How to Block Cell Tower Radiation

You can block cell tower radiation by using the Faraday canopy in your bedroom, painting walls with suitable paints, shielding windows with protective films, and shielding doors using steel.

Cell towers are equipment that allows mobile devices to receive signals necessary for communication. The towers are raised several meters high above houses to be able to broadcast signals without interference. We all understand that tall buildings and physical features can hinder cell signal transmissions and thus the need to raise them that high. However, the radiation from these towers is dangerous, thus the need to control them. We shall check how to block cell tower radiation shortly.

You might wonder how dangerous the radiation is, yet you need the signals for your communication. For your understanding, cell towers emit a kind of electromagnetic field (EMF) known as radiofrequency radiation. Health specialists warn that continuous exposure to EMFs can harm our bodies. Studies have shown that such radiation can negatively impact our health, leading to severe illnesses.

Numerous documented reports detail how radiations have caused mutations in different living organisms. One of the significant diseases believed to be caused by harmful radiation is cancer. Cells of various body parts mutate, thus leading to abnormal growth of cells in the affected area. Again, the effects of radiation can lead to discomfort and irritation to those living around them.

What is the safest distance from the cell tower

block cell tower radiation

Scientists claim that it is safe to live 50 meters away from a cell tower. However, newer reports argue that people living within 300-500 meters of a cell tower risk developing side effects. The 4G technology has a bit stronger radiation compared to 3G.

With the introduction of 5G connectivity, more people will be in danger since the electromagnetic field will cover a larger area. The technology will need more small cell towers that will be mounted even on buildings for effective operations. 5G runs on a different frequency from 3G/4G, which is a shorter wavelength. That means it can travel far, thus covering a large area.

How to determine if you are far enough from a cell tower

You might want to measure the distance from the nearest tower to your homestead to see if you are safe, but that is not enough. You require sophisticated devices to determine if you are electronically safe from cell tower radiation. The most commonly used device is the EMF meter.

An EMF meter is a sophisticated device that measures electromagnetic fields produced by alternating current from sources such as transformers, electrical power lines, and overhead lighting wiring for solar panels and other electrical equipment and devices. EMF meters can be single-axis or 3-axis. You can purchase the device from online shops or by visiting the stores where possible.

There are various advantages to buying an EMF meter. They include the following.

  • Use it over and over at your place.
  • Retest without paying since EMF exposure levels change over time. If you call a consultant, you will keep on paying now and then.
  • It is cheaper than paying an EMF consultant. However, you may need to call one if you do not understand anything about the measurements.

When conducting electric field measurements, readings below 1 V/m are considered safe. However, readings between 1 to 5 volts per meter require a closer look to see how you can lower them.

You may test the available EMF and find it dangerous to your health. What do you do? Leaving your house may not be economical as you may incur many costs settling on a new home. Therefore, you should know how you can block cell tower radiation.

How to block cell tower radiation

It is possible to block cell tower radiation using different materials available in the market. Again, choosing the materials for your shielding process should be based on installation, durability, protective ability, and appearance. You can use various ways to protect your place from harmful radiation. They include the following.

1) Use the Faraday canopy to protect your bedroom

Your bedroom is such an important place to keep safe from radiation since you spend a lot of hours in the place. You sleep eight hours or more there and maybe spend your day far away from home.

The Faraday canopy is a suitable material for your bedroom as it is 99% effective in shielding EMF. The canopy is like a mosquito net and is made of fine materials that offer 99% shielding protection from radiation. The materials making the canopy are weaved with silver or stainless steel.

2) Cover your walls

Most house walls are made of drywall, which is ineffective when shielding EMF. Therefore, WiFi signals can pass through such a type of wall construction. You should, therefore, add layers to the walls using conductive fabrics to help reduce the radiation. You can apply the fabrics like wallpapers by inserting them between the drywall. Also, overlapping the fabrics makes sure that there are no leaks in the future.

3) Find the right paint

Some walls can allow penetration of EMF as well. However, using the right paint can help to repel the radiation, thus helping you and your family to stay safe. The paints are usually water-based and contain less harmful solvents. You can paint the interiors of your house. Furthermore, most of these paints allow you to apply them on the outside.

4) Shield your windows

The windows in your house can allow EMF to reach your house. You can shield your windows using the Block Film window protection film to ensure that no radiation passes through. Windows are the weakest spot in every house, even those built using stone walls.

Furthermore, it is easy to shield a window compared to any other part of your house. You only need to stick the films on the windows. Interestingly, the film also helps in keeping your house hot.

5) Shield your door

It is also essential to shield your doors since they are weak points where the radiation may reach your house. You can install steel shielded doors with conductive gaskets to prevent air gaps between the frame and your door.

Bottom line

Cell towers are equipment that allows mobile devices to receive signals needed for communication. The towers are raised several meters high above houses to be able to broadcast signals without interference.

However, the towers produce radiofrequency radiation that is electromagnetic and is harmful to human health. You can determine if you are living within an electromagnetic field by using an EMF meter. You can use various materials to block harmful radiations.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton