How to Improve AT&T Signal Strength

You can improve the AT&T signal strength by using a cellular signal booster device. We have signal boosters for automobiles and others for homes or offices. Also, you can demand a new AT&T mast.

AT&T is an American cellular company that is Delaware-registered. However, its headquarters are at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. The company is the world’s largest telecommunications firm and the largest service provider of mobile telephone services in the United States. In 2020, Fortune ranked AT&T in the 9th position among the best 500 companies as one of the largest US corporations, with revenues of $181 billion. We shall check on how to improve AT&T signal strength shortly.

AT&T is a strong company that has nationwide coverage. The company is among those that have migrated to 5G connectivity which allows faster connectivity. However, some places may experience poor connectivity for some reasons. In such a case, you must improve your signal strength using the most appropriate means possible. That way, you can stay connected to your friends and relatives.

Poor signal reception leads to poor calls, which sometimes drop, disconnecting unexpectedly. It can be embarrassing if you are on an important call, such as an interview call, a business call, and so on. That can make you lose a vital deal such as a job, business opportunity, or even essential news from home. Also, poor signals lead to poor data connections and delayed message delivery. You cannot load web pages faster than expected when you have poor data connections.

What causes poor signals

at&t signal strength

For various reasons, you may have poor signals for AT&T or any other cellular company. They include the following.

i) Mountains and hills

Mountains and hills are physical features that interfere with the movement of signals. They block cellular signals making people on the other side of the mountain or hill not get the necessary signals. Users can see weak or no signals on their phones.

ii) Human activities

If you visit big towns, you will see tall buildings, usually known as skyscrapers. These buildings also block cellular signals from moving to the other side. Also, houses with thick walls made of metal or concrete interfere with cellular signals. Vandalism of telecommunication equipment by crooked humans can also lead to poor signals.

iii) Interference by other waves

Cellular signals are radio waves in nature. If you live in a place with other sources of waves, such as microwaves, x-ray rooms, and so on, you may experience poor signals.

iv) Bad weather

Strong winds can destroy communication machines such as cellular masts leading to loss of signals. Heavy rains can also destroy equipment necessary for signal transmission, and that can as well lead to poor or no signals. Other weather elements that lead to poor signals include snow, fog, and mist.

v) Overloading of cellular towers

Suppose a place has a lot of people using the AT&T network. In that case, there is a possibility of overloading the equipment. That leads to poor connections as phones compete to send signals through the available equipment. Sometimes the issue may be temporary if we have a huge gathering in an area.

vi) Malfunctioning phones

You might be experiencing poor signal reception simply because your phone has some issues. It may have got damaged or has a manufacturing fault. In such a case, you have nobody to blame but your device.

How to improve AT&T signal strength

If you are experiencing poor signals in your area, there are ways to improve them. They include the following.

1) Use a signal booster

A signal booster is equipment that improves cellular signals by amplifying them. The device is applicable in places with poor or no signals at all. It requires electrical power to operate, and thus your place should have a power source to run it. We have signal boosters for automobiles such as cars, boats, yachts, and so on, while there are others for fixing in your home or office.

A signal booster has three parts that work together to improve signals. We have the external antenna, the amplifier, and the internal antenna. When mounting the equipment, you must begin with the external antenna, which connects to the amplifier via a cable. You must face the antenna towards the nearest cellular mast.

After that, you can mount the amplifier somewhere safe away from the reach of children. Remember that the place should be near a wall socket to power the amplifier conveniently. Lastly, you can mount the internal antenna to a point where the whole premise will receive signals uniformly. That can be on the corner where the whole place can effectively receive signals.

How does a signal booster work

The operation of the signal booster is straightforward. The external antenna picks weak signals from the nearby cellular tower. It relays them to the amplifier, improving the signal strength and passing them to the internal antenna. After that, the internal antenna picks the signals and broadcasts them to the surrounding area.

Once you connect all the parts following the manual, you need to power on and start enjoying the connection. You will be able to see improved signals on your phone or tablet. If there are issues with signal improvement, you can try adjusting the external antenna slowly until you achieve the best signals.

You must know that a signal booster can work with any cellular company. Therefore, you will not be able to boost AT&T signals only. You can use the device with T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, and others.

2) Request AT&T to install a cellular mast in your region

If you subscribe to the AT&T network, you have the right to receive quality services. You can save your money on buying a cellular signal booster and request the company to construct a cellular booster in your place. There are various ways you can use it to communicate with the company. You can call customer care, chat online on the website, or send them an email.

When you get a new cellular mast in your place, you will have helped a whole community other than having a signal booster that can only serve a limited area.

Bottom line

AT&T is an American cellular company that is Delaware-registered. However, its headquarters are at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. The company is the world’s largest telecommunications firm and the largest service provider of mobile telephone services in the United States. Even though it has strong signals that reach most parts of the country, some people may experience poor networks. That can be due to barriers such as mountains and hills or bad weather.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton