What Is The Difference Between Wifi Booster and Extender

The critical difference between wifi booster and extender is that Wi-Fi Extender extends and improves the signal strength of an existing Wi-Fi network, while a Wi-Fi Booster eliminates dead spots in your home where the signal fails to reach.

After installing Wi-Fi, one of the most common issues that homeowners and companies encounter is ensuring that the network reaches all areas in their homes or office? Due to a lack of coverage, it can be challenging to stream media such as movies or even play video games. If you’re having trouble getting your Wi-Fi signal to reach all corners, you can use a Wi-Fi Booster or Wi-Fi Extender. However, what is the difference between wifi booster and extender?

Due to a weak Wi-Fi signal, getting a stable connection around the house may be difficult. Dealing with a poor Wi-Fi signal can be aggravating, especially now that the internet has become necessary. So, if you’re having trouble with a poor Wi-Fi signal, slow speeds, poor streaming, or other Wi-Fi troubles, don’t panic! Wi-Fi range extenders, also known as Wi-Fi boosters, are a simple and inexpensive solution to your Wi-Fi issues.

When deciding between a Wi-Fi Booster and a WiFi Extender, some people may be perplexed. In truth, Wi-Fi extenders and boosters are both devices that improve Wi-Fi coverage. There isn’t much of a distinction between “boosters” and “extenders” as far as manufacturers are concerned. Before we look at the difference between a Wi-Fi extender and a Wi-Fi booster, let’s first understand what they are.

What is a Wi-Fi Extender? 

A Wi-Fi Range Extender is a networking device that extends the range of an existing wireless network by boosting the signal when it begins to fade. A range extender, also known as a wireless repeater, is positioned between your wireless router and your home’s farthest wireless adapter or device.

The Wi-Fi extender works as a repeater device, picking up the initial Wi-Fi signal and bouncing it down the line, enhancing the signal intensity. The Wi-Fi extender combines wired and wireless technologies to send a wireless signal to a part of the house with the poor network coverage. It connects all wireless devices in the enhanced coverage area to the internet or another wireless network. 

Advantages of Wi-Fi extenders

  • In a large open region, there is better coverage
  • It is easy to install
  • The existing router can be used
  • Multiple Wi-Fi users can connect at the same time

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi extenders

  • Poor signal
  • Lower speed
  • Future Wi-Fi Standards compatibility is tough to achieve. 

What is a Wi-Fi Booster?

A Wi-Fi Booster, such as a wireless antenna kit, is essentially an upgrade to your current modem or router. It’s the equivalent of swapping out your router’s existing antenna for a more powerful one, which will offer you the extra range you need. It’s frequently used to fill gaps where the network can’t reach or the signal is too weak.

Adding a booster to your existing network will give it some extra juice and additional capabilities. But how do Wi-Fi boosters work? These devices increase WiFi coverage by increasing the range of WiFi signals. Improving Wi-Fi coverage eliminates dead spots in our homes and increases Internet performance. 

Advantages of Wi-Fi boosters

  • Increases Wi-Fi signal coverage to homes
  • Low-cost 
  • Works with any standard router 

A Wi-Fi booster’s only disadvantage is that it only provides half the bandwidth. 

What is the difference between wifi booster and extender?

difference between wifi booster and extender

The phrases Wi-Fi extender and Wi-Fi booster are frequently used interchangeably, despite being technically different. Let’s look at some of the technical differences between the two to determine which one to choose. 

i) Wi-Fi Extender and Booster Terminology 

As the name implies, a Wi-Fi extender is a networking device that may be used to extend the coverage and improve the signal strength of an existing Wi-Fi network over a large region. It offers your Wi-Fi signals the extra range they require.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi Boosters are similar to Wi-Fi range extenders in that they are an upgrade or addition to your existing modem or router, similar to a wireless antenna kit. As the name suggests, a booster enhances the signal as long as the output power does not exceed the legal limit. 

ii) Operation principle

A range extender is a wireless repeater that plugs into any electrical outlet and boosts the signal strength of an existing Wi-Fi network. It connects to an existing WiFi network and sends the signal to another wireless router, sending out the enhanced signal.

To expand its coverage, it just takes up the wireless signal from your network. On the other hand, a range booster connects wirelessly to your existing wireless network, like any other wireless device like a smartphone or tablet. It just removes dead zones from your home. 

iii) What Does a Wi-Fi Extender and Booster Do? 

While both Wi-Fi range extenders and Wi-Fi boosters extend your network coverage and improve your Wi-Fi signal, there is a fine line between the two. A range extender is a device that allows you to extend an existing wireless network to a larger region surrounding your home without having to move your modem or router.

Wi-Fi boosters are suitable for large enterprises or private houses when the Wi-Fi signal does not reach all corners. It improves network signal by removing dead spots across the building or home. 

Wi-Fi Extender vs. Wi-Fi Booster: Comparison Chart

Wi-Fi Extender Wi-Fi Booster
It boosts signal strength to go to the desired location It removes the dead spots to reach the Wi-Fi signals to the destination
It is installed between the Wi-Fi router and the user device It is established on the Wi-Fi router itself
It is used at places where Wi-Fi signals can’t reach at all It is used where Wi-Fi signals reach but are weak.
The procedure for setting up a Wi-Fi extender is complex. The procedure for setting up a Wi-Fi booster is easy
Their setup is costly Relatively cheaper than Wi-Fi extenders
Large organizations mainly utilize them. The utilization depends on the type of organization.
Influential developers are TP-link, Alcatel-Lucent S.A Influential developers are Netgear Inc., Motorola Solutions Inc., Ruckus Wireless Inc., Cisco Systems, Ericsson

Which do you need: a Wi-Fi extender or a Wi-Fi booster? 

Wi-Fi boosters or extenders are a simple and inexpensive way to improve Wi-Fi coverage. What if you’re undecided? A Wi-Fi extender or booster can be used for several purposes. The most typical reasons for getting a gadget to amplify Wi-Fi signals throughout your home or office are listed below. 

i) Area With Dead Zones

“Dead zones” are areas of your home where your Wi-Fi connection is completely gone. This could be due to several factors, including being out of router range or having a structural feature in your home obstructing the signal. A Wi-Fi booster can help you improve your home’s coverage while reducing dead zones. 

ii) Areas with slow Wi-Fi

Instead of enduring poor Wi-Fi in specific areas of your home invest in a Wi-Fi booster. You will be able to reassess how you use various areas of your home after a simple and inexpensive performance boost. 

iii) Faster Wi-Fi needed

In addition to filling in dead spots in your Wi-Fi network, you can use Wi-Fi boosters and extenders to enhance bandwidth and even add new features. Rather than purchasing a new router, you may add a booster to your existing network to take advantage of faster Wi-Fi connections, including 802.11ac. Even if your router doesn’t support 802.11ac, you’ll be able to enjoy the best Wi-Fi connections possible with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi booster. 

iv) Large homes

If you have a large house, it can be difficult for a standard wireless router to reach all regions, especially if there are other factors in the house that reduce the signal, such as concrete. If your home is large enough for your router to be placed in the middle, you may need a Wi-Fi extender. 

v) Wi-Fi needed outside

It’s only natural that we’ll need to use Wi-Fi in more places in the following years, such as on our backyard porch or even in the street. Install a Wi-Fi booster in the portion of your home closest to the open area where you want service to prevent using up your mobile internet data. 

Does a Wi-Fi extender and booster slow down internet speed?

Only utilize the most recent version of the Wi-Fi range extender and booster hardware available. Single-band extenders and boosters might slow down internet rates when trying to deliver a signal across extended distances. As a result, you’ll need a dual-band Wi-Fi extension. 

Bottom line

Using a Wi-Fi booster or extender has several pros and cons. If your Wi-Fi isn’t operating correctly, you might consider purchasing a Wi-Fi booster or extender. It is entirely up to you and your network’s setup and requirements to decide which one is best for you.

If the performance of your network is suffering as a result of a weak Wi-Fi signal, you should make efforts to improve it. We hope this explanation of the differences between a Wi-Fi Extender and a Wi-Fi Booster was helpful.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton