How to Pick the Best 4g Signal Booster for Home

One should consider the price of the booster, the network coverage, signal strength, and many other factors as discussed in the article when trying to pick the best 4g signal booster for home.

Signal booster works by receiving signals from cell towers outside, amplifying them, then re-broadcasts the signal inside a house or office. Their main aim is to improve indoor cellular reception. Today’s cell phones operate on 4G or 4G LTE and the latest 5G network. Therefore, it is crucial for 4G cell phone customers to know the best 4g signal booster for home or office applications.

The best cell phone booster for different environments varies based on different factors. The most normal factor is the signal strength outside your home or the network coverage of the transmitted network signal. Mobile phone tower transmits a strong signal at high frequency. However, the longer the signal travels, the weaker the network signal since the signal frequencies are low.

Obstacles such as buildings electronic devices are commonly known to hinder good signal travel. Therefore, you need to find the most robust signal strength place. Additionally, you should consider a good location for your wifi router or modem. That is, away from obstacles, or you can test the signal strength and place the device in the best area.

How Can I Check the Signal Strength of My Cell Phone?

A good cell phone booster is the one that extends or amplifies cellular network signal coverage to the place required need at the lowest price and most effectiveness. However, it is good to check your signal strength before purchasing a cell phone signal booster. To determine the signal strength of the android phone. On an Android phone, access the Settings menu. Click About Phone, then select Status (or SIM Card Status).  

For iPhone users, turn on to private Field Test mode. This is done by opening the Phone app and dialing *3001#12345#*on the keypad. A mishmash of numbers will be displayed. Access the top right side, where there is a menu. Scroll down through the list until you see an entry that contains soap. That is what shows the Phone’s signal strength.

How Can I Pick the Right 4G Cell Phone Booster for my Home?

4g signal booster for home

The technology of most digital devices in the market is changing daily. Therefore, not all cell phone signal boosters are of good quality. A customer will need to check out some specific specs to choose the best one for their home in terms of quality and performance. Some of the factors that will guide you to pick the right signal booster include;

i)  Network Coverage

This is one of the essential ways of deciding the best cell phone booster for rural areas. This is because the area may be far away from the network tower. A cell signal with good network coverage allows the use of the network efficiently at high speed.

ii) Outside Signal Strength

It is essential to find out the strength of the outside signal of your home. This can be done by walking around with your mobile Phone while observing the network bar behavior to identify the place with the strongest signal where you will install the boosters outside the antenna.

iii) Product Support

Different companies provide different and unique services to their customers. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a cell phone signal booster with good customer care support ready to help if the device experiences some electrical problems.

It is essential to choose a company that offers boost cell signals at home for free services. It is also good to check out the warranties and choose the 4G mobile phone booster with a two-year warranty. You can also pick the booster with a money-back guarantee for extra safety.

iv) Antenna Type

There are various antenna types on the market for you to check out. The trick about these antennas is that they’ll need permanent installation. So, you’ll have to pick the correct antenna for your place the first time around.

v) Cable Length

There are two main coax cables that you will have to deal with when you have decided to use the home cell phone boosters. The longer cable is connected to the antenna to the signal booster, while the shorter cable is connected to the signal booster to the inside antenna.

The longer the cable, the weaker the cable since signal strength drops by up to 3.9 dB for every 100 feet of cable. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind the length of the cable before buying the signal booster.

vi) Number Of Users

It is known that the more the people are connected in a network, the weaker the signal strength. Different boosters have different strength capacities; therefore, it is advisable to consider the number of people to use the signal booster.

For example, the NetGear signal booster is considered the best portable cell phone booster for hiking and for only a few people.

vii) Multi-Bandwidth and Channels

Most modern-day homes have lots of electronic devices which emit electromagnetic fields. These fields interfere with the cellular network signal. Therefore, the best way to stop these gadgets from sabotaging each other (and you) is to get a multi-bandwidth cell phone signal booster.

Before picking the 4G booster, ensure that it can switch frequencies to minimize interferences with other electronic gadgets.

What Are the Types of Cell Signal Boosters?

There are different types of cell phone boosters, preferably determined by the area where they are to be used. We have wireless, wired, and even travel boosters. So, how does an internet booster work? To answer this question, visit our website for more information.

This article will only talk of wireless and travel boosters. A travel router or booster is a wireless range signal extender designed for people who are moving and need to connect to the Internet when they are away from home.

There are many reasons why an individual may want to set up a mobile hotspot with their own portable wifi router. Some of these reasons include

a) Security

Some public wifi connection access points are not safe for use; therefore, Having your own cell phone hotspot puts you on your secure wifi network. Several travel cell signal boosters have built-in VPN and firewall support for additional security.

b) Savings

A wifi router or a cell signal booster allows you to connect many devices online using the network’s booster capability. This will allow you to save on purchasing mobile data for your many smartphones and tablets in use.  

c) Speed

It is now apparent that the internet speed will be meager when using a wifi network connected to many people. Therefore, carrying your own portable cell signal booster in places occupied by many people, like hotels and schools, is common. Using a 5G portable wifi router, you can connect your 4G LTE or older digital devices and take advantage of 5G speeds.

What Are Some of the 4g signal booster for home You Can Pick?

The main aim of the network booster is to extend, amplify and re-broadcast the existing network signal. However, there are different cell signal boosters with different unique features. Some of the 4G cell signal boosters that you can choose from include;

1) Router – Alcatel LINKZONE MW41NF

It is a mobile phone hotspot that is lightweight, inexpensive, and versatile in many countries. However, the booster requires a SIM card; therefore, it cannot work well on CDMA network services like Sprint, Verizon, or Virgin. The boosters’ features include;

  • The booster is sold at $60
  • Employs the 4G network
  • It has a wifi capacity of 802.11b, 2.4 GHz

2) SureCall Flare 3.0 Image

The best choice that you can make for home cellular signal boosters is the SureCall Flare 3.0. this is because it comes at an affordable price of $299.99. it also supports the four major network providers in the US: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Additionally, the booster uses the best directional antenna outside the house, but an omnidirectional antenna inside shows an exemplary signal connection.

Using these two signal antennae helps you play around with the outside antenna to get the most robust network signal and enables you to place the inside antenna in any location inside your home and still receive the best coverage.

 4) Runner Up High-End Mobile wifi Router – NetGear Nighthawk M1 

Although it is costly, this is one of the best cell signal boosters available on the market. Its features include;

  • It is sold at $400
  • It uses the 4G network
  • Has wifi features of: 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Bottom Line

It is now clear that what a cell signal booster does is just extend and re-broadcasting the existing network signals. These network boosters are mainly used in rural areas with weak cell phone signals, in overcrowded places, in places with obstacles like mountains, hills, and many more.

Many cell signal boosters have unique features; therefore, it is essential to know your network need before purchasing a network signal booster.

Paula Beaton

Paula Beaton