloading of cellular towers

Suppose you are within a highly populated place such as a graduation ceremony. In that case, you may experience poor call quality, dropped calls, slow SMS delivery, etc. Such an issue is usually temporary and can resolve when the population disperses.

6) Problems with your phone

Your smartphone or tablet may have manufacturing faults that may lead to poor signal qualities. You can try restarting your device; if that fails, you can then take your device to a technician.

Do cell phone boosters work for data

Cell phone boosters are devices that increase the strength of cell phone signals. They are usually mounted on houses or cars to help collect weak signals from the surrounding areas and boost them accordingly.

The devices usually boost signals for data, calls, and SMS. Therefore, you can depend on them to increase your data speeds. The devices usually have three parts. We have the external antenna, the amplifier, and the internal antenna. The three parts usually work together to deliver the best signals where necessary.

First, the external antenna collects cell phone signals and directs them to the amplifier, which then boosts the signals. It then relays them to the external antenna, which broadcasts them to the surrounding area. Once the signals reach your phone, you can see increased data speeds and improved phone calls and SMS delivery speeds.

Do cell phone boosters use my data

Cell phone boosters do not consume your cellular data. They only increase the cellular signal strength. If you have noticed that you are using a lot of data after purchasing a signal booster, that is not the booster using up your data but your phone. You are consuming more data because you now have consistent and stronger cellular signals.

To ensure that you do not consume a lot of data with your phone, you can restrict your apps from using data in the background. You can also disable automatic updates of your apps unless you are using unlimited data such as WiFi.

How do you set up a signal booster

I have discussed how a signal booster for data, voice calls, and SMS works. But do you know how to set up the system? For your understanding, setting up the device does not require advanced know-how. If you know how to read and understand, use screwdrivers and other essential tools, then you can set it on your own. You can also request a technician from the company you buy the device from if you are unsure how to proceed.

When setting up the device, you begin with mounting the amplifier about six feet from the ground to ensure that children do not reach it. You should also mount it near a wall outlet for the power supply. Again, you should ensure that the place you mount is convenient so that your house can receive signals uniformly.

After that, you can mount the external antenna on the wall outside your house or car or on a post and adjust it to receive maximum signals. Make sure you face the antenna towards the nearest cellular tower. Lastly, place the internal antenna on a point that will ensure uniform distribution of cellular signals to the entire house, office, or car. 

Can a cell phone signal booster work with WiFi

A cell phone signal booster cannot work with a WiFi router unless you use a wireless SIM card router. That is because the devices are made to work with cell phone signals whereby SIM cards are involved. If you want to increase your WiFi coverage, you can use a WiFi extender so that more people can get the signals. That is necessary to cover a large area, such as an institution or a large homestead.

Bottom line

Data bundles are internet packages that allow us to connect to the internet for a certain period. You can purchase them from your cellular service provider, which comes in packages. You require data bundles using a cellular internet. Sometimes you can have poor signals because of poor connections. Causes of poor signal reception include physical features, weather conditions, phone manufacturing faults, etc. In such a scenario, one can use a signal booster.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton