Is a Cell Network Booster Worth the Investment

It is a cell network booster worth the investment since it allows you to stay connected if you reside in a place with poor network signals. The device improves signals for communication devices.

Cell signals are what help mobile phones to communicate with each other. They display four to five bars either on the right or left upper part of your phone’s screen. The more the signal bars, the stronger the signals and vice versa. The strength of cell signals depends on the nearness to the cellular tower. If you are far away, you are more likely to experience weaker signals than a person near the tower. In such a case, you may need a cell network booster. But is a cell network booster worth the investment?

We shall be checking whether it is worth investing in cell phone boosters later on. You might be wondering what a cell network booster is. A cell network booster is a device that helps improve signal quality to provide faster data speeds. The devices are applicable at homes, offices, and even in vehicles when traveling. That way, you can receive clear calls, send messages faster, and browse the internet at high speeds.

The cellular network boosters vary in strength. There are those with strong signals to cover a large area, such as a school compound, a homestead, an organization’s workplace, etc. At the same time, others can cover a small area such as the inside of a car, office, or a small room. Therefore, it is crucial to know the area you want to cover before buying a cellular booster.

How does a cellular booster work?

Generally, the equipment improves mobile signal strength at home or any other applicable place. The operation of the device depends on three parts: the external antenna, the amplifier, and the internal antenna. The three parts coordinates to give users improved signal strength.

The external antenna picks the weak signals from the nearest cellular tower. It then directs them to the amplifier via the code that links the two. Once the amplifier receives the signals, it modifies them to the highest strength possible. It relays the signals to the internal antenna.

The internal antenna then picks the signals and broadcasts them to the surrounding area. The available devices such as mobile phones, tablets, WiFi routers, and modems can then utilize the signals for communication.

That is the simple process that cell phone signal boosters undertake. Remember that the device requires electrical power to operate.

How do you set up a cell network booster?

cell network booster worth the investment

Now that the question, “how does an internet booster work” is well answered, you need to know how to set up the system to begin using it for your communication needs. Remember, the cell signal booster allows you to access the internet easily, voice calls, and messaging services. When you buy the cell network booster, it usually comes with a manual for setup.

 However, I can give you the general setup process to know how it goes. Setting up the booster requires you to follow the process below.  

  • Begin by mounting the antenna on the appropriate point. You can erect it on a post or mount it on a wall. Make sure that you tighten the antenna to stay in position. You should make sure that the antenna faces the direction of the nearest cellular mast. Also, you should make sure that there is no obstruction. If mounting on a vehicle, you can do it on the automobile’s roof.
  • Direct the code connected to the antenna to the inside of the car, house, or office, depending on where you install the device. Next, mount the amplifier somewhere six feet above the ground and near a wall socket and connect the external antenna code to the device. Make sure you fix the device tightly on the wall. The device should be somewhere accessible to the whole house.
  • After that, fix the internal antenna and connect the cable from the amplifier to the internal antenna.
  • Power on the amplifier and check whether you are getting the right signals. You can adjust the external antenna to receive maximum signals. And just like that, your system is ready to boost cell signals at home for free. You pay only the buying price, and you are done. You do not need a technician unless you have some health issues that cannot allow you to carry out the process.

Is a cell network booster worth the investment?

I can say that investing in a cell network booster is worthy. Imagine having no cellular signals in your home, office, or car when you need them. It can be very embarrassing. You might get an emergency that needs urgent attention from security men, medical practitioners, and so on, only to lack a way to reach them since your phones cannot connect to the network.

Again, take a scenario whereby you are traveling in your car somewhere with poor network signals. Then your car breaks down due to system issues. In such a case, you will get help quickly if you have a cellular network booster installed in your car in a place with poor cellular signals. Therefore, no matter the cost, the device is worthy of having so that you can stay connected to the rest of the world.

Are cell network boosters legal?

The device is legalized for use, and thus you do not need to worry about anything. After all, the government could have banned their manufacturing if they were illegal. There is a need to get a cell phone signal booster for rural areas since most of those areas do not have adequate network coverage. That way, people can stay in touch with others. 

The only illegal devices I know and only allowed for security agencies are cell phone signal jamming devices. They are essential to cut off communication in an area to deal with criminal issues.

What factors affect cell phone signal quality?

Various factors can lead to poor cell phone signals. They include the following.

  • Being far away from a cellular tower.
  • Obstruction by physical features such as mountains and hills.
  • Poor weather such as heavy rains.
  • Too thick house walls.
  • Tall buildings
  • Availability of a cell jamming device around you.

Bottom line

Cell signals allow devices such as phones, tablets, modems, and routers to communicate with others. The signals allow you to call and receive quality voice calls, send and receive messages faster, and browse the internet efficiently. You need the cell network booster if you live in poor signal areas. The device collects weak signals and amplifies them, thus making them more robust for use by phones and similar devices.  

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton