Which Is Better WiFi Extender or Wired Router

WiFi extender and the WiFi router are all critical for internet connection. The importance of either of them depends on a specific scenario. The extender is useful when extending signals.

WiFi is a wireless technology that allows electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other internet-enabled devices to communicate. The technology relies on systems that transmit radio signals to your device, which translates to data you can use. You require devices such as WiFi routers and WiFi extenders to operate the systems effectively. But which is better wifi extender or wired router?

This article will check the best equipment between the WiFi router and the extender. You need to know that WiFi is a form of internet that is slowly taking shape after the introduction of fiber cables that allow faster transmission of signals from one point to the other. Therefore, you need to know the best home or office connection machine.

Most people, especially those who use smartphones to connect to the internet, are used to cellular internet. The internet involves a wireless connection from your service provider where you can get internet data packages after subscribing to a particular plan.

Usually, the plans come with voice call minutes and SMS packages. However, the cellular internet is not as reliable as WiFi due to signal strength fluctuations, especially in rural areas.

What is a WiFi router and how does it work?

A router is an electronic device that communicates between the internet and devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. The router connects to the internet, and just as its name implies, the device “routes” network traffic between the devices and the internet.

The router is an integral part of your internet network at home or office. Your laptop, smartphone, desktop, and other devices can link to WiFi. Different types of internets have different types of strengths, and the more powerful the device is, the better the connection.

better wifi extender or wired router

By getting the right kind of router, you can enjoy fast and secure internet speeds and protect your family from hackers and cyber threats. We have two types of WiFi routers. These include the following.

i) Wireless routers

A wireless router links directly to a modem via a cable and receives signals from the modem. It then transmits the signals to the internet. The router then communicates with your home WiFi network using inbuilt antennas, thus providing internet access to the devices on your home network.

ii) Wired routers

A wired router directly connects to computers via wired connections. The devices usually have a port that links to the modem to communicate with the internet. Another port connects the router to computers, printers, security cameras, and other relevant devices. Nowadays, router manufacturers are making hybrid routers allowing wired and wireless connections.

Getting a WiFi router does not require much knowledge, as choosing the device only needs a little knowledge about the operation of the device. WiFi routers sometimes may require working with WiFi extenders for effective signal transmission.

What is a WiFi extender?

A WiFi extender is stand-alone equipment that sits between your wireless router and the place where you want to improve wireless coverage. A wireless range extender picks up the existing WiFi signals from your router and rebroadcasts them to the surrounding areas. A WiFi extender is usually confused with a WiFi repeater.

However, the two are usually different. An extender allows you to move the same WiFi signal strength to a larger distance. It does not increase the strength of the signals. You usually use a WiFi extender to cover a large area. For example, when you want to cover a large area of an institution, you will need the extenders so that more and more people can get the signals.

However, the repeater increases the strength of the WiFi signals. It contains two wireless routers which look like the router in your place. One of the routers picks up the existing WiFi signals and transfers them to the other wireless router. The other router then transmits the boosted signal.

Which Is better WiFi extender or wired router?

Both the WiFi extender and the Wired router are suitable devices. However, various scenarios may require you to have a WiFi extender. By the way, the extender relies on the router since it has to get signals from the router and then rebroadcast them.

You may not need the WiFi extender if you use a desktop computer or a laptop. You only need to mount wires to the room with your computer. Let us say you are using a router to serve several offices in an institution. In such a case, you need to connect wires from your router to the offices. Wired connections relay signals faster and consistently compared to wireless ones.

In another scenario, you require a WiFi extender if you use wireless devices such as wireless security cameras, smartphones, tablets, and so on within a large area. The extender will ensure that a large area is covered.

My verdict about which device is better is simple. You need to analyze the situation to decide which machine is better for you. Both devices will be necessary if you want to broadcast signals within a large area from a single router. However, you will not need the extender if your devices require wired connections. Therefore, both devices are necessary.

How do you connect to a WiFi router?

You can either connect to a wired or a wireless router. Once the setting is done, you can connect to your wireless router by searching the available WiFi networks around you. You can identify your WiFi name from the rest and tap on it. You will then need to input the WiFi password to access the connection. If the password is correct, you will be connected to the internet to start surfing.

For the wired router, you need to connect your ethernet cable’s one end to the router and the other to your computer, printer, laptop, or any other suitable device.

Bottom line

WiFi is a wireless technology that allows devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other internet-enabled devices to communicate together. When WiFi is not strong in a particular place, you need to extend the coverage using the WiFi extender. One can also use the WiFi repeater to make the signals strong. You can connect to a WiFi router wirelessly or through a wire.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton