How to Connect to Verizon Network Extender

To connect to Verizon network extender, you must first install it and connect to the wall socket, establish a link with your mobile device, then connect it to the router using an ethernet cable.

A Verizon network extender is an electronic device that uses an internet connection to extend your network coverage in your house. Sometimes, interference in your vicinity can lead to poor connectivity. If your house has thick walls built of metal or concrete, there is a likelihood of poor signals. In such a case, phones, tablets, and modems may have poor connections. We shall learn how to connect to Verizon network extender shortly.

The Verizon network extender can be a solution to a poor network if connected and placed in the correct place. We all know how embarrassing it is to have bad connections when needed. Poor networks lead to call dropping, slow SMS delivery, and poor network connection. You might even miss an important call for an interview, an emergency case, and so on.

Since not every place receives adequate signals, there is a need to have a signal booster to ensure that you remain connected. Verizon is indeed among the strongest carriers in the United States. It even has a nationwide 5G coverage whereby you can have clear calls, SMS delivery, and a faster internet connection. 5G is approximately 20X faster than 4G making it a game-changer in the telecommunication sector.

How to get the Verizon network extender

Verizon can give you a free extender if you are not receiving signals in your home but not for your business. If you are getting the device for another place other than your home, you must pay for it.

Sometimes you may pay for it even if you use the device for your home, although it is free in most cases. You can get the device from the Verizon store online, whereby you can buy or request it and get it to your physical address. 

How does the Verizon network extender work

connect to verizon network extender

The operation of the Network extender is straightforward. The Verizon network extender is a WeBoost product. If you have dealt with WeBoost products, then you must be able to use Verizon appropriately. First of all, the network extender requires a fixed internet connection. Places with fixed internet connections include homes, offices, conference halls, and libraries. Therefore, the device cannot work in vehicles, airplanes, cruise ships, or other automobiles.

The Signal booster works by collecting signals from outside its locality, boosting them, and then rebroadcasting the network signals around the surrounding areas. Usually, a signal booster has several parts. However, we have three main parts that play a significant role in boosting signals. We have the receiving antenna positioned outside your house to collect weak signals. The external antenna relays the signals to the booster, which processes and amplifies them. After that, the antenna inside the building sends the boosted signals to your devices.

The Verizon network extender is a safe device as it is approved by the Federal Communications Authority (FCC), and you can be sure that it has no harmful effects on the user. It is also a quality product, and your money will not go to waste upon buying it. The device can boost 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G signals for your devices to have clear and fast communication. By the way, the device does not just boost Verizon cell phone signals as it works with all U.S. cell phone carriers. You can use it on Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, or other carriers.

How to connect to Verizon network extender

You can connect your internet extender in the following ways.

  • Connect your extender to a power outlet and also connect it to your router. Make sure that the router has an internet connection. Also, make sure that the network extender has GPS signals.
  • Establish a connection between your cell phone and the extender. You will see the number of devices connected on the LCD panel. Your phone should be within 15 feet for better connectivity. Connecting your phone to the extender can take up to three minutes. Verizon recommends placing your phone within 40 ft from the extender for better results.
  • For your phone to connect effectively with the extender, you require a verification code that you have to enter on your phone.
  • Enter #048 to get confirmation from Verizon if your device is connected.
  • If the connection is unstable, use the GPS cable to connect your phone to the extender.

Remember to place your extender within 100 meters away from your network extender. The maximum cabling for an internet connection should be 100 meters. A longer cable may cause the signals to fail. That is because the signal strength degrades with distance, and beyond 100 meters, the extender may not function.

Knowing how to install the extender before connecting to the router is essential. The following are the steps you should use in the process.

  • Once you connect the extender to the wall socket, you can wait for 60 seconds.
  • The display flashes blue.
  • Wait for the light to stop flushing.
  • After that, wait for the indicator panel to display “In Service.”
  • Wait for it to display Verizon, then begin your connection with your router.

What causes poor signals?

Various factors can cause poor signals, thus making communication difficult. They include the following.

i) Physical barriers

Physical barriers such as mountains, hills, and thick forests can interfere with signals. That is because they block their way leading to reduced signals.

ii) Artificial structures

Another cause of poor signals in your place might be the tall buildings surrounding your home or office. Also, thick building walls can block signals leading to poor communication.

iii) Weather conditions

Weather conditions such as rainfall, fog, and mist, can also lead to poor signals. Generally, rain, snow, clouds, fog, and high humidity can cause cell signals to drop off because the water impedes radio waves. Remember that network signals are radio waves in nature.

Bottom line

A Verizon network extender is an electronic device that uses an internet connection to extend your network coverage in your house. It is a product of WeBoost, a reputable signal booster manufacturer in the United States. You require the device to boost your network signals for better connectivity. Poor connection signals can be due to barriers such as mountains, tall buildings, and thick walls. 

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton