The 8 Best Cell Phone Boosters for Truck Reviews

The cell phone boosters for truck includes smooth talker mobile X6 Pro, weBoost Drive 4G-M, and many others. The FCC has verified these boosters.

One day, while driving through rural areas, you may notice that it is common to lose your cell phone signals for miles. You can remedy the case with a truck cell phone booster. The booster extends your cell phone signal conveniently and is also an intelligent way to minimize the chances of getting stranded at the roadside without any communication. The article focuses on the eight best cell phone boosters for truck that you can purchase. They are the best picks for the most effective mobile signal boosting for all trucks.

In recent years, there has been a significant improvement in how cell phone signal boosters are manufactured. You should note that most of them comply with the FCC regulations. There is an assurance that the service provider will never contact you to switch off the booster due to network connection errors. Boosters are in different forms and categories like cell phone boosters for rural areas, hiking, VR, etc.

A powerful and efficient booster assures you a minimal probability of dropped calls and an internet connection. The article aims at reviewing the best signal boosters for trucks. Are you a truck driver, and sometimes when delivering stuff to a rural area, you notice network connectivity errors in your cell phone?  This article will give you tips on choosing the best cell phone boosters for your truck. You will also learn about the best boosters you can opt for.

How do a cell phone booster Work?

Have you ever asked, how does an internet booster work?’ The working and operation of every cell phone booster are similar in that signals transmitted by your nearest tower are amplified by a booster. To understand the operation of the booster, note that it has three main parts:

  • An outdoor antenna whose purpose is to communicate with the tower
  • A bi-directional signal amplifier that boosts signal both the uplink and downlink paths
  • An indoor antenna whose function is to communicate with the tower

The cell phone boosters are interchangeably known as cellular repeaters, network extenders, and sometimes cell signal amplifiers. Some cell phone boosters are single carriers and only work with one service provider at a time. The broadband boosters will work with all service carriers at once.

Can I use a booster to get a strong Wi-Fi signal from my neighbor?

cell phone booster for truck

How to get a better Wi-Fi signal from a neighbor’s house with thick walls seems to be a problem solved by investing in internet boosters. It can be either Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters. How does the Wi-Fi booster operate to ensure connection through the thick walls?

They use cords to sustain the connection and move the Wi-Fi from your neighbor through walls by using the cobble. Note that boosters use wireless connections to ensure transverse signals; thus, they enlarge the connection range. Use an extender for thick walls that cause signal reflection or minor to pass through.

Non-thick walls allow signals to make through to your house; the use of a repeater is advisable. It would help if you strategically positioned the repeater to enhance Wi-Fi signal flow.

How do I know whether my booster is registered with the FCC?  

Most truck cell phone boosters come pre-registered with the Federal Communications Commission. The registered booster assures you that you will not cause network interference with it. For a registered booster, you need to check for a certified FCC label on the packaging of the booster.

Note that some manufacturers place a fake certification label; therefore, you should validate the legality of the label by contacting your network provider. They will then validate the information and advise you accordingly. For the unregistered boosters, follow the steps below to have them registered.

  • Check the booster’s compatibility with your network provider by simply contacting them.
  • Provide your full names, address, and phone number to your service provider.
  • Wait for the registration to take place for about five minutes.
  • They will then notify you if everything is okay, and you are allowed to use the booster.

Which booster specifications should I care about?

From the user manual of a cell phone booster, you may notice a lot of different specs listed. You are lucky as there is a low-down depending on your application and signal conditions; only one better will matter. If you install a cell phone booster in a truck, the most critical spec is the uplink output power.

For boosters to be used in a home or any other building, the downlink output power is most important if the signal outside the building is vital. If the signal outside the house is weak, usually less than -90dBm, its gain is essential.

Can I DIY my homemade signal booster for trucks?

According to FCC, making your cell phone signal booster is illegal. The commission sets stringent rules that regulate the sale and use of signal boosters. Cell phone signal boosters work to prevent interference with other networks.

Thus, any device that retransmits the carrier’s signal should be certified compliant with the FCC’s Network Protection Standard rules. If you operate your homemade booster without getting it certified, a fine of $100,000 can result.

What are the best cell phone boosters for trucks?

1) weBoost Drive 4G-X Cell Phone Booster Kit

The top brand in the truck cell phone booster represents the highest tier of consumer tech. The booster can boost your cell phone’s receiving signal by 50dB. It supports a high data transfer rate, and you can use up to four phones in the truck. The booster works like most of the trust signal boosters do.

It has a low-profile external antenna that links the amplifier and an internal flat antenna to strengthen nearby signals for communications. Usually, the internal antenna is small and comes with an adhesive mounting kit to install it at a convenient position. The external antenna is magnetically installed to hold firm in the roughest condition.

It amplifies signal bands from all major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Straight Talk, etc. The maximum uplink figure of the booster is around 21.8dB, boosting the outgoing cell receiving signal by a significant amount. Once you know how to install it, start getting an average of two other bars if there is a signal to amplify.

Supports up to 4 users
Ample transmit power
Improves cell phone battery life
Cumbersome internal wires

2) SmoothTalker Mobile X6 Pro

They are designed to boost signals like 4G and LTE to full-size RVs. The 14-inch magnetic antenna offers the booster adequate commercial strength. X6 pro amplifies both 4G LTE and 3G voice call signals for all carriers except Sprint. The existing signals get amplified by 50dB by the external signals.

Note that an internal antenna only extends the signal. SmoothTalker products have a two-year warranty, thus a reliable pick for truckers using the cell phone booster daily.

Amplification factor up to 50dB
Supports many users
It has a two-year warranty
Large external antenna
Heavy patch antenna clamp

3) weBoost Drive 4G-M Cell phone Booster Kit

It is a solid performance booster with a compromised price for truckers with less signal boosting wants. The 4G-M offers robust comparable specs with the 4G-X with external antennas; both have a maximum signal gain of 50dB and magnetic mounts.

Note that they can serve as interference points with the internal antenna if kept near the window or moon roof. The internal antenna uses a flat adhesive like its brother 4G-X, thus providing a good chance of easily positioning whenever you need it.

Always plug the amplifier unit into your truck’s accessory for complete installation. The booster amplifies signals from all Major US. Carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and much more. Its internal max uplink is around 21.8dBm, closer to that of 4G-X.

Supports up to a maximum of 4 users
Improves phone battery life
Robust and compact components
Much lower max uplink compared to 4G-X

4) SureCall Fusion 2Go Booster Kit

The most powerful signal booster for trucks amplifies existent signals by 50dB. Like other boosters, there should be start signals for it to operate. The fusion2Go automatic gain control permits signals boosted to appropriate levels that reach the whole truck cabin.

Signals of multiple users get boosted by the antenna, with one near it getting the best quality signal. The installation of the kit takes a short time, but the only thing is to find a good place to mount the external antenna. It is a good option for multiple users but at a high price.

The amplification factor of up to 50dB
Improves cell phone battery life
Supports multiple users
Weak internal antenna

5) Phonetone 4G Mobile Repeater Vehicle Kit

It is a remarkably cheaper cell phone booster in the market with some wary of its quality. Its budget antenna is not perfect but offers robust signal amplification for wireless signals. Once all components are attached, the installation is easy, then set the device dynamically to receive signals from the surrounding wireless network towers.

The internal antenna can be attached anywhere on the dashboard. Due to the large size of the amplifier, you have required some cable management within your truck, but easier to figure out.

Also, an external antenna requires some creativity to get it outside the truck while keeping it wired to the amplifier. The model still supports multiple concurrent users and gives an excellent solution for your buck.

Amplifies signals up to 45dB
Slim profile internal antenna
Supports multiple concurrent users
Amplifies only 4G band signals
Limited adhesive mounting support

6) SolidRF Mobile Force Cell Phone Booster

The booster supports spotty signals on the backcountry roads. Installation of this compact device is easy in your truck cabin. It is easily powered by hooking into your truck’s accessory power slot and boosting incoming signals. Its manufacturers claim that it can boost signals up to 70dB, near the allowable range by FCC.

The automatic gain control ensures the optimal working of the device at all times. Phone battery life gets improved by not constantly searching for signals for up to two additional hours. You must get an external magnetic antenna set, attach the internal antenna to the dashboard, and are ready to take calls to new places.

Works with all networks, i.e., 4G, 3G, and 4G
Phone battery life improved
Amplifies signals by 70dB
No USB charge out port

7) weBoost Drive Cell phone Cradle Mount Booster

Usually, drive solo booster boosts the cell phone signal for one phone on the road. It offers a max uplink of 25.6 dBm that fits one phone connection. The booster removes the internal antenna from the amplification equation by connecting its external one directly to the phone cradle in the truck cabin. Therefore, it can send the phone signal farther as it does not convert the signal an additional time.

Largest transmit power of 25.6dBm
Internal antenna not required
Improves phone battery life
Single user only
Low max gain for external antenna of 23Db

8) weBoost Drive Reach Fleet Signal Booster Kit

It is the most potent fleet signal booster available in the market. It comes permanently installed, thus, perfect for fleet and truck vehicles. The antenna has the complete uplink and downlink to be as far from the cell tower as possible, getting good connections. The major carriers get supported by the kit. Finally, it supports multiple phones and data devices simultaneously.

Powerful uplink and downlink speed
Supports multiple and concurrent users
For all carriers
Tricky to position the external antenna

What are the best free ways to improve cell signals in a truck?

The same ways we have on boosting cell signals at home for free, here are some free ways to improve signals in a truck.

  • Roll down a window or opt to go outside.
  • Avoid obstacles like trees, mountains, buildings, and other things that can block cell signals.
  • Remove cell phone case

Bottom line

Having a signal booster in your truck eliminates dropped calls and increases fast internet connectivity. The best cell phone signal booster for trucks discussed in the article is an excellent option for trucks driven in areas lacking stable cellular signal connectivity.

The signal boosters highlighted are all verified by the FCC and cannot cause any interference. With the information provided, you are free to buy one that best fits you to improve cell phone signals in your truck.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton