What Is the Best Cell Phone Signal Booster App

The best cell phone signal booster App is the OpenSignal app available in both android and iPhone users since it compares the signal strength of the largest US carriers in your location.

Cell phone signal is unevenly distributed, meaning that not all locations receive the same strength of the transmitted network signal. Places near network transmission towers enjoy high-speed connectivity, while those places far away from the network towers receive a weak network signal. Therefore, there is a need to boost the network in some areas. One can use the cell phone signal booster app or purchase a network booster.

It is known that you can use your phone to detect where the signal strength is the strongest. Some mobile phone apps help you find the nearest cell tower so that you can get a network signal of much better quality. OpenSignal and iNet are some of the booster apps mentioned in this article.

With the daily improvements in information and communication technology, good network connectivity is becoming a basic need since most of the jobs are now done online through the internet. Therefore, all individuals must have access to good network connectivity. this article will discuss how signal boosters work, how to find good signal strength and the benefits of using signal boosters.

How Can I Find My Mobile Signal Strength?

Before purchasing a signal booster or even switching to other carriers due to poor network connectivity, it is advisable to check your mobile phone if it is in good condition. You can check if the SIM card is placed correctly or if the battery is fully charged. Additionally, you can also check the strength of your mobile signal by following the simple procedure below;

cell phone signal booster app

i) For iPhone users

You can find your iPhone signal strength using filed test mode. This works best for iPhone 5 and higher models using iOS 9 or later. To check the signal strength;

  • Navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > toggle Enable LTE status to Off.
  • Then turn on the filled test mode. After viewing the dBm reading, follow the steps below to put your iPad or iPhone in Field Test Mode.  
    • Dial *3001#12345#*
    • Press CALL
    • Hold the power button until you see the “slide to power off” screen.
    • Do not power off the phone; instead, hold the home button for about 5-7 seconds.
    • You will see the dBm reading at the top of your screen.

ii) For Android Users

The signal strength feature for android users is hidden inside the mobile phone Settings. Go to the Settings app > About phone > Status > SIM status > Signal Strength. You will see numbers expressed in dBm (decibel milliwatts). The process remains the same for KitKat and Lollipop versions.

How Does a Signal Booster Work?

A cell booster (also known as a signal extender, signal amplifier, or cell phone repeater) works by pulling in a weak outside signal, boosting it, and rebroadcasting it into the desired areas. They also work in reverse: the signal booster will receive the signal from your phone and send it back to the tower.

One may receive poor network connectivity in some locations since the Network signal is unevenly distributed in different areas due to many reasons. Therefore, it is advisable to use a network booster, commonly known as a wifi signal booster. Some of the reasons that hinder good connectivity include;

a) The distance to the tower

Network signals are produced at high frequencies; however, the frequencies degrade over a long distance. The further you are from the network tower, the weaker the signal is available until it doesn’t exist at all.

 b) Barriers to the signal

There is some material that does not allow network signs to pass through them. Therefore, When the network signal has to pass through hills or mountains, trees, or walls, it weakens. This means that as the number of barriers increases, the strength of the signal weakens

c) Interference with the signal.

Appliances such as electronic devices emit signals that interfere and weaken the primary network signal.

Despite all the above challenges, you can still boost your network signal by either purchasing a network signal booster or using the signal booster up. However, there are some free tricks that one can use to boost their signal. Some of those tricks to boost the signal strength of your smartphone include:

  • Try to remove any case, cover, or hand blocking the antenna of the smartphone
  • Stay away from any obstructions between your smartphone and the cell tower.
  • Ensure that your cell phone battery has enough power.
  • Check if your SIM card has any damage or dust blocking it from having firm contact with the SIM card metal slot.
  • You can try Switch back to a 2G or 3G network since 4G is always overwhelmed.

What Is the Best Cell Phone Signal Booster App?

There is very many cell phone signal App for both android and iPhone devices. Some of the applications include;

1. For the android users

1) GlassWire

Offered for $39.99 to $99.99, the application is practiced mainly in networking tools, and it is favorable for individuals who use low mobile data. GlassWire shows the device’s connection and all cell phone data it sends and receives.

2)  IP Tools

The cell phone app is sold at $2.99 per month. IP Tools is a powerful network tool used to speed up and setup networks. It is helpful in IP address detection, detects computer network problems, and boosts network performance. It is suitable for information technology experts and network administrators.

3)  Network Cell Info

Network Cell Info is an application supporting dual-SIM that helps find the nearest cell phone towers. Being far away from the cell phone tower indicates a lousy signal. Therefore, the Network Cell Info app shows you where the towers are located and how far you are away.

The application work on mobile phones that use either GSM or CDMA network technology. The app is purchased at $1.49.

4) OpenSignal

The application is considered the best and though app since it compares the signal strength of the big three network providers in the US. It shows which carrier has a better signal where you live. The app also has a coverage map that shows the best network carrier around the area. The OpenSignal app is free of charge, but it comes with ads.

5) wifi Analyzer

It is one of the best apps since it is relatively easy to use, gets frequent updates, and works well. The app shows you your home wifi signal and the homes nearby and those from nearby homes. It provides the best network coverage for the customers.

 2. For iPhone users

1) Speedtest by Ookla

This application informs you about your internet speed and mobile network activities with just one click. Speedtest also helps troubleshoot network problems to achieve a faster internet connection speed.

2) wifi SweetSpots

Wifi SweetSpots is developed to help users monitor their wifi speed and track network activity. It also helps you find better and stronger internet connectivity.

3) iNet

iNet is a powerful app that helps you know how many digital devices are connected to your network. The app scans your network signal and provides all of the information quickly.

4) Network Analyzer Lite

This app will help the user diagnose and identify what is wrong with the wifi network. It does this by scanning the wifi and showing where the problem is and other helpful information about the network, such as the ping.

What are the Benefits of a Signal Booster?

Some places, such as rural areas, do not have good internet connectivity. Therefore, it is advisable to use signal boosters to have the best connectivity and fast speed of downloading and uploading content to the internet. Other than these two merits, there are many other advantages of using signal boosters which include;

  • Cell phone boosters are the best in extending the network coverage of 3G & 4G signals.
  • The boosters eliminate drop calls, slow text messages, poor call quality, poor reception, and sluggish internet connections.
  • The boosters are purchased only once. Hence there are no monthly fees.
  • Standard two-to-three-year warranty on most signal boosters from reputable manufacturers.
  • The companies producing and selling the boosters offer Lifetime tech assistance at affordable prices.
  • A better signal for one month or guaranteed money-back and lifetime technical support.
  • Most cell phone boosters Work with all cellular devices from hotspots, notebooks, Android iPhones, and tablets.
  • Work with all major network providers in the US and Canada. These carriers include; Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Bell, Telus, Rogers, and many more.

How can I boost my cell phone signal for free?

There are a few ways to boost your cell phone signal without spending a fortune. One approach is to use an amplifier. Amplifiers amplify the signal and make it stronger. They work by boosting the strength of the wireless signal so that it’s easier for your phone to connect to the network. You can find them at most hardware stores or online.

Another way to boost your cell phone signal is to use a repeater. A repeater is a device that sits outside of your home or office and uses an existing wired connection to the booster, and extends the range of your cell phone signal. A repeater will also allow you to access signals from other nearby devices, like TVs and computers.

Bottom line

Not all places receive good network connectivity; therefore, it is essential to find a way of boosting signal in your area. This can be done using the mobile phone app’s signal booster’s ad signal booster. Customers prefer purchasing the signal boosters since they offer high-speed network connectivity regardless of your location. However, some customers may opt for the free booster apps. 

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton